Hascup Family Vitals Records and Wills


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Wills and Probates:

1898 WillThe will of Abraham Hascup [aka Abraham Heerschap] 1823-1898.


1886 WillThe will of Zachariah Heerschap 1829-1888.


1888 InventoryThe inventory of Zachariah Heerschap 1829-1888.

Vital Records:


The Birth Record of John Hascup [Heerschap] 1857-1904.


The Birth Record of Abraham Hascup 1866-1944.


The Birth Record of Adrian Hascup [Heerschap] 1862- .



The Marriage Record of Clara Hascup [Heerschap] 1846- .

Obituaries and Death Records:

The Obituary of Adrian Hascup 1862-1911.