What's New

February 17, 2002 I have added material that may shed more light on the origin of the Settlemyre surname.

November 18, 2001 I have added material that further analyzes and identifies the wife of Jacob Settlemire of Burke Co NC as Anna Maria Bieber.

June 27, 2001 I have added a notice of another reunion the Settlemoirs in Albany, Indiana.

May 13, 2001 I have updated the family of Cyrus Settlemire to reflect the recent death of D.C. Williams.

April 16, 2001 Earlier this year I added a Family Traditions link from the Settlemyre page. I have updated that link with additional information. I have also added a Reunion link to post notices of Settlemyre family reunions when I learn of them.

September 6, 2000 I have added my Baxter family.

September 4, 2000 I have taken advantage of Labor Day to develop links for five branches of my family tree that are not very extensive Cansler, Carson, Cathey, Rudisell, and Withrow.

July 8, 2000 I am beginning to develop the material for my Wilson family and I have posted some initial information. More to come.

June 25, 2000 I have provided comments at the end of each deed as a result of my analysis of the deed.

June 24, 2000 I have added a link from the Settlemyre/Zettlemoyer family page to early deeds recorded in Berks Co PA that relate to the family.

June 15, 2000 At last I have finished the basic information on the Settlemyre/Zettlemoyer family, although I will continue to add and update portions.

June 10, 2000 I discovered that the search function is causing problems so I removed it.

May 21, 2000 I have just posted the family of Martin Settlemire, son of Hans Adam. 

April 26, 2000 My site now has a search function.

April 23, 2000 I have posted all of the family of Adam Settlemire, Jr. (son of Hans Adam Settlemire).

April 15, 2000 Completed the Godfrey Settlemire family. I have begun the Hans Adam Settlemire family.

March 6, 2000 Completed the family of Johann Martin Zettelmeyer.

January 31, 2000 Having been snowed in from last Monday until this morning, I have worked on the family of the last child of Jacob Settlemire and Maria Bieber John Settlemire. Now I need a break! 

January 25, 2000 I have posted the family of David Settlemire and Ruth Thomas.

January 23, 2000 I have linked the three pages of the immigrant Jacob Zettelmeyer's will (in German) to the English transcription of the will.

January 22, 2000 I have finished the children of Jacob Settlemire and Hannah Phillips.

January 17, 2000 over the weekend I have rechecked the earlier pages on the Settlemyre/Zettlemoyer family and cleaned up errors that I found. I have also posted some of the family of Jacob Settlemire of Burke Co NC his daughters Mary and Caterina, his son Jacob (Jacob III), and Jacob III's children Agnes and Cyrus. Much more to come!
                           I have also received the GEDCOM of the Saddlemire family and compared it with information in a GEDCOM that claims that Hans Jerg Seidelmayer who came to America in 1754 married (after his wife Margaretha died) Magdalena Wagner, and that Godfrey Settlemyer was their child. That points out the danger of putting too much stock in GEDCOMS the facts show that Godfrey was the son of Jacob Zettelmeyer.

January 11, 2000 I began work on New Year's but I have been out of state for several days on business. I have updated Jacob Settlemire of Burke Co NC by adding his two daughters, Mary and Caterina.

December 30, 1999 I have been updating the information on Jacob Settlemire of Burke Co NC, as well as inserting scanned signatures: the passenger list for the ship Neptune, will signatures (or marks) for the immigrant Jacob Zettelmeyer and his sons Jacob and George Adam, and a comparison of signatures of the David Settlemires of North Carolina. I plan to continue working on this family for the foreseeable future.

I also hope soon to receive a GEDCOM of the Saddlemire family of New York that traces back to Johannes Seydelmeyer of Altenriet, Baden-Wuerttemburg.

December 26, 1999 Completed George Adam's family: his children George Adam, Susanna, and Elizabeth.

December 24, 1999 More on George Adam's family: his children Catharina, Martin, and George.

December 23, 1999 FINALLY! Time to work on the web site some more. Continuing on the George Adam Zettelmeyer family, I have finished his fourth child, Henry.

November 28, 1999 I spent the holiday at the beach and although I found time to relax and enjoy family, I also had time to to a bit of work on the site. I have updated the George Adam Zettelmeyer family by adding my information on his first three children: Maria Magdalena, Christian, and George Michael.

November 17, 1999 over the last few days have added information on Johann Martin Zettlemoyer.
                                Added information on George Adam Zettelmeyer.

November 11, 1999 added Godfrey Settlemyer information.

November 9, 1999 added to Settlemyre family initial information for Jacob Settlemire II of Burke Co NC.

November 8, 1999 added to Settlemyre family the will of Jacob Zettelmeyer, 1774, Berks Co PA.

November 7, 1999 added to the Settlemyre family information on Anna Maria and Elisabetha, daughters of the immigrant Jacob Zettelmeyer.