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Hauser & Silver Family History


Louise Bertha Silver

first marriage was to an Arthur Cole when she was about 16.They had two children. She divorced him when he went toprison. I do not know the crime he committed.

Moved to California with her brother Ralph.(Thomas) in Dec.1949. Later married Carl Mingus and they had two morechildren. Carl raised her two other children as her own.

Michael Hauser Sr.

WILL: In the name of God, Amen:
I Michael Hauser of Surry County and State of North Carolina, being sick and weak of body, but yet of good and sound memory and understanding, thanks be given to God, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, at the following manner and form, to wit.
First, I recommend my Soul into the hand of my God and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who gave it, and my body unto the earth therein to be buried in a decent and Christian manner; And as touching my worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me with in this world, I distribute, devise and dispose of at the following manner and form.
Secondly, it is my absolute will and order that all my debts where I am justly indebted, shall be paid off out of my estate on the other side all my just debts, credits, and demands in any wise justly due to me, shall be demanded on by my hereafter named executors.
Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my dear and beloved wife, Anna Cunnigunda Hauser, all my house and lot, furniture, and still, and still house unto her possession as long as she shall remain a widow, the same being in the town of Bethania, and it is also my will that she shall have the land on Mill Creek, where my son John used to live or seventy five pounds for the same and two horse creatures, two cows, one wagon and gears on ploughs in case she should marry again she shall have seventy five pounds for her share out of my estate.
Fourthly, it is my will and order that my sons Michael, Peter, Christian, and Daniel and my gran son John Hauser, each of them shall have two hundred acres of land out of a track of land of one thousand acres I own in Cumberland whereas I have already given to my son John Hauser his share in his life time, it is my will and order that if any of my sons shall want any of the land I own on Sashes Creek in this county he shall pay foe the lower two hundred and the sum of eighty pounds hard money and if any of them will want the upper part he shall pay the sum of seventy pounds hard money and if non of them should want any of the land , it shall be sold to the highest bidder.
It is my will & order that my children shall go shares excepting the land at Cumberland and one mare creature and saddle I have given to each of the boys. My son Daniel shall have a horse creature and saddle to the value of the rest.
I also constitute and ordain my beloved sons Michael and Peter Hauser the executors of this my last will & testament, and I utterly disallow & revoke all other & former wills & testaments and executors whatsoever. Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will & testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal this fourteenth day April Anno Domino, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine.
"X" Michael Hauser (his mark)
Signed, sealed, declared, & pronounced as his last will & testament in the presence of:
Samuel Shobe
Johuss Zoufun
George Hauser jurant
North Carolina Surry County May term 1789
George Hauser one of the subscribing witnesses to the following last will & testament of Michael Hauser, made oath the he saw the said Michael Hauser sign, publish, & declare the same to be his last will & testament, that he was of sound disposing mind & memory, and at the same time he saw the other witnesses sign the same and ordered to be recorded.
Recorded accordingly J. Williams CC

WILL: A true inventory of the Estate of Michael Hauser, deceased.
First, four hundred acres of land on Stewarts Branch, one hundred and twenty seven acres upon Mill Creek, one still and still furniture, one wagon and gears, one plough, two rifle guns, 3 horse creatures, four cows, three yearlings, two calves, and one bull, six sheep, one windmill cutting box, one old saddle, one womans saddle, one pair of steelyards, two pewter dishes, two pewter basin, 6 pewter plates, three iron pots, one dutch oven, one skillet, one frying pan, one pair of smoothing irons, one dreper, one dreper for glop, one gist, one flax wheel, one cotton wheel, one ax, one cropping hoe, one sprouting hoe, three corn hoes, one loom & furniture, one spade, one pitch fork, one flax hackle, four bells with collars, one crosscut saw, one hand saw, one old drawing knife, one � washing tub, and small ditto, one half gallon pot, one quart, one table, two beds & furniture, one coat & jacket, one pair of briches and jacket, two shirts, one bible, two testaments, one long fork.
August the 18th 1789

MILITARY: Michael served in the Revolutionary War as a resident of Surry Co., North Carolina.

Jacob Hauser

MARRIAGE: Unmarried.

Johann Frederick Fiscus

Born in Engelstatt or Wolffsheim which are 7 km fromOber-Sauljeim.