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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Cadia Caloola Camberwell Cambewarra Camden Campbelltown

Page 92
Distance 168 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday, 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, 4 p.m., Sunday, 9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Orange, 12m. Cadia
ASPINALL John labourer --- Cadia
BAILEY George carpenter Long Swamp Cadia
BAILEY John G. labourer Long Swamp Cadia
BATTEN William miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
BICE John miner --- Cadia
BINGHAM Joseph labourer --- Cadia
BLOOD William S. clerk --- Cadia
BRAID Alexander miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
BRAY John miner --- Cadia
BRYANT Charles teamster --- Cadia
BURDETT John miner Burnt Yards Cadia
BURFITT James butcher --- Cadia
BURFITT Thomas teamster --- Cadia
BURGWANNA James miner --- Cadia
CALLAGHAN Lawrence labourer Forest Reefs Cadia
CARMICHAEL Donald --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
CLARK Stepney A. postmaster --- Cadia
CLEARY Edward --- --- Cadia
CLUFF Thomas teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
COPPOCK John farmer Springfield Cadia
COSTELLO Robert miner --- Cadia
CREWE Randal labourer --- Cadia
DONOVAN James farmer --- Cadia
EVANS John miner --- Cadia
FAULL Thomas miner --- Cadia
FIELD Amos stockman --- Cadia
FLEMING Patrick miner Burnt Yards Cadia
FRIF William miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
GALLAGHER James teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
GALLAGHER Neil teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
GARVIN James teamster --- Cadia
GARVIN John farmer --- Cadia
GILL William farmer --- Cadia
GLASSON Gustavus R. squatter Bundella Cadia
GRENFELL John farmer --- Cadia
GRUF Joseph miner Burnt Yards Cadia
HARKIN Michael miner Burnt Yards Cadia
HARPUR Charles miner Burnt Yards Cadia
HARVEY George junr. shepherd Bundella Cadia
HARVEY George senr. shepherd Bundella Cadia
HAWKINS John miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
HICKS Humphrey innkeeper --- Cadia
HOCKING John --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
HOLMAN James engineer --- Cadia
HOLMAN Josiah mining engineer- -- Cadia
HORRELL John farmer --- Cadia
HOY Patrick farmer --- Cadia
HUNT Henry teamster --- Cadia
HURY John shepherd --- Cadia
HUSSEY William smelter Burnt Yards Cadia
JAMES Evan --- --- Cadia
JACOBS Thomas farmer --- Cadia
JENKIN Francis miner --- Cadia
JOHNSTONE Thomas teamster --- Cadia
JOLLY Thomas miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
JONES William smelter Burnt Yards Cadia
KEINS Henry farmer --- Cadia
LEAVY John farmer --- Cadia
LIGHT Frank --- --- Cadia
LINDSAY James miner --- Cadia
MAHER Timothy limeburner Long Swamp Cadia
MARTIN Thomas miner --- Cadia
MINERS --- --- --- Cadia
MITCHELL John farmer --- Cadia
MITCHELL William farmer --- Cadia
MOROONEY Thomas farmer --- Cadia
MURRAY Edward farmer Springfield Cadia
MURRAY George miner Burnt Yards Cadia
MURRAY William innkeeper Burnt Yards Cadia
MCGEE Daniel innkeeper Burnt Yards Cadia
MCKEE Robert miner Burnt Yards Cadia
NORTHEY Robert miner --- Cadia
NORTHEY William H. miner Burnt Yards Cadia
O'HEARNE John labourer Long Swamp Cadia
O'NEIL Michael labourer --- Cadia
O'NEIL Patrick farmer --- Cadia
OWEN Arthur poundkeeper --- Cadia
OWEN Richard miner Burnt Yards Cadia
PAGE Henry farmer --- Cadia
PASCOE James --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
PATERSON Archibald labourer --- Cadia
PATERSON William labourer --- Cadia
PATTERSON Charles teamster --- Cadia
PATON Mary laundress --- Cadia
PERRY Peter miner Peelwood Cadia
POTTER Samuel farmer --- Cadia
RANDLE Joseph labourer --- Cadia
REYNOLDS Charles teamster --- Cadia
REYNOLDS Thomas farmer Springfield Cadia
ROBERTS Robert storekeeper --- Cadia
SELLWOOD Joseph miner --- Cadia
SELLWOOD William farmer --- Cadia
SKALLY Edward labourer --- Cadia
SMITH Cameron farmer Springfield Cadia
STRATHEN Christopher miner --- Cadia
SULLIVAN Patrick miner Burnt Yards Cadia
SULLIVAN Philip teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
THOMAS Henry farmer --- Cadia
THOMPSON Henry farmer --- Cadia
TIMMIS William miner Burnt Yards Cadia
TRATHEN John storekeeper --- Cadia
TRATHEN Walter miner --- Cadia
