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Researching my family's history has been an exciting and rewarding experience.  Sharing my findings with you will only add to my pleasure. Let me start by giving you a little background information about myself.

My name is Lester J. Hartrick and I am a descendant of one of the German emigrants who were settled in Ireland by Queen Anne, in 1709. These People were called Irish Palatines, as are their descendants to this day.  Before retiring, I was a mechanical engineer for the City of Chicago.  The only writing that I did were dry engineering reports and contract specifications.  I hope that the articles that I've included in this website are of more interest than my previous works.        

      Sophia and Lester J. Hartrick

Finding the roots of my family tree has taken me to Ireland and Canada, several times.  While in Ireland, I learned about The Irish Palatine Association. They have been very helpful to me and are located in Rathkeale, in County Limerick, Ireland.

After becoming a member, I was invited to write an article for their annual Journal.  I'm including this first effort in writing historical work and some of my subsequent articles in this website.  I do consider these writings and any family trees to be "Works in Progress."  As such, they are subject to corrections, additions and changes as new material becomes available.  I will permit partial or complete reproduction of these articles, but only by requests posted to the comments portion of the Guest Book.

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