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Sancha (Roslinda) of Septamania1,2
b. circa 830, #30729
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Father   Bernard I Mgv of Septamania3 b. circa 797, d. 844
Mother   Dhouda of Gascony Countess of Agen and Septimania3 b. circa 804, d. after 2 February 843

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Name Variation Sancha (Roslinda) of Septamania was also found as Sancha (Roslinda) of Toulouse.2 
Birth* circa 830 Sancha (Roslinda) was born circa 830.1 
Marriage* 844 Sancha (Roslinda) of Septamania married Wulgrim I Taillifer Count of Angouleme, son of Ulrich I Count in Argengau & Linzgau and Susanna, 844 in Charente, France. There is a possiblity that he was married as a child, but there are no children reported before about 864.1 

Family   Wulgrim I Taillifer Count of Angouleme b. 835, d. 3 May 886
Children  1. Amuna of Angouleme+ d. a 904
  2. William II Count of Perigord+ b. c 864, d. 9204
  3. Alduin of Angoulesme+ b. c 8661

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