VAN HEYTHUYSEN Richard teacher --- Cadia
WALLACE Edward --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
WARD Henry farmer Springfield Cadia
WALSH James farmer Springfield Cadia
WEBB Stephen miner --- Cadia
WELLS Thomas labourer --- Cadia
WELLS Thomas labourer Bundella Cadia
WHEELER --- farmer --- Cadia
WHITE David farmer Springfield Cadia
WILLIAMS William smelter Burnt Yards Cadia
WILSON Richard S. farmer --- Cadia
WRIGHT Charles storekeeper --- Cadia
ZANKU Robert carpenter Burnt Yards Cadia


Page 93
Distance 140 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 11.20 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1.45 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach, Bathurst, 18m. Caloola

AARONS Thomas miner --- Caloola
ALLEN William shepherd --- Caloola
ARMSTRONG Christopher storekeeper --- Caloola
ARMSTRONG Henry farmer --- Caloola
BARTH Edward miner --- Caloola
BOLTON William innkeeper --- Caloola
BRETT William miner --- Caloola
BURGE James miner Back Ck. Caloola
BURNES --- sawyer --- Caloola
BURNHAM Elisha P. blacksmith --- Caloola
BURGE J. farmer & squatter Brown's Ck. Caloola
BUTLER Thomas labourer --- Caloola
BUTTERWORTH George miner --- Caloola
CARVETH John miner --- Caloola
CLARK John shepherd Brown's Ck. Caloola
COOKE George farmer Brown's Ck. Caloola
COOKE W. B. B. miner & squatter Brown's Ck. Caloola
CUNNEEN James miner --- Caloola
DAVIDSON Samuel jun. farmer --- Caloola
DAVIDSON Samuel sen. farmer --- Caloola
DIXON William miner Brown's Ck. Caloola
EARL Frederick farmer --- Caloola
EDWARDS David farmer --- Caloola
EDWARDS Richard farmer --- Caloola
EDWARDS Thomas farmer --- Caloola
EMBERY John miner --- Caloola
FARRELL John miner --- Caloola
FOGERTY James farmer --- Caloola
GOLDSBY Joseph farmer & squatter --- Caloola
GOLDSBY William farmer & squatter --- Caloola
GOLDSBY William sen. farmer & squatter --- Caloola
GRACEY George labourer --- Caloola
GROGAN Michael shepherd --- Caloola
HAYES Michael shepherd --- Caloola
HOISE Stanley selector --- Caloola
JENNINGS Frederick shepherd --- Caloola
JONES Richard D. squatter & farmer --- Caloola
JONES Thomas shepherd --- Caloola
KEBLEY Michael squatter --- Caloola
KELLY William --- --- Caloola
KING Thomas sawyer --- Caloola
KNOTT Robert postmaster --- Caloola
LARKINS Samuel miner --- Caloola
LARNACH Donald squatter & farmer --- Caloola
LARNACH G. jun. squatter & farmer Bald Ridge Caloola
LARNACH George sen. squatter & farmer --- Caloola
LARNACH William squatter & farmer Colo Caloola
LEAN John squatter & farmer Wimbledon Caloola
LUNN Thomas miner --- Caloola
MACKIE Robert farmer --- Caloola
MACKIE Thomas --- --- Caloola
MACKIE William sen. teacher --- Caloola
MATHIESON Alexander farmer --- Caloola
MCCOLIFF James miner --- Caloola
MCLEAN Alexander farmer --- Caloola
MCLEAY Thomas sawyer --- Caloola
POLLARD Thomas labourer --- Caloola
QUINN Owen squatter Brown's Ck. Caloola
ROBERTS George splitter --- Caloola
SHORT John farmer --- Caloola
ST. JOHN Thomas miner --- Caloola
SUMMERFIELD Thomas miner Brown's Ck. Caloola
WARD William farmer --- Caloola
WILSON Edward farmer Teapot Swamp Caloola
WILSON John farmer --- Caloola
WILSON Noble squatter --- Caloola
YOUNG John miner --- Caloola


Page 94
Distance 132 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11.15 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Camberwell

ALCORN Edward farmer Pine Grove Camberwell
ALCORN John Henry farmer Pine Grove Camberwell
ALDWELL Mrs. William teacher --- Camberwell
ANDERSON Robert farmer Bayswater Camberwell
ANDREWS Abraham farmer Falbrook Camberwell
BADCOCK W. stationmaster Ravensworth Camberwell
BALDOCK George farmer --- Camberwell
BALDOCK Thomas farmer --- Camberwell
BALLS Francis farmer Foy Brook Camberwell
BALLS Thomas farmer Foy Brook Camberwell
BATES James carrier Dulwich Camberwell
BEADY Francis farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
BEADY Patrick farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
BECK James farmer Falbrook Camberwell
BOOTH John labourer --- Camberwell
BOURKE John labourer Oaklands Camberwell
BOWMAN Alexander squatter Oaklands Camberwell
BOYLE Richard carrier Dulwich Camberwell
BURNS John farmer Pike's Gully Camberwell
BURNS Simon farmer Pike's Gully Camberwell
CHEETHAM James labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
