Abraham Hascup 1823-1898

1. Family of Abraham Hascup of Ouddorp, Netherlands

Between 1850 and 1851 Abraham Heerschap left the Netherlands for the new world. Born in Ouddorp, Holland 6 November 1823 he brought with him his wife Jannette and three children: Clara, Peter, and Matilda. Since this family appears to be the earliest of the Heerschaps we will start our story with them.

2. Descendants of Aren Heerschap of Ouddorp, Holland

Aren Pietersz Heerschap was married to Jannetje Pietersdr Francke on 26 March 1784 in Ouddorp, Netherlands. Many of Aren's descendants came to North America during the 1860's and settled in the region around Paterson, New Jersey. Two sons, Adrianus Heerschap and Nicholas Heerschap are involved in the family coming to North America.