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Eleanor Plantagenet
b. 1215, d. 13 April 1275, #23508
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Father   John Lackland Plantagenet b. 24 December 1167, d. 19 October 1216
Mother   Isabella Taillefeur of Angoulême b. 1188, d. 31 May 1246

Name Variation Eleanor Plantagenet was also found as Eleanor of England. 
Birth 1215 She may have been born in 1215 at Winchester, Hampshire, England.1 
Birth* 1215 Eleanor was born in 1215 at Gloucester.2,3 
Marriage* 23 April 1224 Eleanor Plantagenet married William "The Younger" Marshall 5th Earl of Pembroke, son of William Marshall 4th Earl of Pembroke and Isabel de Clare Countess Strigoil, 23 April 1224. She was only 9 years old at this time; She was rumored to be pregnant at the time of his death, but if this were true, no live-born child resulted.2,4 
(Witness) Death 6 April 1231 William Marshall died in 6 April 1231.1 
Marriage* 7 January 1237 Eleanor Plantagenet married Simon V de Montfort Earl of Leicester, son of Simon IV de Montfort The Crusader and Alix de Montmorency, 7 January 1237 in London, England. Montfort's favored position at court soon won him many enemies among the English magnates, including the king's brother Earl Richard of Cornwall, and it was for that reason that Henry secretly promoted Simon's marriage to Eleanor, which was privately celebrated in the king's personal chapel in the palace of Westminster. Earl Richard had not been forewarned about it, and there was bloody hell to pay afterward because Richard and the other barons felt that the king should have used his sister's marriage to greater diplomatic effect.

The real problem with the marriage, however, was that after her first husband's death Eleanor had been inveigled by her governess, a vowed widow, to take a vow of perpetual celibacy herself. No dispensation to end the effects of that vow was obtained before Eleanor and Simon married, so subsequently they had to go on pilgrimage to Rome and beseech the pope to pardon the transgression, bless their marriage and assign a penance. They ended up having to pay for the construction of a Dominican priory in Bordeaux, where they later buried one of their infant daughters.4,2,1,5,6 
!AInfoNew* 1265 She was allowed to leave England after the battle at Evesham with her younger children.6 
Death* 13 April 1275 Eleanor died on 13 April 1275 at Montargis, at Loiret at France at the age of 60.4,1 
Burial* Eleanor was buried in Montargis, Loiret, France.1 

Family 1   Simon V de Montfort Earl of Leicester b. between 1208 and 1209, d. 4 August 1265
Children  1. Henry de Monfort b. 26 Nov 1238, d. Aug 12656
  2. Simon de Monfort b. Apr 1240, d. 12716
  3. Amaury de Monfort b. c 1242, d. c 13006
  4. Guy de Monfort+ b. c 1244, d. c 12916
  5. daughter de Monfort b. c 1246, d. 12466
  6. Richard de Monfort b. 1252, d. 12666
  7. Eleanor de Montfort b. c 1258, d. Jun 12826

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