CHILCOTT Charles farmer Pine Grove Camberwell
COSTER John farmer --- Camberwell
CUNNEEN James drover Clairfield Camberwell
CUNNEEN John drover Clairfield Camberwell
CUNNEEN Michael squatter Clairfield Camberwell
DAVYS J. E. squatter Ravensworth Camberwell
DENNIS William labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
DRAKE Edward farmer Oak Park Camberwell
DRAKE Henry farmer Oak Park Camberwell
DRANE A. W. blacksmith --- Camberwell
DRANE John blacksmith --- Camberwell
ELLEM Frederick farmer Dulwich Camberwell
FLICK John labourer Dauley's Gully Camberwell
FLICK Matthew carrier Dauley's Gully Camberwell
GEORGE T. W. labourer Ashton Camberwell
GODDARD J. labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
GOGGIN Frederick C. carrier Sydenham Camberwell
GRANGER Job labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
GRANT Denis carrier Sydenham Camberwell
HABBIG Peter labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
HADDEN Fred storekeeper Ravensworth Camberwell
HALLORAN Patrick farmer Bayswater Camberwell
HASSALL Thomas farmer Apple Tree Flat Camberwell
HAWKE John innkeeper --- Camberwell
HEWITT G. A. farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
HOLCOMBE John carrier --- Camberwell
HOLCOME Richard carrier --- Camberwell
LUCAS Edward labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
KERMODE James farmer Goorangula Camberwell
KNIGHT Charles farmer Chilcott's Plains Camberwell
MARSHALL Henry labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
MERCER Henry farmer --- Camberwell
METTAIN James carrier --- Camberwell
METTAIN Cornelius farmer Dulwich Camberwell
MOSS John jun. farmer Bayswater Camberwell
MOSS John sen. farmer Bayswater Camberwell
MCMANUS James farmer Betty's Ck. Camberwell
NOBLE James farmer Sydenham Camberwell
NOBLE John farmer Sydenham Camberwell
NOWLAND Alfred squatter Rosedale Camberwell
NOWLAND William squatter Rosedale Camberwell
PATTERSON Alexander farmer Dulwich Camberwell
PERKINS William farmer Dulwich Camberwell
PIERCE G. V. farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
PIERCE Miles farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
PIERCE Samuel farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
QUANTRILL John farmer Apple Tree Flat Camberwell
QUINLAN Edward farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
ROSE Henry farmer Dulwich Camberwell
ROSE Joseph farmer Dulwich Camberwell
ROSS Charles farmer --- Camberwell
ROSS James farmer --- Camberwell
RUSSELL John labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
SINDERBURY Robert labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
SMITH John labourer --- Camberwell
SUTTON James farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
STEWART William farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
SWEENEY Edward shepherd Oaklands Camberwell
TULLOCK James farmer Granbalong Camberwell
WALSH Martin farmer Dulwich Camberwell
WALSH Patrick farmer Dulwich Camberwell
WALSH William farmer Dulwich Camberwell
WARE William labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
WELLS William H. labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
WHITTON Joseph storekeeper Chain of Ponds Camberwell
WILLARD John farmer Little Plains Camberwell
WILSON Thomas tollbar-keeper --- Camberwell
YANTZ John farmer Ashton Camberwell


Page 95
Distance 122 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday, via Moss Vale, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 11.30 a.m. via Moss Vale
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, 5.15 p.m. via Moss Vale
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7.15 a.m. via Moss Vale
Route - Steam Shoalhaven, 18m. Cambewarra-Good Dog

ABERNETHY James farmer --- Cambewarra
ALLEN James farmer --- Cambewarra
ALLEN Thomas farmer --- Cambewarra
ARMSTRONG George farmer --- Cambewarra
ARMSTRONG Robert farmer --- Cambewarra
BALDY James farmer --- Cambewarra
BARKLEY Isaac farmer --- Cambewarra
BICE Zaccheus G. farmer --- Cambewarra
BOYD John farmer --- Cambewarra
BYRNES Peter farmer --- Cambewarra
CAMPS John farmer --- Cambewarra
CHILTERN William sawyer --- Cambewarra
CLARKE Christopher farmer --- Cambewarra
CLARKE John farmer --- Cambewarra
CLARKE Robert farmer --- Cambewarra
COOPER William farmer --- Cambewarra
