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Pierre Rivard1       9th great grandfather
b. 7 January 1591, d. 16 March 1651, #15774
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Father   **Thomas Rivard b. circa 1561, d. 14 September 1620
Mother   **Jeanne Chevreau

A must SEE.  Sue went to France and visited many places that were part of thelife of Pierre and his family.  Please visit this site.  Thank you, for sharing, Sue.

Birth 7 January 1591 Pierre was born on 7 January 1591 at St-Aubin de Tourouvre parish, Mortagne, Perche, Normandy, France.1

Photo of the church of St Aubin de Tourouve in Mortagne, Perche, France
St-Aubin-de-Tourouvre, Birthplace of Nicolas and Robert Rivard. 4

Marriage 11 November 1613 Pierre Rivard, 22 years old, married Jeanne Mullard, who was 16 years old, daughter of Robert Mullard and Françoise Lousche, 11 November 1613 in St-Aubin de Tourouvre, Mortagne, Perche, Normandy, France. 1 

Their children are said to have been:
1.Anne RIVARD b: 13 FEB 1616 in Tourouvre, France
2. Nicolas RIVARD-SIEUR-DE-LAVIGNE b: 16 JUN 1617 in St. Aubin Tourouve, Perche, Normandy, France
3. Marie RIVARD b: 27 FEB 1621 in Tourouvre, France
4. Robert born and died in 1524.
5. Mathieu RIVARD b: 17 NOV 1629 in Tourouvre, France
6. Pierre RIVARD b: 1631 in France
7. Jean RIVARD b: 29 OCT 1633 in France
8. Gabriel RIVARD b: 1635 in France
9. Robert  RIVARD DIT LORANGER b: 10 JUL 1638 in St-Aubin de Tourouvre. Montagne, France.2,3

Death 16 March 1651 Pierre died on 16 March 1651 at Tourouvre, Mortagne,  Perche, Normandy France at age 60.1 

Family **Jeanne Mullard   b. 9 July 1597, d. 21 April 1649
Children  1. Nicholas Rivard dit Lavigne+ b. 16 Jun 1617, d. 1 Jul 17011
  2. **Robert Rivard dit Loranger+ b. 10 Jul 1638, d. 11 May 16991

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