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The Zettelmeyer Book

As I gathered information I began to see that the result of my efforts should be a family history book. After all, the efforts I had put in could be put to work for other relatives. Often when I wrote relatives to request information on their branch I mentioned that I might produce a book. In the back of my mind I knew that I had painted myself into the corner of having to write a book—too many people were expecting it. And even though I always wanted to obtain just a little more information, I felt the pressure to get it to press as soon as I could. As a result, I took it to press even though I wanted to locate and include just a bit more information.

I am no longer offering print copies of the book. Instead, the book is now on CD. This change has allowed me to update information more readily, to include color photographs, and to use hypertext links. The CD version is significantly updated over the print edition, taking us back to the family in Germany.

The book contains 532 pages together with three appendices of 285 pages—Immigration Records, Census Index Records by Surname and State, 1790-1880, 1910-1930, Social Security Death Index records, and Military Records. The cost, including postage, is $45.00. If you would like to order a copy, please send your check to me at:

Harry E. Wilson

8520 Riley Hill Road

Zebulon, NC  27597-8779

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