CRUIKSHANK John bootmaker --- Cambewarra
CULGAN Thomas farmer --- Cambewarra
DODGE Jesse farmer --- Cambewarra
DONAHOE James farmer --- Cambewarra
DUNLOP Thomas teacher --- Cambewarra
DUREEN Peter sawyer --- Cambewarra
EVISSON James farmer --- Cambewarra
ENWAY John farmer --- Cambewarra
FLYNN John farmer Budgong Cambewarra
FRASER James farmer --- Cambewarra
FRASER William farmer --- Cambewarra
GARDENER Robert carpenter --- Cambewarra
GIBSON James farmer --- Cambewarra
GIBSON John farmer --- Cambewarra
HAY William sawyer Kangaroo Mountain Cambewarra
HAY William farmer --- Cambewarra
HEAD Henry farmer Kangaroo Mountain Cambewarra
HOCKEY James farmer --- Cambewarra
HOCKEY John farmer --- Cambewarra
HOOD Margaret farmer --- Cambewarra
HOOD William farmer --- Cambewarra
HYNDES Emanuel farmer --- Cambewarra
KATE William sawyer --- Cambewarra
KELLETT William farmer Budgong Cambewarra
KNIGHT Joseph sawyer --- Cambewarra
MAHONY John labourer Park Cambewarra
MATTHEWS Samuel storekeeper --- Cambewarra
MOFFATT Charles farmer --- Cambewarra
MUNRO Angus sawyer --- Cambewarra
MURPHY John M. farmer --- Cambewarra
MCGRATH James farmer --- Cambewarra
MCGRATH William farmer --- Cambewarra
MCKENZIE Kenneth builder --- Cambewarra
MCKENZIE Thomas farmer --- Cambewarra
MCNEILEY James farmer Budgong Cambewarra
MCPHERSON John sawyer --- Cambewarra
NOAKES William farmer --- Cambewarra
PESTLE John farmer --- Cambewarra
PESTLE Joseph farmer --- Cambewarra
RANDALL John farmer Budgong Cambewarra
RICHARDS T. M. solicitor --- Cambewarra
ROBERTSON Donald farmer --- Cambewarra
ROBERTSON John farmer --- Cambewarra
ROBSON John farmer --- Cambewarra
SINCLAIR George sawyer --- Cambewarra
SHULTZ John farmer --- Cambewarra
SHEPHERD Donald blacksmith --- Cambewarra
SHEPHERD Thomas tanner --- Cambewarra
SLEEP James farmer Budgong Cambewarra
SMITH Joseph farmer --- Cambewarra
SOPER Charles farmer --- Cambewarra
SOPER Noble farmer --- Cambewarra
SOPER Thomas farmer --- Cambewarra
SOPER William farmer --- Cambewarra
STEADMAN George farmer --- Cambewarra
STEADMAN Henry sawyer --- Cambewarra
SUMSDEN Elizabeth farmer --- Cambewarra
SUMSDEN James farmer Kangaroo Mountain Cambewarra
SUMSDEN Robert farmer --- Cambewarra
WATTS Samuel farmer --- Cambewarra
WEIR Thomas farmer Long Reach Cambewarra
WATSON George sawyer Kangaroo Mountain Cambewarra


Page 95
Distance 40 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily 12.30 a.m. and 8.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 2.30 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m. and 9.10 a.m.
Route - Rail Campbelltown, coach Camden

ALLEN Elizabeth teacher Mitchell St. Camden
ANDREWS Thomas labourer Argyle St. Camden
APPS William farmer Great South Rd. Camden
ARNOLD Abel farmer Mt. Hunter Camden
ARNOLD Elizabeth dressmaker Argyle St. Camden
ARNOLD Ferdinand wheelwright Argyle St. Camden
ARNOLD Georgina dressmaker Church Rd. Camden
ARNOLD John innkeeper Argyle St. Camden
ARNOLD Samuel wheelwright Argyle St. Camden
ARNOLD Sarah dressmaker Church Rd. Camden
ARTZ Conrad farmer Brownlow Hill Camden
AVERY William coachman Camden Park Camden
BLAKE Edward gardener Camden Park Camden
BOYD Robert stud groom Camden Park Camden
BOYD Emily laundress Edward St. Camden
BOYD Margaret jun. laundress Argyle St. Camden
BOYD Sarah --- Great South Rd. Camden
BOYD Sarah sen. laundress Edward St. Camden
BREMMER John sergeant police Church Rd. Camden
BRITT William farmer Theresa Park Camden
BROWN Ann householder West Camden Camden
BROWN John carrier West Camden Camden
BROWN Simeon teacher Westbrook Camden
BROWN Thomas jun. carrier Westbrook Camden
BROWN Thomas sen. farmer West Camden Camden
BRUCKHAUSER John vinedresser Elderslie Camden
BUTCHER Charles blacksmith Elderslie Camden
BUTCHER William farmer Hardwick Camden
BUTLER James jun. farmer Brownlow Hill Camden
BUTLER James sen. farmer Brownlow Hill Camden
BUTT Jacob carrier Broughton St. Camden
BUTTAM Henry carrier Edward St. Camden
BUTTAM James carrier Edward St. Camden
BYRNE John currier Argyle St. Camden
CAMPBELL Donald farmer Great South Rd. Camden
CAMPBELL James farmer Westbrook Camden
CAMPBELL John farmer Great South Rd. Camden
CARMICHAEL John labourer Upper Camden Camden
CARNEY John carrier Brownlow Hill Camden
CARNEY Nicholas farmer Brownlow Hill Camden
