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Francois Nault      6th great grandfather of the children of  Leslyn and Pomala Black
b. 13 January 1646, d. 20 March 1709, #714
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Father   **Jean Nault b. between 1616 and 1627, d. 11 January 1656
Mother   **Jeanne Varlet b. circa 1625, d. October 1657

Birth 13 January 1646 Francois was born on 13 January 1646/47 in Turquant, ar Saumur ev Anger, Anjou, France.1

Turquant still exists today. It is located on the south shore of the La Loire River and just a few kilometers east of Saumur. It is a pleasant village of wine makers with its town square full of large trees and its church dating back to the 15th Century. It is in this church dedicated to Saint-Aubin, an ancient bishop of Angers, that François was baptized on Sunday 14 January 1646.

Jean, François' father, died on January 11, 1656 of an "oppression of the chest". His mother, Urbanne Marie Pillet, died on October 21, 1657. What happened then to François, and to his sister Madeleine who was baptized on 25 October 1648? They were orphans aged 11 and 10 respectively. Were they adopted by relatives or friends? In what conditions did they live? We do not know anything of this period , but we do know that, at the age of 20, François decided to leave his birthplace to settle in New-France.


Jean Francois and his sister, Madeleine were orphaned in 1657. On May 17 1666, at age 20, Jean boarded the sailing ship Le Saint Jean-Baptiste with 34 other passengers and 35 crew members. They sailed under Captain Pierre Fillye from the port on LaRochelle.3

The ship anchored opposite Quebec at the mouth of the St. Charles river. Francois left immediately by canoe on the Montmorency River, for the Manor of Lotinville with his master, Bartrand Chasnay de la Garenne. Having reached L'Ange Gardien, he paddled up the Lotinville River to the estate of Seigneur de Lotinville. At the manor, Francois became a servant with eight other acquaintances. They contributed to making the estate one of the most beautiful in the Beuapre region. The estate measured 120 feet wide. Betrand Chesnay was one of the most prosperous bourgeois of the colony.2

Nau is a generic name for Nault, Naud, Neault, Neaud, etc. as it was the actual spelling of the first "Nau" that came to America (the larger one). To a large extent, the Nault, Naud, Neault, Neaud of USA and Canada all come from the same source: Francois Nau married to Marguerite Jobidon. Francois's father was Jehan Nau from Saint-Aubin de Fecamp or Turquant, Anjou, France. His mother was Jeanne Pillet.

NOTE:  Various spellings!!!!

June 1666 The second farm to the east belonged to the Jobidon family. Marguerite, who was only 5 years old when Francois arrived in Quebec, would become his first wife. She was fifteen when they married at Chateau Richer.2

Marriage 20 July 1676 Francois Nault, 30 years old, married Marguerite Jobidon-Bidon, daughter of Louis Jobidon and Marie Deligny, 20 July 1676 in Chateau Richer, l'Ange-Gardien. Montmorency, Quebec, Canada. They had 6 children.4

17 March 1678 On March 17, 1678, Francois and his friends Pierre Groleau and Pierre Grenon, each obtained a concession of farm land, 175 x 2338 meters, before Notary Gilles Rageot, from Seigneur Jean Tourpin, from his estate named Belair dit la Pointe-aux-Ecureils.  Francois's portion was 455 meters from the river. It was adjacent, to the west of the estate. It was across from the church of Les Esureuils and the road of the manor that led west to the river. The manor was on a cliff close to the church. Farncois's farm was to the west of the current Rue du Couvent.2

1679 Francois built his first house with narrow windows and logs squared by an ax. In 1679, he and Marguerite, with their son, Francois, settled in their new home. Their first son, Jean, had died soon after birth in 1677. All his children up to 1687 were born in this house. In 1687, Marguerite died of Typhus. His last child, Michel, died shortly before she did. Marguerite was 26 years old when she died. The children at that time were Francois (age 8), Genevieve (age 5), Marguerite Ursule, (age 3) and Jean-Francois (22months). Marguerite was buried on Nov, 27, 1687 in Neuville cemetery.2

Shortly after the death of his first wife, Francois moved to Decsambault. He was listed on the census in 1687 as a widower with 4 children. He was owner of a building and had Pierre Groleau and Antoine Bussiere as neighbors.2

Marriage 1 July 1688 Francois Nault, 42 years old, married Marie Therese Chaillé, who was 21 years old, , daughter of Mathurin Chaillé and Catherine Barré, 1 July 1688 in Pte-aux-Trembles, Quebec, Canada. This is very near Montreal.  He is listed in the church record as "widower of Marguerite Jobidon". They had at least 7 children. Some say they had 9 children.5,6,4

3 May 1696 On May 3, 1696, Seigneur Jacques-Alexis de Fleury Descambault officially cedes a farm of 175 x 1750 meters to Francois and his son, Francois who would be 17 at the end of the month.2

August 1704 A few years later, Francois moved a little further west to a new farm, granted August 1704 by Francois Chavigny, Sieur de la Chevrotiere. The plot measured 175 x 2338 meters. It was located next to the Chevrotiere estate and the new St-Antoine chapel. It is on this farm that Francois passed away at the age of 63.2

Death 20 March 1709 Francois died about  20 March 1709 at the at Le Chevrotiere,  Quebec  Canada at age 63.1 
Burial 20 March 1709 Francois was buried. He was buried March 20, 1709 in the small cemetery of the St. Antoine Chapel. ( 

Family 1 Marguerite Jobidon-Bidon  b. circa 1660/61, d. 26 November 1687
Children  1. Jean Nault b. 1677, d. 16772
  2. François Nault b. 29 May 1679, d. 21 Mar 17444
  3. Genevieve Nault b. c 16822
  4. Marguerite Ursule Nau(d) b. 15 Feb 1684, d. b 1715
  5. Jean Francois Naud+ b. 30 Jan 1686, d. 21 Jun 1758
  6. Michael Nault b. 7 Jul 1687, d. Nov 16872

Family 2 **Marie Therese Chaillé   b. 23 January 1667, d. 26 October 1726
Children  1. Marie Therese Nault b. 2 Oct 1689, d. 24 Apr 1761
  2. Louis Nault b. c 1695, d. 25 Dec 1749
  3. Claude Nault b. 10 Nov 1695, d. 18 Jun 1758
  4. Michel Nault b. 1697, d. 22 Feb 1768
  5. Marie Louise Nault b. 30 Mar 1698
  6. Jean Baptiste Nault b. 1699, d. 17 Dec 1764
  7. **René Nault+ b. c 1703, d. 29 May 17967,4

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