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Rogvolod Prince of Polotsk1
b. circa 925, d. circa 978, #26879
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Father   Olaf Haraldsson2 b. circa 877, d. 934

!AInfoNew From: Igor Sklar ([email protected]) 2003-02-18

Rogneda is not a Slavic name. Her father was Ragnvald of West Gotland, then of Polotsk (killed 970), the brother of Truggvi Olafson of Norway (died 965) and the illegitimate son of Olaf Haraldson of Norway (died 934). As you may see, Yaroslav was a great grandson of Harald I Fairhair (died 931), the first Yngling king of Norway. This explains why in Norse sagas Vladimir is called a kinsman of Norse King Olaf Traggvison (who was brought up in Kiev) more than once.

Some folks are in pains to establish their line of descent from Macedonian Emperors of Byzantium. They assume that Yaroslav was born in 988 and his mother was Anna of Byzantium. But it's nothing more than their fantasy.2

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Name Variation Rogvolod Prince of Polotsk was also found as Ragnvald Olafsson of West Gotland and Polotsk.2 
Name Variation Rogvolod Prince of Polotsk was also found as Ragnvald Olafsson of West Gotland & Polotsk.3 
Birth* circa 925 Rogvolod was born circa 925 at Olso, Norway.1,2 
Marriage* Rogvolod Prince of Polotsk married Ingelborge.2  
research* 950 Find at Internet 950. 
!AInfoNew* POLOTSK is a town built near the Polota river as it flows into the West Dvina (Daugava). After death of Prince Svyatoslav the Warlike of Kiev (972) it was captured by Varyags (Sweden vikings) and ruled by Ragnvald who became the first prince of Polotsk. Later recaptured by Kiev, it became the most significant of the White Russian Principalities during the Middle Ages.4 
Death* circa 978
Rogvolod died circa 978 at Polotsk, at Byelorussia at in what is now Russia. Rogvolod, his wife and his sons were killed by Vladimir, because their daughter Rogvolod did not want to marry him. Some say that this may have been as early as 970.5,2 
!AInfoNew Someone from the village buried at least part of the "treasure" of the town. It was found by children from the village of Kazianki in a field in 1972. There were 7650 silve Arabian coins. The treasure weight was 20 kg.5 

Family   Ingelborge b. circa 930
Child  1. Rogneda of Polotsk+ b. c 960, d. c 10026,1,7

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