CARPENTER Horatio farmer Elderslie Camden
CHANNEL William farmer Elderslie Camden
CHAPMAN Lazarus labourer Camden Park Camden
CHEANEY Irwin coachman Elizabeth St. Camden
CHISHOLM Edwin surgeon John St. Camden
CLAYTON Charles labourer Great South Rd. Camden
CLOUT Charles farmer Great South Rd. Camden
CLOUT Charles sen. butler Camden Park Camden
CLOUT George farmer Great South Rd. Camden
CLISSOLD George bootmaker Edward St. Camden
CLOUT Charles jun. farmer Great South Rd. Camden
COLLINS John carrier North Camden Camden
COLLINS Michael horsebreaker North Camden Camden
COLLINS Patrick farmer North Camden Camden
COOK Edmund blacksmith Argyle St. Camden
COOK Frances laundress John St. Camden
COOK John labourer Cawdor Camden
COOK Richard bootmaker Edward St. Camden
CORNWELL George butcher Argyle St. Camden
COWALT Lewis farmer Macquarie Grove Camden
COX John farmer Great South Rd. Camden
COX William farmer Great South Rd. Camden
CROSS Charles T. storekeeper Argyle St. Camden
CROSS Thomas storekeeper Argyle St. Camden
CUMMINS John carrier Upper Camden Camden
CURRY Daniel farmer Cobbity Paddock Camden
CURRY Patrick farmer Edward St. Camden
DABINETT John farmer Green Hills Camden
DAVIS James farmer Great South Rd. Camden
DAWSON Thomas farmer Westbrook Camden
DENGATE Frederick farmer Mt. Hunter Camden
DERRIMAN William bootmaker Argyle St. Camden
DITTON Patrick farmer Mt. Hunter Ck. Camden
DITTON Robert farmer Mt. Hunter Ck. Camden
DOMINICK John farmer Mt. Hunter Camden
DOUST David storekeeper Argyle St. Camden
DOUST Joseph storekeeper Great South Rd. Camden
DOWLE James farmer Razorback Camden
DOWLE William jun. labourer Oxley St. Camden
DOWLE William sen. farmer Mt. Hunter Camden
DUNPHY Philip farmer Upper Camden Camden
DUNK Thomas farmer Cawdor Camden
DUNK William labourer Mulgoa Forest Camden
DUNSFORD Joseph carrier Great South Rd. Camden
DUNSFORD Miss teacher John St. Camden
DUNSFORD Stephen farmer Brisbane Meadows Camden
DWYER Michael labourer Camden Park Camden
DWYER Samuel labourer Camden Park Camden
FAIRALL George bootmaker Razorback Camden
FERGUSON F. --- Australian Nursery Camden
FLINT Mrs. farmer Green Hills Camden
FULLER Joseph jun. farmer Westbrook Camden
FULLER Joseph sen. farmer Westbrook Camden
FURNER Charles bricklayer Mitchell St. Camden
GALVIN Ann farmer Elderslie Camden
GARLING C. W. H. manager Bank N.S.W. Argyle St. Camden
GENTLE John labourer Great South Rd. Camden
GILLIES Robert sawyer Spring Ck. Camden
GOULD John tailor Argyle St. Camden
GUMBLETON Henry farmer Great South Rd. Camden
HADDEN Ephraim farmer Cawdor Camden
HADDEN Orlando farmer Cawdor Camden
HADDEN William farmer Cawdor Camden
HAIDGE John --- Argyle St. Camden
HAIDGE Joseph vinedresser Camden Park Camden
HATCHER Michael vinedresser Camden Park Camden
HAWKEY Richard labourer Razorback Camden
HAYTER J. farmer --- Camden
HEAT John farmer Razorback Camden
HEWITT William labourer Camden Park Camden
HICKEY Denis farmer Kirkham Camden
HILDER James farmer Elderslie Camden
HILDER John labourer Macquarie Grove Camden
HILDER John poundkeeper Elderslie Camden
HILDER William carrier Elderslie Camden
HIND William C. storekeeper Argyle St. Camden
HOPSON Charles farmer Great South Rd. Camden
HOPSON Henry farmer Brisbane Meadows Camden
HOPSON William farmer Great South Rd. Camden
HOWELL Lucy farmer Macquarie Grove Camden
HUMPHREYS James teacher Cawdor Camden
HUNTLEY William labourer Edward St. Camden
JAMES Jacob carpenter Elderslie Camden
JOHNSON Edward farmer Cobbity Paddock Camden
JOHNSON John labourer Camden Park Camden
JOHNSON Samuel carpenter Broughton St. Camden
JONES Thomas carpenter Edward St. Camden
LAKEMAN Catherine householder Elizabeth St. Camden
LAKEMAN John farmer Elizabeth St. Camden
LARKIN George carrier Razorback Camden
LAVENDER Robert farmer Brownlow Hill Camden
LEARY John storekeeper Elderslie Camden
LEFEORE John carpenter Argyle St. Camden
LIGGINS Joseph blacksmith Hill St. Camden
LOADER George farmer West Camden Camden
LOCK Henry labourer Broughton St. Camden
LUCK Edward labourer Camden Park Camden
LUCK Nelson farmer Camden Park Camden
LUKER Charles farmer Elderslie Camden
LYE Henry labourer Camden Park Camden
MARSHALL Richard farmer West Camden Camden
MARTIN John B. C. P. S. Argyle St. Camden
MARTIN Sarah S. householder Elizabeth St. Camden
METCALF George labourer Edward St. Camden
