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[S3] Clipping Effie Morin, obit, Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, MI, 10 August 1937 Stored in Files B3, E3, bk1. Hereinafter cited as Obit Effie Morin.

[S7] Wire from Almont MI UB "Bob" Shoemaker to Mrs. Saul Morin, 26 April 1927; In Files B7,E7, BK1.

[S10] Letter and news clips of Betty Jane Shoemaker's birth and newspaper announcement of Pomala Orda's marriage., , ca 1921. Stored in B11,E11, BK1. Hereinafter cited as Pomala O Mar & Bet's Birth.

[S23] Professional Photo of Effie Hannold Morin and Laura Fowler Hannold Pomala Orda Morin Shoemaker Jane Hale Fowler 1891 , Given to PMB by BERNICE NORMAN; about 1891 as POMALA O. less than 6 mo. EFFIE HANOLD MORIN-mother-about 20; LAURA JANE FOWLER HANOLD-grandmother-about 44; JANE HAVENS FOWLER-ggmother-about 68. Filed in B32,E28,BK1 .

[S33] "Handwritten list of names and dates of FOWLERS-written by EDITH FEHRENBACH, dates from unknown source."; . Hereinafter cited as "Fowler vitals".

[S34] "Typewritten sheet done on EDITH MORIN'S machine. Sources unknown.";Sheets filed as B44, E39, BK1 . Hereinafter cited as "Havens Vitals".

[S37] "Handwritten receipes--Laura Fowler Hanold or Effie Hanold Morin in a small notebook."; . Hereinafter cited as "Effie's receipes".

[S39] Letter from Bet Shoemaker Murphy to Pomala M. Black, early 1980; In Files as B50, E44, BK1.

[S73] Snapshot Undated photo (1930's??)Charles Havens; Effie Hanold Morin; Charles' wife, who is Pearl Humphrey, Mary Fowler Norman; & Ella Havens Pierce. Filed in B95 E62, BK1 .

[S102] Letter from Pomala Orda Morin to Pomala M. Black, 24 Feb 1964; In Files as B142, E90, BK1.

[S145] Marriage Index records for Muskegon county MI , record Books 2&3 1882 to 1889 on film # 1320182. Stored at B214, N4-14. Hereinafter cited as MuskegonMarIndex.

[S158] Havens, 1825 and 1835 NY State census, for Steuben county NY Notes filed as B242, N2-34, SLC film # 512419, .

[S161] Adsit, Fowler Havens, 1850 US census for Steuben county NY Census taken on 1850. Film # 444314 Stored as B245, N2-36.

[S183] "!EMail no hard copy.";.

[S212] "Marlborough Monthly Meeting Records; Stark co Ohio; "Ency. of Am. Quaker Geneology IV; Wright State University.". Notes stored as B328, N6-22.

[S283] "Cemetery South of Keeler on Rte. 687. FOWLER, HAVENS, HANOLD.". Notes stored as B450,N10-31,32.

[S332] "Cemeteries in Berrien and Van Buren co MI. Records are at Waldo Library, Western Michigan U." .Records not complete and some entries missing or actual cemetery is different than the internment records. SLC #1321501. Notes stored as B542,N9-4-12.

[S333] "1860 U.S. census, Van Buren co MI. MFHC #0803562.". Notes stored as B543,N9-13.

[S349] William Havens, Probate Files of Van Buren county, Michigan, File Number Film#286, Cat.C Case #679 (VanBuren county court House, PawPaw, MI), Notes filed as B568,N14-3.

[S362] "Info from "DIXON" Family News letter via PRODIGY (SANDRA WYMAN) Aug. 1992 DIXON, COX, COPE, AKEY and ELLIOTS in OHIO.". Notes stored as B585,N14-18.

[S363] "Certified Death certificates from the State of Michigan for Effie Hanold Morin and Saul Morin.". Notes stored as B586,E326.

[S369] "Hinshaw's "Quaker Genealogical Dictionary; Pub. 1966; Vol. 4 only. AKEY, COX, DIXON, ELLIOT and McCALL.". Notes stored as B592,N15-1.

[S378] "WGM & EMM Baptism certificates.". Notes stored as 603_325 HD.

