(notes: 1. I have used anglicised names where they appear to have been adopted after arrival in England

2. Clicking on highlighted names will take you to their entries in the Bregazzi family tree.)


Early in the 19th Century, several Bregazzis left Stazzona, their village in the hills above the North West shore of Lake Como in northern Italy, travelling to England.

Samuel settled in Derby by, at the latest, 1808, starting a business as a Woodcarver, Gilder and Barometer maker.

Samuel's older brother Dominic, an Artist, settled in Hull. He exhibited at the Royal Academy.

Innocente and Pietro, brothers who were Carvers, Gilders and Instrument makers made their home in Nottingham, though Innocente later returned to Stazzona.


Around 1820, a second group of Bregazzi brothers/cousins left the same village going over the Alps into Switzerland to avoid conscription into the Austrian army when they took possession of Lombardy after the defeat of Napoleon.

During the climb, one died and another, Giovanni, stayed behind in Mühlhausen in Thuringia, while the others continued to England. Descendants of Giovanni are still in Germany, as well as England and Canada.

Sebastian is said to have served an apprenticeship with his cousin Samuel (20 years older than Sebastian) in Derby, later establishing his own business in Douglas, Isle of Man.


Later emigrants from Stazzona include:

Carlo Andrea, brother of Sebastian (IoM), who married in Derby in 1831, moved to Hanley, Staffordshire, and later returned to Italy

Giuliano, a Cabinet Maker, who was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the 1860's

Charles Felix, a Cabinet Maker who married in London in 1865, with many descendants in England and Wales

Sebastian, brother of Charles Felix, a Carver and Gilder who married in Leeds in 1866 and went on to found the Dublin branch of the family

Benjamin, a Looking Glass frame maker, who produced a family in London in the 1840's to 60's, and moved to Bristol


Then there are some Bregazzis whose origin is not yet established:

Charles Slatter, a carver in stone and wood, who married near Dublin in 1865 (my great-grandfather). For further information about this line, click here.


Joseph, a Clogmaker, who married in Birmingham in 1861

There is also a branch of the family in Argentina, whose origins are at present unclear.


As far as we know, there are no Bregazzis living in Italy today, though there are plenty of Bragazzis and Brigazzis, possibly distantly related.

All the Bregazzis in England, Wales, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina appear to be connected to one of the branches mentioned above.