MILLER Alexander farmer Little Mt. Hunter Camden
MILLER Amos farmer Glebe Camden
MILLER Charles labourer Glebe Camden
MILLER Donald farmer Little Mt. Hunter Camden
MILLER John carrier Little Mt. Hunter Camden
MILLER John labourer Australian Nursery Camden
MITCHELL Anne storekeeper Argyle St. Camden
MORIARTY John farmer Cobbity Paddock Camden
MOULTON Joseph labourer Argyle St. Camden
MURRAY William farmer Murray's Rest Camden
MCBEATH Thomas carpenter Elderslie Camden
MCDONOUGH Laurence labourer John St. Camden
MCMAHON John nursery Elderslie Camden
MCMAHON Thomas nursery Elderslie Camden
NEW James carrier Camden Park Camden
NEW James sen. farmer Camden Park Camden
NEW Thomas labourer Wattle Ck. Camden
NEWTON Henry bootmaker Elderslie Camden
NORRIS Daniel farmer Elderslie Camden
NORRIS Isaac farmer Great South Rd. Camden
NORRIS George carrier Great South Rd. Camden
O'DONNELL John farmer Glendarnel Camden
O'DONNELL Patrick farmer Glendarnel Camden
O'FLAHERTY Michael bootmaker Elderslie Camden
PARKER Thomas farmer Westbrook Camden
PEARSON Eliza postmistress Argyle St. Camden
PEARSON James teacher John St. Camden
PEARSON James sen. carpenter John St. Camden
POTTER Richard saddler Argyle St. Camden
PRICE James labourer Edward St. Camden
PRIOR Frederic farmer Brisbane Meadows Camden
PROCTER Benjamin farmer Green Hills Camden
QUINN John farmer Mulgoa Forest Camden
REEDY Patrick labourer Camden Park Camden
REEDY Thomas gardener Camden Park Camden
REEVES Henry P. teacher Church Rd. Camden
RICHARDSON Thomas farmer Westbrook Camden
RIGNEY John farmer North Camden Camden
RIGNEY Michael carrier North Camden Camden
RISLEY William innkeeper Argyle St. Camden
ROFE Alfred farmer North Camden Camden
ROFE William farmer North Camden Camden
ROOTES Sivyer farmer Great South Rd. Camden
RUDD James labourer Camden Park Camden
SAUNDERSON William joiner John St. Camden
SCHMIDT Laurence water carrier John St. Camden
SCHNIEDER Jacob labourer Elderslie Camden
SHEATHER Frederic saddler Hill St. Camden
SHEATHER James labourer Exeter St. Camden
SHEATHER James jun. labourer Elderslie Camden
SHOEMACK Henry farmer Brisbane Meadows Camden
SHOEMACK John farmer Brisbane Meadows Camden
SIMPSON Ebenezer tanner Argyle St. Camden
SMALL Thomas labourer Brownlow Hill Camden
SMART Charles farmer Great South Rd. Camden
SMART John farmer North Camden Camden
SMART Samuel farmer Great South Rd. Camden
SMITH Charles harness maker Argyle St. Camden
SMITH John farmer Razorback Camden
SPICE Isaac miller Cobbity Paddock Camden
SPICE John farmer Oak's Rd. Camden
SQUELCH Thomas farmer Edward St. Camden
STRINGER George farmer Mount Hunter Camden
STUCKEY Elgar farmer Great South Rd. Camden
STUCKEY Robert farmer Great South Rd. Camden
THOMPSON Mary storekeeper Argyle St. Camden
THOMPSON W. & C. millers Edward St. Camden
THORN Elias farmer North Camden Camden
THORN William farmer North Camden Camden
TICKNER Henry labourer Razorback Camden
TICKNER John farmer Razorback Camden
TINGECOMBE Henry accountant Bank NSW John St. Camden
TINGECOMBE H. clerk Parsonage Camden
TRUSCOTT William farmer Brisbane Meadows Camden
WARD Samuel butcher Argyle St. Camden
WATERS Charles innkeeper Argyle St. Camden
WATSON James labourer West Camden Camden
WATSON Thomas labourer West Camden Camden
WEEKES John farmer Sheather's Lane Camden
WELLING John householder Mitchell St. Camden
WHEELER James farmer Westbrook Camden
WHEELER John farmer Westbrook Camden
WHEELER Jonathan farmer Westbrook Camden
WHEELER Samuel farmer Westbrook Camden
WHITE Edwin farmer Cawdor Camden
WHITE Rufus farmer Mount Hunter Camden
WHITE William farmer --- Camden
WATMAN Edmund farmer Glendarnel Camden
WATMAN Mrs. laundress Elderslie Camden
WHITEMAN Nelson farmer West Camden
WILSON John blacksmith Argyle St. Camden
WILSON William farmer Green Hills Camden
WINTER James groom Elizabeth St. Camden
WRIGHT James overseer Camden Park Camden
YOUNG Jacob tin worker Argyle St. Camden
YOUNG Jacob vinedresser Camden Park Camden
YOUNG Robert gardener Glebe Camden


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Distance 32 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 10.39 a.m. and 6.38 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 5.30 a.m. and 7.45 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m. and 9.10 a.m.
