Several years ago I had run into an immense brick wall in trying to trace back my Williams family beyond my great-great grandfather, Silas Williams. But somewhere along the way I heard it mentioned that he may have been an illegitimate child, so I searched bastardy bonds and finally located an entry in the Mecklenburg Co NC court minutes that led me to conclude that his father was George Cathey. I already knew that his mother was Mary Williams, and the entry (discussed at my Williams family link) fit perfectly to solve the mystery.

My problem was determining which George Cathey this was, and I identified three possibilities. My conclusion was that he was the son of John Cathey, Jr. and Esther Barber. George was born about 1778 in Mecklenburg Co NC, where Mary lived until about 1830 when she moved to the portion of Lincoln Co NC that later became Cleveland County in 1842.

John Cathey, Jr. was born about 1750 to John Cathey and Mary Henry, and he died in 1781. John Sr. was born in 1725 and died in 1788. John Sr. was the son of the immigrant George Cathey, a native of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and his wife Jean. George died about 1765 in Rowan Co NC, after which Jean and her children moved to Mecklenburg Co NC.

Boyt Henderson Cathey wrote an excellent family history, Cathey Family History and Genealogy, v. 1 (1700-1900), published in 1993, that helps with much valuable background information on this family. I highly recommend the book to anyone researching the family. No one seems to have ferreted out this link with the Williams family, but I am positive of its existence.



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