Cox, and Flynn Families

(includes Strunk and Hall)


William Harrison Cox, b 1800, Va, was of Dutch and German descent. He married Elizabeth "Betsy Ann" Buckner. Daughter of Jefferson Buckner, b 8-14-1821, Madison Co, NC,d 5-6-1888,Tatesville, Pulaski Co,Ky., and Lucinda Alvira Roberts, b 1831, NC, d prob.Ky. Other children were: Elizabeth, b app 1847, Sarah, b 1850, Barnett, b 1852, Mary Ann, b 1855, Gilbert, b 1858, Martha E., b 1862, and Harriet S.Buckner, b 1866. Harrison and Betsey had 4 sons:Edgar, John, Claude, and William Harrison Cox.

1 Edgar Cox.

2 John Cox.

3 William A. Harrison Cox, b April 1865, Tenn., married 17 Feb 1887, Pulaski Co, Ky to Anna (not Hanna)Elizabeth Strunk, when she was 12 years old. Born Feb 1874, she was the daughter of Thomas Strunk, b Aug 1828, Va(later Ky), and Savela "Evaline Cox, b app 1837.

*See Strunk notes below

William and Anna's children were: Virginia, Bertha D., and James Clayton Cox, my grandpa.

Virginia Cox, married (unknown) Roberts.

Bertha D. Cox, b Nov 1895, Ky, married John Thomas Segal. They had a son named Earl.

James Clayton Cox, b 20 Dec 1884 (almost every census says 1893), Burnside, Ky, d 22 March 1980, Monroe Co.,Ind. He was a stonecutter, tobacco farmer, and a sheriff in 1904. Bur: Bear Creek Cem., Morgan Co., Ind. He married Lola Fay Flynn, b 1888 (1894 on most census'), died 21 April 1955, Monroe Co., Ind. The daughter of "Jewels" Flynn (or "Jelts"), and Suzanne Hall, born in Livingston, Ky. "Jelts" had a brother named Jerry Flynn, b 1800, Ky, and a brother named John Flynn.

Jewels and Suzanne Flynn's children were: James, Quincey, Willie, John Adams, Lola, and Maude.

1 James Flinn, b 13 Sept 1884, d 17 Aug 1951, married Molly Mitchell, b 10 May 1884, Ky, d 7 Oct 1919, buried: Salem. The daughter of Joseph Mitchell (England) and Sally Troxal of Ky.

2 Quincey Flynn (twin), b 1890. Buried: Paris, France, during WWI.__________________

3"Willie"Flynn,b1897,marriedEmma(unknown)________________------_________ ___

4John Adams Flynn, b 1890.(twin)_________________________________________

5.Maudie Flynn, married (unknown) Nicholas, daughter, Mary Nell Nicholas, who married Floyd Thompson; daughter Carolyn Thompson

*Note: See Flynn's below

James Clayton Cox and Lola "s children were: Willie, Cora Marie, Anna, Wilma Jean, Susie Mae, James Vestle, Julius Robert, Mary Louise, and Gladys Katherine. The first four died as babies, one daughter, age 2 that was extremely gifted. Obit on one says, died stillborn on 2-22-1920.

Susie Mae Cox, married Jim Roberts, and had eleven children.

James Vestle (grandma said Vestes), d Marion Co., Ind., married Kathleen (unknown), and 1son, Ronald Lee Cox. Ronnie died in a trailer fire in Monroe Co., along with his wife, and infant son. One son is living.

Julius Robert Cox, married Rosemary Smith, and had two children: Robert Mark, and Delcia Ann. "Bob" also had a daughter born in Germany, named Rosan Kay Cox, during WWII. Later he married Billy Sue Stanfield, and had two sons: Mark, and Tommy.