Route - Rail Campbelltown

ADAIR John railway gatekeeper Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
AITKEN Rev. Thomas Presbyterian Australia House Campbelltown
ALDRIGE John blacksmith Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
BAMFIELD Samuel farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BAMFIELD Samuel jun. farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BAMFIELD John labourer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BAMFORD Edward bailiff Alexandria Villa Campbelltown
BARDSLEY John labourer Main St. Campbelltown
BARKER David saddler Main St. Campbelltown
BARRETT P. farmer Campbellfields Campbelltown
BARTER Frank miller Main St. Campbelltown
BARTER James carrier Appin Rd. Campbelltown
BARTER Thomas carrier Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
BATMAN James farmer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
BECK Launcelot porter Railway Station Campbelltown
BEREKELMAN A. sen. constable Court House Campbelltown
BLACKING John labourer Lithgow St. Campbelltown
BOAG John --- Camden Rd. Campbelltown
BOCKING James storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
BOYTON C. gatekeeper Camden Rd. Campbelltown
BOURKE Edmund farmer Mt. Erin Campbelltown
BOURKE John farmer Mt. Erin Campbelltown
BRAY John, JP farmer Denfield Campbelltown
BRAY Mary storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
BROOKSBANK Robert labourer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BROWN George tailor Main St. Campbelltown
BUTTENSHAW Frederick farmer Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
BYRNE James --- Main St. Campbelltown
BYRNE Michael --- Main St. Campbelltown
BYRNE Sylvester --- Main St. Campbelltown
CALDWELL Robert farmer Davis' Flats Campbelltown
CALDWELL William farmer Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
CAMBOWN George labourer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
CAMBOWN Robert labourer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
CAMPION R. painter Main St. Campbelltown
CARTER John blacksmith Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
CHAFFE John groom Varrowville Campbelltown
CHAPPLE John Telegraph clerk Post office Campbelltown
CHEEKE Alfred Judge S. C. Varrowville Campbelltown
CHINOCKS George labourer Main St. Campbelltown
CHIPENDALE T., JP farmer Bradbury Park Campbelltown
CLARKE J. A. farmer Epping Forest Campbelltown
CLARKE Samuel storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
CLEARY Patrick farmer Stoney Ck. Campbelltown
CLINE Frederick farmer Buckingham Farm Campbelltown
CRAFT John farmer Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
CRAFT William sen. farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
CRAFT William jun. labourer George's River Campbelltown
CULLEN John farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
CUMMINS Theresa teacher Saggert Fields Campbelltown
CURRAN Michael farmer Glenlee Campbelltown
DALEY Michael farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
DENMEAD James butcher Main St. Campbelltown
DENNIS J. T. artist Allman St. Campbelltown
DONAGHY James labourer Glenalpine Campbelltown
DONNELLY Owen labourer Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
DOVE George constable Court House Campbelltown
DOYLE John innkeeper --- Campbelltown
DWYER P. station master Railway Station Campbelltown
EGGLETON John farmer Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
ENGLISH James quarryman Rock Ponds Campbelltown
EVANS G. R. teacher --- Campbelltown
FAHEY John farmer Glenlee Campbelltown
FIELDHOUSE E. H. storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
FIELDHOUSE G. innkeeper Main St. Campbelltown
FINN Joseph mason Innes St. Campbelltown
FITZGERALD Edward blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
FITZPATRICK James squatter Glenlee Campbelltown
FOWLER Daniel butcher Main St. Campbelltown
FOWLER George storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
FOWLER William J.P. Eshcol Park Campbelltown
FROST John farmer Denfield Campbelltown
GARLAND John constable --- Campbelltown
GATELY William farmer Mount Gilhead Campbelltown
GENNER John farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
GENNER William farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
GILCHRIST William storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
GOULDEN Michael farmer Springfield Campbelltown
GRAHAM David farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
GRAHAM M. A. farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
GRAHAM Robert farmer Spring Ck. Campbelltown
GRAHAM William innkeeper --- Campbelltown
GRANT Lachlan farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
GREEN Rev. J. S. clergy Main St. Campbelltown
GREGORY Job innkeeper Main St. Campbelltown
GREY Richard labourer Allman St. Campbelltown
GUTHRIE Edward farmer Woodland Campbelltown
HAGAN John gardener Glen Alpine Campbelltown
HAMMOND Thomas --- Clari Montes Campbelltown
HAMMOND William farmer Bishop's Farm Campbelltown
HAYDEN Henry jun. farmer Sugar Loaf Campbelltown
HAYDEN James farmer Sugar Loaf Campbelltown
HAZLEWOOD Charles labourer Main St. Campbelltown
HENSON John labourer Woodbine Campbelltown
HERRICK John labourer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
HICKEY John labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
HINEY John innkeeper --- Campbelltown
HUCKSTEPP Charles tanner Happy Valley Campbelltown
HUCKSTEPP Richard tanner Happy Valley Campbelltown
