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Guy de Lusignan, King of Cyprus1   25th great grand uncle
b. circa 1160, d. 5 May 1194, #29863
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Father   **Hugues VIII le Vieux or le Brun de Lusignan1 b. circa 1121, d. circa 1173
Mother   **Burgondie de Rancon & Tailebourg1 b. circa 1120, d. 11 April 1169

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
Guy of Lusignan , d. 1194, Latin king of Jerusalem (1186-92) and Cyprus (1192-94), second husband of Sibylla, sister of King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem. In 1183 he was briefly regent for his brother-in-law, who was incapacitated by leprosy, but Baldwin made Guy's stepson king as Baldwin V, and the Latin nobles forced Guy to yield command to Raymond of Tripoli. On Baldwin V's death (1186) Guy became king with the support of both his wife and Reginald of Châtillon. He was defeated and captured (1187) by Saladin at the decisive battle of Hattin, which led to the fall of Jerusalem. Released in 1188, he laid siege (1189) to Acre (see Akko ), which was captured (1191) in the Third Crusade with the help of Richard I of England and Philip II of France. After the death (1190) of Sibylla, Guy's right to the throne was contested by Conrad , marquis of Montferrat, who was supported by Philip II. In spite of Richard I's support, Guy was compelled (1192) to resign his title, but was given the island of Cyprus. His descendants (see Lusignan ) ruled Cyprus and Lesser Armenia. His brother, Amalric II , succeeded him in Cyprus.

Author not available, GUY OF LUSIGNAN., The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2008

Birth circa 1160 Guy was born circa 1160.1

1180 Came to Palestine about 1180. In 1183 he had a quarrel with Baldwin the King of Jerusalem.1
1181 The marriage of Sybilla, heiress to the kingdom of Jerusalem, to the French adventurer Guy de Lusignan caused dissension among the crusaders. For Guy was hated by powerful rivals for the crown and, when he came to the throne in 1186, he was unable to exercise any real control over his kingdom. The tide had turned, and Saladdin at last delivered his attack with united forces and with a spirit equal to that which had fired the Christians of the First Crusade, for to the Moslems also Jerusalem was a holy place.2

Marriage circa 1180 After Sybilla's first husband, William of Montferret died in June of 1077 she married Guy of Lusignan circa 1180.1

8 August 1186 Sybilla's son Baldwin V died 8 August 1186. He was the "King of Jerusalem" even tho he was but a child of 5 or 7 years old. His right to the throne was thru' his mother from HER father. He was succeeded by his mother, Sibylla, who then crowned her husband Guy of Lusignan as king of Jerusalem.3

1187 In 1187 Guy and his brother Amalric were taken prisoner when defeated at Horns of Hattin by Salidin. In 1188 both released on their promise to return home, but Guy had a cleric release them from their oaths.1

between 1189 and 1191 He was at the Seige of Acre from between 1189 and 1191. His wife, Sybilla (Sibylla) was there also with at least their two daughters, all of whom died of disease there.1


In 1191 Guy was with King Richard, the LionHearted's army in the Cyprus in conquest from Isaac Comnenus, a renegade member of the Greek imperial family. Richard was sailing towards the Holy Land when part of his fleet, including the ship carrying his sister and his fiancée, had to take shelter off the island during a storm. Isaac's hostile reaction prompted Richard to use force and his troops soon compelled the Cypriots to surrender. In spite of his status as a crusader Richard had not hesitated to take land from a Christian ruler, althought it is clear that he had acquired the territory on his own behalf. He then sold it to Guy Lusignan. In 1192 King Richard acceded to Conrad's claim to kingdom of Jerusalem and in compensation made Guy king of Cyprus; (Conrad was immediately murdered).1

Death 5 May 1194 Guy died on 5 May 1194 at Cyprus and is succeeded by his brother Amalric.1,3 
His descendants ruled Cyprus and Lesser Armenia (Cilicia). Cilicia is now a part of southern Turkey.4 

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