Major update since Dec. 15th 2019. See link.

This is an ongoing project of researching the LANDSCHOOF family. In the USA the name has been changed from Landschoof into LANDSCHOOFT, LANDSCHO, LANDSHOF, LANDSHEFT which made it very difficult to find them. Most of them have been located now. Only a few more living persons have to be found yet. If you are a descendant of this family, please feel free to contact me. More names will be added as they come available. The 2 main branches in the US of the Landschoof tree are from Jersey City, New Jersey and Buffalo, New York. The name changed into Landshof and Landsheft. Others settled in Dunkirk,NY (Landschoof); Buffalo, NY (Landsheft) Florence,OR (Landschooft); Metea,IN (Landschoft); Winona,MN (Landscho) and Jersey City, NJ (Landshof). Two of them have served in the Civil War (1861-1865). In Germany it is still LANDSCHOOF and LANDSCHOF, in Danmark LANDSCHOFF.