HURLEY John squatter Alpha House Campbelltown
HURLEY Patrick squatter Alpha House Campbelltown
JAGO Robert tailor Main St. Campbelltown
JOHNSON Jesse farmer Glebe Lands Campbelltown
JORDAN Edward labourer Madden's Hill Campbelltown
JOYCE Michael labourer Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
JOYCE Patrick labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
KEANE Mathew farmer Glen Alpine Campbelltown
KEANE Peter farmer Glen Alpine Campbelltown
KEARNS J. G. farmer Epping Forest Campbelltown
KEARNS William farmer Epping Forest Campbelltown
KEATING John labourer Epping Forest Campbelltown
KELLY Patrick farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
KELLY Thomas farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
KIDD John, JP storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
KING Edmund dealer Main St. Campbelltown
KIRSHLER Peter farmer Moorfields Campbelltown
LACK Robert farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
LARKIN Edgar farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
LARKIN George farmer Denfield Campbelltown
LARKIN John farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
LEE James carpenter Main St. Campbelltown
LEE William tinsmith Main St. Campbelltown
LEMON William farmer near George's River Campbelltown
LOVELL James labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
LUSTED Charles farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
LUSTED Edward farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
LYNCH Thomas labourer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
LYONS Jeremiah farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
LYSAUGHT Patrick farmer Camden Rd. Campbelltown
MCARTHUR Frances --- Adelaide Cottage Campbelltown
MCGREGOR William farmer Mount Pleasant Campbelltown
MCGUANNE Martin bootmaker Main St. Campbelltown
MCKENZIE T. T. auctioneer Hatterwille Campbelltown
MCLELLAN Andrew farmer Spring Hill Campbelltown
MCMAHON Patrick carpenter Main St. Campbelltown
MCNAMARA Andrew farmer Mt Gilhead Campbelltown
MCSULLEA E Edward dealer Main St. Campbelltown
MABBOTT George blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
MAHONEY John dealer Main St. Campbelltown
MEANEY John farmer Government Lane Campbelltown
MERRITT Frederick bootmaker Albion St. Campbelltown
MONK George H. plasterer --- Campbelltown
MORONEY Thomas labourer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
MORRIS Charles sen. --- Main St. Campbelltown
MUNRO Alexander farmer Gledswood Campbelltown
MUNRO Thomas farmer Gledswood Campbelltown
NEWMAN Patrick teacher --- Campbelltown
NORTH Arthur baker Main St. Campbelltown
NORTH Charles blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
NORTH Richard labourer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
NORTH Thomas labourer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
O'BRIEN Thomas farmer Glebe Lands Campbelltown
O'DONNELL James farmer Glenlee Campbelltown
OSBORNE Theodore teacher --- Campbelltown
O'SHANNESSY William labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
PANDERGAST P. farmer Campbell-fields Campbelltown
PARKER Samuel blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
PAYTEN Edward farmer Woodbine Campbelltown
PENN James labourer Main St. Campbelltown
PETERSON A. G. farmer Belmore Park Campbelltown
PHILLIPS Henry labourer Main St. Campbelltown
PIGOTT Aaron farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
PLATT John labourer Main St. Campbelltown
RAY William farmer Borobine House Campbelltown
REACH James labourer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
REACH William labourer Glenlee Campbelltown
REID James farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
RIXON Robert farmer Spring Ck. Campbelltown
RIXON Thomas farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
RIXON Thomas jun. farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
RIXON William farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
ROCHE Rev. J. P. clergy Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
ROSE Reuben farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
ROURKE Patrick dealer Main St. Campbelltown
RUDD Isaac farmer View Cottage Campbelltown
SALTER James watchmaker Main St. Campbelltown
SHEA John auctioneer Main St. Campbelltown
SHERACK Joseph --- Main St. Campbelltown
SKELLETT John railway inspector Main St. Campbelltown
SPICER George labourer Main St. Campbelltown
STEWART Richard farmer Mt Gilhead Campbelltown
SWEENEY John farmer Camden Rd. Campbelltown
SWEENEY Timothy farmer Camden Rd. Campbelltown
TERRY Joseph farmer Enmore Fields Campbelltown
TRIPP John farmer Campbell Fields Campbelltown
TRIPP Robert farmer Campbell Fields Campbelltown
TRIPP Thomas farmer --- Campbelltown
TUNKS John whitesmith Main St. Campbelltown
WARBY Benjamin farmer --- Campbelltown
WARBY Joseph farmer Mossberry Grove Campbelltown
WARD Patrick farmer Menangle Rd. Campbelltown
WARD J. E. assist. Station master --- Campbelltown
WEBSTER James farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
WEBSTER William farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
WHITEHEAD James farmer Sugar Loaf Campbelltown
WILLIS Rev. R. C. C. E. minister --- Campbelltown
WILSHIRE W. J. C.P.S. Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
WINTON T. J. farmer Belmore Farm Campbelltown
WOODHOUSE E. H., JP farmer Mt Gilhead Campbelltown


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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