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Robert Rivard dit Loranger1    8th great grandfather
b. 10 July 1638, d. 11 May 1699, #15720
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Father   **Pierre Rivard2 b. 7 January 1591, d. 16 March 1651
Mother   **Jeanne Mullard2 b. 9 July 1597, d. 21 April 1649

 Photos of the church of St Aubin de Tourouve in Mortagne, Perche, France
Birthplace of Nicolas and Robert Rivard

Birth 19 Sept 1624 Some say Robert may have been born on 19 September 1624 at St-Aubin de Tourouvre, Perche, Normandy, France. I am suspect of this date. If he was baptized in 1638 it is more likely that he was born in 1638. Also it is said that he was but a child when older brother left for New France in 1646-1648. If Robert was born in 1624 he would NOT be the younger brother of Nicholas nor would he be a child.2

Baptism 10 July 1638 Robert was baptized on 10 July 1638 at Tourouvre, Perche, France.1

1660 In about 1660. twelve years after his arrival in Nouvelle-France, Nicolas Rivard dit Lavigne, well-established at Cap-de-la-Madeleine and already father of four children, had the immense joy of welcoming his younger brother Robert dit LaRangee or Loranger. Robert cleared and cultivated the land for more than twenty-five years. Then, suddenly, while he had cleared the threshhold (my note: age) of about fifty, he became a coureur de bois, to go unto Lakes Abitibi and Temiscamingue to trade for furs with the Ottawa. [ With Michel Roy dit Chatellerault contracting with Compagnie du Nord -tdfugere]

At the time of Nicolas' departure in 1648, he is still but a child. A Tenacious worker, Robert succeeded in beating down two arpents of forest per year to convert as many arpents of cultivable land, which was not common for the time. The date of arrival of most of our pioneers constitutes an enigma (riddle) for genealogists, as competent as they are. The answer, if still to be found, is perhaps over the Atlantic in contracts notarial yet to be revealed. One French-Canadian historienne who has not succeeded, explains this detail. She makes allusion to two hundred persons who embarked at LaRochelle in 1659, as well as one hundred or so recruits of Pierre Boucher in 1662, and only sixty-seven of whom succeeded in touching our shores. Other groups more restricted arrived in 1661 and 1663.

This is certain, that Robert had arrived among us by July 28, 1663. Notary Claude Herlin mentions that on that date, Robert received a concession (of) Pere C. Allouez, in the name of the seigneurs Jesuits. The plot of ground is situated in the limit of Cap-de-la-Madeleine.

February 16, 1664, Robert signed with Francois Brunet a lease to farm fronting on the river and next to Calude Housant, the second husband of Madeleine Couteau, mother-in-law of Nicolas. The following May 1, Msgr. de Laval passed the Cap and Robert profited by making his confirmation. ...Oct 28 of the same year, Notary Jacques de Latousche drafted the clauses of contract of marriage of Robert with Madeleine Guillet, age 14, daughter of Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse and Jeanne de St-Pere. Present were: Nicolas and Catherine, uncle and aunt of Robert, Claude Housard and Madeleine Couteau, grandmother of (same that) Mathurin Guillet, brother of Madeleine. The religious ceremony (must have) taken place at Cap in the little chapel constructed by Pierre Boucher in 1659, but the registers before 1673 are, sadly, lost. It is almost certain that the young household lived a certain time at the Cap.

February 8, 1666, Robert sold to Pierre Prou his concession on the Coast of St Mare. The following March 22 (greffe Latousche) the Jesuits gave him a new concession of four arpents frontage at Batiscan, about the time of those obtained by Claude Houssard and Nicolas. Fifteen years later Robert had rendered thirty arpents cultivable...(? double the mouthful?) (?put his lips together?)

In 1681 the census affirms that Robert is 43 and Madeleine "counts 31 springs". their children are Claude (16), Mathurin (14), Nickolas (11), Madeleine (9), Marie (7), Francois (4) and Charlotte (18 mos). They own 2 guns and 5 horned beasts.

