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Aton de Trencavel Vicomte de Rouergue1
b. circa 830, d. circa 867, #35797
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Father   Bernard I Mgv of Septamania1 b. circa 797, d. 844
Mother   Dhouda of Gascony Countess of Agen and Septimania1 b. circa 804, d. after 2 February 843

Name Variation Aton de Trencavel Vicomte de Rouergue was also found as Aton I de Trencavel Vicomte de Rouergue. 
Birth* circa 830 Aton de was born circa 830 at Sauveterre de Rouergue, Languedoc, France.1 
Marriage* 860 Aton de Trencavel Vicomte de Rouergue married Aissena 860.1  
!AInfoNew* 865 The following is excerpted from a post to soc.genealogy.medieval, 23 Nov 2001, by Nathaniel Taylor.

From: Nathaniel Taylor ([email protected])
Subject: Trencavel
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
Date: 2001-11-23 13:34:39 PST represented in tables by the Catalan genealogist Armand de Fluvia i Escorsa in two tables (s.v. ?Nimes¹ and ?Carcasona¹) in the multi-volume _Gran enciclopedia catalana_. I present it here as the Trencavel dynasty isn¹t easily found in other compilations. Note the odd numbering conventions: numbers are consecutive in various viscounties, applied to repetitions of two names together, not separately. This family, like that of the counts of Toulouse, was dispossessed in the wake of the Albigensian Crusade. I make no claim to accuracy, but it¹s a start.

1. Ato I, d. after 867, vc Rouergue ? Aissena; issue:
.... Bernat I, d. after 918, vc Albi, who follows.
.... Bigo I, vc. Tououse
.... Ato I, vc. Toulouse ? Ava (of Auvergne?); their issue:
........ Bernard I, vc. Toulouse
........ Ato II, vc. Rouergue
.... Sicard ==> a quo the viscounts of Lautrec.1 
Death* circa 867
Aton de died circa 867 at Albi, at Tarn, at Languedoc at France.1 

Family   Aissena b. circa 840
Child  1. Bernard I Trencavel Vicoumte de Albi+ b. c 868, d. a 9181

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