Beginning of My Hauser Genealogy Pages Beginning of My Smith Genealogy pages and photos


As you can see I have many family names in my tree.  I hope to create a page or pages for each family.



I was going to put a table here with hyperlinks to each family I had information on, but my "tutor" said use buttons, so after much thought, I just decided no themes, no buttons and I think my table idea is going to be the winner.   I have a lot of data here on my Hauser family and will have some on the Lockard/Tucker family, then Smith and someday, on the Wales side of my family.  I am not a descendent of the Lockard/Tucker line, but. . .my great Aunt, Sarah Jane Hauser married George Washington Lockard and my cousin in Iowa, Carleton is a descendent and so for him I have created a page for them.  I owe him so much for all the help he has been.  I have another line of family, Day family and will have lots of data for them also.  My Aunt June in Kentucky has given me lots of good stuff.  Through her I was able to make contact with the nicest lady in Iowa, Jean and she helped figure out a problem with my Day line and now it is clear and moving along nicely.  It seems that one of my Day ancestors married a Betsy Albee and away we go!!  Now in the last few weeks, I have come to know a new Day Cousin, Chuckie.  What a wonderful person and cousin.  She and I are both great granddaughters of William Harrison Day and so we are sharing stuff.  She sent me a lot of things I did not have and I am making a packet for her.  Hope I help fill in some of her gaps.  Well another new Day cousin has come into my life.  Her name is Robin and I think between Chuckie and I we can help her fill in some of the blanks.


As I progress in my genealogy, the genealogy pages will also progress.  I have some plans for family group sheets and some family biographies.  I also have a book called the Pioneer Story of Thomas N. and Nancy B. Hauser.  I will have some excerpts from that also.  There is a story in the book called "The House that David Built."  It is wonderful and was a nice way to feel connected to my great Grandfather.  He built this wonderful house for his wife, Sarah Emmer Martin and their children.  For the time it built in, it had all kinds of "new fangled things."

I think to start I will have family group sheet data as that is the quickest way to get the information onto the page.  I tried several different methods but found that doing a print screen method works the best for me.  The link to them is on another page.


One of the "new" cousins I have met along the way is, Harriett Edwards, another great grand daughter to David Hauser.  Her father was Harold and he wrote many wonderful stories and with her permission I will be posting some of them on these pages.