Mary Louise Cox, b 23 April 1931, married 25 Oct 1947, to George Langley, b 25 Oct 1926. They had 5 children: Dale Edward, Diane Lynn, Douglas, Dean Clayton, and Denney (who died as a baby in a freak accident)

Gladys Katherine Cox, b 8 Nov 1925, married Raymond Moore, and had two children: Richard Lee, and Carolyn Sue. She had a daughter prior to their marriage, Rosan Kay Cox. After Raymond's death, she married Chester Ray Maze (Estelle Moore Maze's brother-in-law). The son of Carl Vernon Maze, and Pearl Miller. Chester and Gladys had a daughter, Cathy Teresa.


Flynn, and Flinn Families


John Flinn, father of...

Laughlin Flinn, father of..

Laughlin Flinn, born app 1679-1708, in Ireland., d 1759, Lunenburg Co., Va, wife (unknown), had a son, Thomas Flinn, and William..

Thomas Flinn, b app 1730, Prince Co., N.C, d 1783, Surrey Co., NC, married Elizabeth (unknown), and had son named Hezekiah.

Hezekiah Flinn, b (unknown) in NC, d 1808, married Elizabeth Capps, 25 July 1797, Knox Co., Tenn. Their children were: Abraham, b app 1798, Martin, app 1802,and Rhoda Flinn, b app 1806.

Abraham Flinn, b app 1798, Tenn., d 16 June 1877, Wayne Co., Ky., married 14 Oct 1834, Wayne Co., to Mary "Polly" Pendley, b 1 June 1814, d 1 Sept 1869. Their children were: Rebecca A., b app 1836, Elizabeth Jane, b app 1838,Catherine "Mary", b app 1840, Gemima, b 28 Feb 1844, Nancy D., b app 1840-41,and Sarah Flinn, b app 1847. Nancy married Thomas Strunk, b 1829, on 17 Aug 1882, Ky.

Abraham is on the 1850 census, age 50, 1860 census, age 57,1870 census, age 60.

Gemima Flinn, b 28 Feb 1844, Wayne Co., Ky., d 8 July 1878, Wayne Co, married Gilson Dick, b 17 Nov 1817, Wayne Co., Ky. Their children were: Gilson P., b app 1865, James C., b 29 June 1867, and John C.Flinn, b 12 Oct 1872.

Gilson P. Flinn, b app 1865, called "Jewels" or "Jelts"married 30 May 1886, Scott County, Tenn., to Suzanne Hall, b app 1867. Daughter of Moses Hall and Rhoda New. Their children were: James, b 13 Sept 1884, John Adams, b 1890 (twin), John Quincy, b 1890 (twin), Ben H., b 1893, Lola Lay, b 4 Dec 1894, William "Willie" Flinn, b 1897, and Maude Flinn, b 7 Aug 1901, Wayne Co., Ky., d 6 March 1994, age 93.

James, b 13 Sept 1884, married 28 Jan 1920, Monroe Co, to Edith Kinser, b 16 Oct 1900, d 22 Aug 1964, Monroe Co., Ind. *See notes at bottom

Benjamin H. Flinn, b 1893, married Maggie Flynn. (Ben and Willie are on the 1900 census.)

Maude Flinn, b 7 Aug 1901, Wayne Co., Ky, d 6 March 1994, age 93. Bur: Lakeside Memorial Gardens. She married John Dennis Nicholas, on 24 Jan 1923, in Somerset, Ky.

Lola Lay Flynn, b 1888, Burnside, Ky., d 21 April 1955, Monroe Co., Ind. She married James Clayton Cox, son of William Harrison Cox. (See Cox's above)

Her daughter:Gladys Katherine Cox, b 8 Nov 1925, living, married Raymond W.Moore.(see Moore page)

Glady's daughter:Carolyn Sue Moore, b 29 April 1946, married Harold Stanley Harves, son of Harold Tarpley Harves and Geraldine Bays, on 14 June 1962, Indpls. Later she married Robert Benjamin Brumley II, b 28 Oct 1960. Son of Robert Benjamin Brumley Sr. and Mattie Lou Clayburn.

(see Harves page)

Possible son of Elizabeth Hall, age 100, on 1850 census, same county.

Moses Hall, b app 1794, N.C., married Rhoda New, b app 1793, N.C., on 26 May 1813, Ky. Their children were: Elizabeth, Oma, William, Susan, and Riley Hall.