January 22, 1689, Robert decides to try the grand adventure of fur trade. At the home of Gilles Rageout, he signs a lease (?)(contract) with the Compagnie du Nord to go to Lakes Abitibi and Temiscamigue for three consecutive years to trade for furs from the Ottawa Indians. The profits were divided between the company, Robert and the Notary Michel Roy dit Chattelereault. The latter two pay also Alexandre-Rene Lemoyne, another member of the crew. Like father, like son, August 31, 1691, Mathurin and Nicolas are engaged for the Illinois before Notary Antoine Adhemar, for Captain Francois de la Forest. In 1692, the eldest son, Claude, organizes his own voyage with Francois Mercure dit Villeneuve in the country of the Ottawas.

June 13, 1695, Robert signs a new contract for another three years to be associated this time with some parents and friends: Known by the name of Company Royal before Notarus Benigne Basset and Claude Maugus of Montreal. Many voyages were organized, up to 1707. But Robert without doubt used (up) by the heavy work had had imposed on himself....Buried at Batiscan May 11, 1699 at 61. Madelein survived him 37 years, buried near her spouse April 27, 1736 at 86. s/Jean P. Massicotte Secy Societe d'Histoire du Cap.... translated by Betty J Revard 10/11/1995

Note: copied from Mona Loranger's [email protected]3

Marriage 28 October 1664 Robert Rivard dit Loranger, 26 years old, married **Madeleine Guillet, who was 14 years old, , daughter of **Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse and **Jeanne de St. Père, 28 October 1664 in Latouche, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Champlain, Quebec, Canada.1  
It appears that they had the following children:
Claude (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: C. 1666
Mathurin (dit Feuilleverte) RIVARD b: c.1667 in Batiscan, Qc.
Nicolas (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: c.1670
M-Madeleine (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: c.1672
M-Anne (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: c.1674
Joseph (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: c.1677
Francois (dit Montendre) RIVARD b: c.1677
M-Charlotte (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: 26 MAR 1679 in Batiscan, Qc.
Robert (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: 3 JUN 1682 in Batiscan, Qc.
Louis-Joseph (dit Bellefeuille) RIVARD b: 13 JUL 1684 in La Perade, Qc.
M-Catherine (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: 28 JUN 1689 in Batiscan, Qc.
Rene-Alexis (dit Maisonville) RIVARD b: 27 OCT 1691 in Batiscan, Qc.
Francoise (dit Loranger) RIVARD b: 7 SEP 1694 in Batiscan, Qc.4

April 1666 In the spring of 1666, the Jesuits, in possession of the Seigneurie of Batiscan, granted the first 30 land concessions there. The contracts were drawn by the notary Jacques de la Touche. It was a family affair!!! Claude Houssard, Pierre Guillet's father-in-law was the first;(husband of Madeleine Couteau) he got his land concession on March 21, 1666. Robert Rivard, the husband of Madeleine Guillet (Pierre's daughter) got his on the 22 of March. His brother, Nicolas Rivard, Pierre's brother-in-law (he's Catherine Saint Père's husband) signed for his land consession on March 23 of the year. Mathieu Rouillard, who married Jeanne Guillet in June 1667 and Jean Moreau who married Pierre's daughter, Anne in 1667 also received land concessions. On August 6, 1666, Pierre obtained his property here making him among the first landowners of this area of Quebec. On November 17, 1667 he sold this land to Jean-Baptiste Crevier. Three days later, on November 20th 1667, he bought 80 arpents of land at Cote Saint-Marc, next to his own property on the Cap. His son, Louis would later be known as Louis Guillet dit St Marc. Even later, Abraham Guillet dit St Marc became St Mars then Cinq Mars. These name changes, (the author of this peice suspects), originated from this land purchase. At the end of 1667, he exchanged land he had on the Cap for property in Batiscan owned by Jean Cusson.1

Death 11 May 1699 Robert died on 11 May 1699 at Batiscan, Quebec Canada at age 60.4 

Family **Madeleine Guillet   b. 9 October 1650, d. 27 April 1736
Children  1. **Claude Rivard dit Loranger+ b. c 1665, d. 15 Feb 17363
  2. Mathurin Rivard dit Feuilleverte+ b. c 1667
3. M-Charlotte Rivard
Louis Joseph Rivard
There were other children not followed further.

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