[S385] "A Havens line of New York and Michigan" by Eva Murrell Harmison; via Havens Harbor by Jo Havens Wright in 1992. Appears to have been from 1966 info of LDS.. Notes stored as B614,E337.

[S401] "Final accounting in the estate of Effie Morin done by Wilfred Gordon Morin. In his hand but showing no date.". Notes stored as B634, E357.

[S406] "Orig. Doc. Dr. bill from Dr. Goltz in 1937 for seeing EFFIE MORIN.". Notes stored as B644, E367.

[S408] "Misc tidbits from EMail. Identified by CD";. Hereinafter cited as "TidBits".

[S468] "Information via: RUTH HANNOLD CRANE, duplicated for her by the U.S. National Archives re: FRIEND HANNOLD's military service, pension requests and LAURA FOWLER HANNOLD's widow's pension requests. Contains dispositions by several people that knew them for a number of years. Even gives height and weigh at enlistment and at death.". Notes stored as B766,N18.

[S490] "SLC #1,451,448 Item 5; Cemetery listing from Steuben co, NY; no source given, but done on computer paper. Use with info from DAR gravestone readings in B812, N19-11". Notes stored as B811,N19-10.

[S614] "Excerpts from Whitehall, MI. "Forum".Obits for Mrs. Fred Norman, the first;; D.W. Fowler and Laura Fowler.". Notes stored as B1169, N25-45.

[S621] ""New York in the Revolution" by Berthold Fernow, Lib. of Congress 72-88405 . The New York Line, Colonel Goose Van Schaick's Regiment from Washington co NY. Lists Joseph Havens and William Bennett.". Notes stored as B1191,N26-11.

[S696] "From Zatarian. Application for DAR membership for Alice Kari Havens et al . Includes application for military pension papers for Joseph Havens.". Notes stored as B1363, E622.

[S838] "Handout of the First Congregational Church of Whitehall, Michigan. Noting the passing of Effie Morin, a member of this congregation. August 14, 1938". Notes stored as B1710, E882.

[S864] Joseph Havens Rev. War Pension records , Provided to P.Black by Mike Shroeder.Filed as B1776, E1404 Bk14 .

[S881] "Photo of Effie Jane Hanold Morin taken after 1930 and before 1838. Radium Studios, in Muskegon, MI". Notes stored as B1810, E922 HD.

[S959] "Letter from Laban Hanold to Effy Hanold in 17 October 1885.". Notes stored as B1947, E995.

[S960] "Letter from Effie Hanold Morin to mother Laura Fowler Hanold, 4 March 1892.". Notes stored as B1951, E999.

[S987] Letter from unknown author to unknown recipient.

[S1045] Unknown compiler, B2097, E1089 1850 Census Conhocton, Steuben NY. 18th Sept 1850 (n.p.: location.

[S1048] "Michigan State Pioneer Records prepared by Mrs. Helen Lee Remington( Mrs. Loren W.) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Not dated.". Notes stored as B2102, N33-21.

[S1049] "Michigan Heritage, Vol 7, P 190-192". Notes stored as B2103, N33-22.

[S1114] Letter from unknown author to unknown recipient.

[S1226] Unknown author, B2633, E1348 One sheet duplicated from the work of Judge Dwight Craig Havens manuscript in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society papers. Not a good copy and VERY difficult to read. .

[S1235] Letter from Cris Cansdale Sr. To unknown recipient, 18 Aug 1997; In Files as B2647 HD.

[S1239] "U. S. census for Saratoga county, NY for "B" only.". Notes stored as B2661 HD.

[S1243] "U.S. census for Cohocton, Steuben, NY in 1840. Also one family from Howard, Steuben, NY". Notes stored as B2668, N38-13.

[S1308] "Download from the Interent", No hard copy.

[S1318] "Havens info via *P entered into Martha Bennett's file.". Notes stored as B3377, N30-2.

[S3530] Michael Schroeder, "FGS on descendants of Giles?? Havens", Feb 2004 Notes or FGS filed as N42_B3530 . Hereinafter cited as "Mike FGS".

[S3540] Unknown author, EMail no hard copy. (n.p.:, unknown publish date).

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