  1. Elizabeth Hall, b app 1819

  2. Oma Hall, b app 1832, Ky

  3. William Hall, b app 1834_

  4. Susan Hall, b app 1837__

  5. Riley Hall, b app 1840___

Oma Hall had 3 kids: Caroline, Lucinda, and Suzanne (Susan) Hall. Susan married Gilson P. Flinn"Jewels", b app 1865, Ky, on 30 May 1886, Scott Co., Tenn. The son of Gilson Dick, b 17 Nov 1817, Ky., and Gemima Flinn, b 28 Feb 1844, Wayne Co., Ky., d 8 July 1878, Ky.(Other children were: James C. Flinn, b 29 June 1867, and John C. Flinn, b 12 Oct 1872.)Their children were: James, John Adams,, John Quincey, Ben H., Lola Fay(who married James Clayton Cox), William "Willie", and Maude Flinn.

*Note: Oma had 3 girls, Caroline, Lucinda, and Suzanne, still single.The first time she married she was 41. Married 1887, Lincoln Co., to James Owens, married later to Levi Wilson, on 30 March 1911. Lucinda married Golden Rivers.

James Flinn and Mollie Mitchell (son of Jewels Flinn and Suzanne Hall)

Mollie d 7 Oct 1919, bur:Salem. Daughter of Joseph Mitchell (England) and Sallie Troxal.

  1. Captola Flinn, b 10 May 1910 female

  2. Lewis Flinn, b 5 Aug 1915

  3. Viola Flinn, b 26 Sept 1915

  4. Linza Flinn, b 26 March 1918

James Flinn, married 28 Jan 1920, Monroe Co., Ind., to Edith Kinser, b 16 Oct 1900, Monroe Co., d 22 Aug 1964, same county. Their children were: Luginia, Walter James, Freda Kathleen, Ermel Gayle, Lena Gayle, Junior Allen, Lela Jeneatte, Phyllis June, Garnett Lynnett, Archie Leroy, Sharon Kay, Linda Fay, and Serriea Sue Flynn.

1 Luginia Flinn, b 6 Aug 1922

2 Walter James Flinn, b 4 Oct 1923

3 Freda Kathleen Flinn, b 9 Jan 1925

4 Ermal Gayle Flinn, b 1 March 1926

5 Lena Gayle Flinn, b 4 Nov 1928

6 Junior Allen Flinn, b 26 Dec 1930

7 Lela Jeneatte Flinn, b 4 July 1932

8 Phyllis June Flinn, b 26 July 1933

9 Garnett Lynnett Flinn, b 16 Oct 1934

10 Archie Leroy Flinn, b 29 Aug 1938

11 Sharon Kay Flinn, b 14 Jan 1941

12 Linda Fay Flinn, b 1 Jan 1942

13 Serriea Sue Flinn, b 4 July 1944

Flinn's Most Wanted:


My records show William A.Flinn, b 11-13-1836, d 1-22-1912, age 75, Jefferson Twp, Washington Co., Ind. Wife, Nancy Bowers, b 2-21-1846, d 9-22-1912, age 66. Daughter of John Bowers and Caroline Davis. Both buried at Highland Cem. William was the son of William H.Flinn. Who is William the son of?



Thomas Strunk, b app 1829, Whitley Co, Ky, married 17 Aug 1882, Wayne Co, Ky, to Nancy D.Flinn. They had a son, John Seville Strunk, b Dec 1884.

On 10 Oct 1861, Campbell Co, Tenn, he married Savela "Evalin" Cox, b app 1837, Pulaski Co, Ky, d (unknown). Their children were: Susannah Strunk, Celia, General J., Henderson, Anna Elizabeth, Litha E., Thomas J., and Daniel Strunk.

1 Susannah, b 1862

2 Celia, b 1863

3 General J., b 22 May 1863

4 Henderson, b 1869

5 Anna Elizabeth, b Feb 1874**

6 Litha, b 1875

7 Thomas, b Dec 1876

8 Daniel, b app 1879