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This site covers the family genealogies of my parents - three surnames Hartsock or Hartsook, Ball, and Chaney, with many collateral branches.

The Hartsook/Ball Family Genealogy site, was created to share accurate genealogy information on all the lines I have researched, with others who may be researching the same lines. A great interest to me, and hopefully to others, the history of Oregon. I have included indirect family lines, all with one common link, all were early pioneers to Oregon.

Our ancestors did nothing to write about in most history books, but our family, like most, were the backbone to this great nation we call America. Most were Farmers and Tradesmen, who worked hard with their hands everyday, for little money. It does not mean they are any less interesting or important, as they all lead interesting lives in an interesting time period. The one common link all these family lines have, are one or more of their descendants have ended up in OREGON, some heading to the fertile Willamette Valley, known for their rich farmlands and small but growing towns like INDEPENDENCE. While others felt the opportunities for a new life were more abundt in a larger town, and headed to PORTLAND.

To quote from a book I read once, "Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, Doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief, Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor"... And Butcher, baker, candlestick maker -- in our family we've had them all, including assorted farmers, carpenters, preachers, clothiers, wives, mothers, union soldiers, confederate soldiers, revolutionarily patriots, government officials and at least one bachelor. They have all contributed to the genetic pool that has influenced all generations that followed. Understanding our ancestors may help us to know ourselves better, to give us a sense of identity. Whether we like it or not, we are the result of our heritage. What we do with it is up to us.


  •  Hartsook Family Genealogy Web Site
  • This line is that of my father's family, both paternal and maternal. Our first  HARTSOCK OR HARTSOOK, were of German descendant, and were first documentated in the Washington Co., Virginia area, later moving on to Overton Co., Tennessee and then Kentucky. The family spent some time in Hart County before moving on to Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. The spelling change of Hartsock to Hartsook, occured in the 1870's in Kentucky. Farmers and Carpenters by trade the family moved around some, then finally Portland Oregon. The extended lines of this family include the  BORCHELT family, of Missouri, the  BURKS, an early family found in Virginia. Near the same time and area the  DAVIS family were found. The  HAGAN family has deep roots in the blue grass of Kentucky. The  KELLY FAMILY, from Cork Co., Ireland. The  NEELY family is rather large, with Irish roots. The  PALMER family of New York State. The  PEYTON or PAYTON family, were from Virginia and Kentucky. The  SCHOESSLER family are Russian. Then we have the  WILCOXSON family, from Shelby and Barren County in Kentucky. Finally the  RAFFETY family an early pioneer to Oregon.

  •  Ball Family Genealogy Web Site
  • This line is that of my mother's paternal side of the family. The  BALL family, a very large line, starting with John Ball, born in 1620 England and first documentated in Watertown Massachusetts, descendants moved on to Worcester Co., Massachusetts, Washington Co., Vermont and Doniphon Co., Kansas and finally Oregon. The extended lines of this family include the  BEALL family of Sullivan Co., Missouri. The  CROUS OR CROUSE line, being German, of Pennsylvania. The  HIGHLAND AND SHIELDS family were originally from Pennsylvania. The  SHATTO family line were originally from Pennsylvania. The  SLOPER family headed west and ended up in Oregon. The  WILSON family were among those who ended up in Oregon. The  WILLIAMS Family migrated from Pennsylvania to Iowa.

  •  Chaney Family Genealogy Web Site
  • This line is that of my mother's maternal side of the family. The  CHANEY family starts with John C Chaney, born 1821 in Louisiana, with the first documentation in 1850 Dade Co., Missouri. The family moved westward to Oregon in the 1870's. There are many extended family lines to this family. The  BUCK family of Sandy Hill, Washington Co., New York. The  COOPER family begins with Emberson Elbert Cooper, born in 1812 in Kentucky. The family moved between Kentucky and Tenessee a few times, then on to Missouri, ending up in Oregon ny 1863. The  GALLOWAY family, begins with Charles Galloway, born in 1798 in Hampstead Co., Virginia. Moved on to Wisconsin for many years before heading west, arriving in Oregon in 1852.  HENRY H NORTHUP, born in Berkshire Co., Massachusette in 1839, a school teacher turned Attorney, lived in Missouri and Washington D.C. before moving his family to Oregon in 1871. The  RAGSDALE, family starts with Christopher Columbus Ragsdale, born in 1847 in Missouri. The family resided in Dade Co., Missouri for a few years before moving west to Oregon, first setteling in Polk County in 1872. The  SHERMAN family is a large family, from New York. The  STOCKTON line is truley a large family, moving from New Jersey to Missouri. The family of  LEVI TRUMBULL, were from Connecticut. The family of  WILLIAM GATTON, were among the early pioneers to Oregon. A case of Gold Fever is what made  GEORGE W GOUCHER, head to California. One of the early settlers in Oregon were The  HAGEY family. Two of the earliest pioneers to Oregon were the  HOBSON FAMILY, and  THOMAS OWENS. The  SIMON LIKENS, family of Pennsylvania, arrived in Oregon in 1850. Yet another early settler  SIMON MORRIS, and family arrived in 1845. The  SPRINGER family arrived in 1846, were originally from New Jersey. The the  WALLER family arrived in 1847 in Polk Co., Oregon. Arriving in 1844, is the  YOUNG family, from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
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