Hascup Family Census Records

An excellent research tool is, of course, the Census records. They prove a treasure mine of information on families. In the 1860 United States Federal Census of New Jersey is the earliest mention of a Hascup family. Progressively the census records mention more and more of the family, with over 100 listed in the 1920 census. Also each state recorded a State Census mid-decade, many until 1925. From these sources one can learn the members of a family, when they immigrated, their address, year of birth and marriage, how many children a mother bore, and occupations. Also it serves to see the neighbors with whom our families would interact.

Another treasure trove is city directories. These early directories developed into the modern phone books. They are especially useful for the period around 1890. The reason is that the majority of the Census records for that year were destroyed by fire. Thus, the directories are one of the only available resources to reconstruct records for that time. Along with Census records, a person can follow the lifes of our families across the land.



Federal Census Records

1860 Hackensack, New Jersey
1870 Saddle River, New Jersey 1870 Hackensack, New Jersey 1870 Paterson, New Jersey
1880 Saddle River, New Jersey 1880 Hackensack, New Jersey 1880 Paterson, New Jersey 1880 Belleville, New Jersey


State Census Records

1865 Hackensack, New Jersey 1865 Saddle River, New Jersey 1865 Paterson, New Jersey
1875 Saddle River, New Jersey 1875 Hackensack, New Jersey 1875 Paterson, New Jersey
1885 Belleville, New Jersey



City Directories

1890-91 Paterson, New Jersey 1891-92 Paterson, New Jersey 1892-93 Paterson, New Jersey
1900-01 Paterson, New Jersey 1907-08 Paterson, New Jersey 1909-10 Paterson, New Jersey 1911-12 Paterson, New Jersey