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Taken from The Queenslander September 12, 1896

Mr. Thomas SMITH, father of the Minister for Mines and of Mr. T.R. SMITH, member for Nepean, died suddenly at Penrith yesterday morning, aged 77yrs.

Arthur John M'NEILLY, John James ALLERTON, and Israel JACOBS were sentenced to-day by Mr. Justice ROGERS on the charge of having conspired to defraud GARDINER and Co. of large sums of money and goods.

The death is reported of Mr. E.U. BOWLER, managing partner in the firm of SUTTER and Co., of BOYD station, Forbes, at the age of 67 years.

The death is also reported of Mr. W. EDWARD, sen., of Willie Ploma station, Gundagai, at the age of 81 years.

Will J.J. ROBERTSON, Surveyor, lately of Rockwood Station, Landsborough River, please communicate with C. CRAVEN, of E.F. CRAVEN, P.M. Muttaburra? Very important.

William HORGAN, formerly of Knockataggle, Kilcummin, Killarney, Ireland, or, {if dead} his next of kin are requested to communicate with Messieurs A'BECKETT & HORRICKS, Solicitors, Sydney, or with E.J. DOWNING, Solicitor, Killarney. Entitled to share in deceased Estate. 5 reward for proof of death.

Frederick Daniel PEEL age 30 years, about 5ft 8in high, fair hair and moustache, blue eyes, slight scar on top of forehead, tattoo mark on left forearm, was for about eighteen years employed by FARMERS & Co., Drapers, Sydney. His anxious mother has come from Ireland seeking him, and any information concerning him {living or dead} will be thankfully received by her. Mrs. Captain WAKELEY, care of Mrs. PEAT, Carey-street, Drummoyne, N.S.W.

Taken from The Queensland June 8, 1901

Mail Steamers
R.M.S. India Freemantle, Tuesday
The R.M.S. India arrived at Freemantle at half -past eight this morning from Colombo, with the following passengers in the saloon:-
For Freemantle--Sir George and Miss SHENTON, Mr. R. BURNSIDE.

For Adelaide-- Misses J. and W. M'DOUGALL.

For Melbourne--Mrs. TAYLOR, Mrs. and Miss CHAMPION, Mr. J. CHAMPION, Mr. and Mrs COWPE, Messrs. STEANES, H. Park SMITH, J. VOLES, A. HANNESGER, R.G. BALDOCK, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ROBINSON, Miss LUCIAS

For Sydney--Mr. and Mrs. J. PAYNE, Major and Mrs. PHILSON, Mr. and Mrs. MANNING, Mr. and Mrs. TOBIN, the Rev. and Mrs. ALLNUTT, Mr. and Mrs. C. CHRISTENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. JASPER and infant, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. PUCKLE, Mr. and Mrs. P. RUNDLE, Mrs. M'LELLOW, sen., and three children, Mrs. M'LELLOW, Mr. and Mrs. O. GOULD, Mesdames WITHERLY, FINCHAM, LEVY, and COHEN, Misses C.H. DAVEY, WATSON, R.M. GILMOUR, COHEN, and M'CARTHY, Messrs. DELANTOUR, R.D. LANGLEY, J. TRAHAN. A. GALE, L.R. TRUEBRIDGE, Lieut. LIVINGSTONE, LEARMONTH, F.S. KELLY, A.F. GRAY, C. RUSSELL, SINKER, HANVEY, J.J. SULLIVAN, J. M'NAB, G.R. BRISBANE, Mr. and Mrs. J. WOOLNOUGH, Mr. and Miss J. MANWELL, Miss MORRICE, Mr. and Miss M'DONALD, Mr. and Mrs. KITCHEN, Lieut-Col. AYTOUN, Mr. R. VOSS

For Tasmania-- Miss STEVENS, Dr. and Miss GUINESS and child.

For New Zealand-- Mr. and Mrs. E.D. STEWART, Miss E. HEWITSON

Taken from The Queenslander December 10, 1892
page 1152
A man named JORGENSES was brought to the hospital to-day suffering from severe wounds on the head and body, alleged to have been inflicted by a man named HEAL at Clifton on Wednesday last. HEAL is now in the Allora lock-up.

The Queenslander June 19, 1897
A very old resident of the Laidley district, in the person of Mr. James BOWMAN, farmer, of Laidley Creek, died on Thursday night. Deceased came to the colony some thirty-two years ago, the first two of which were spent in Ipswich, and the remaining thirty in the Laidley district.

A two months old son of Mr. and Mrs. John COWIE, of Crown-road, was accidentally smothered in bed yesterday afternoon { says the Gympie "Times" of the 15th instant}

Taken from The Queenslander September 12, 1896
Legal Notices

{Shortened version for ease on the typing fingers}
In the Will of James SWAN, late of Brisbane, Queensland, Executors and Trustees Richard GAILEY and William Henry EWING , Dated this thirty-first day of August 1896

In the Will { Trust, Disposition and Settlement} of Helen WATT late of The Hill, Dumfries, Scotland, Spinster, Deceased. Henry SCHACHT , the Administrator of the Will. Dated Second day of September 1896

In the Trusts of the Will of Thomas TAYLOR, late of Brisbane, Queensland, Tailor, Deceased. Trustees, William Campbell WHITEHILL, William Treacey BENNET, and Mary Eliza TAYLOR. Dated this Fourth day of September 1896

Annie Salmond THOMAS, late of Calcutta, India, deceased { wife of Lieut-Col. Charles Frederick THOMAS, of Calcutta aforesaid } who died on or about Sixteenth day of June, 1893 at Madras, India, Dated Eighth day of September, 1896

The Full Court last week suspended Mr. Herman PERSKE, barrister-at-law from practice for six months.

A New Zealand pensioner named Frank A. TIPPING was drowned by the upsetting of a boat in Moreton Bay on Monday week.

A certificate of discharge has been granted to William BEGG better known as Walter BENTLEY, lecturer and elocutionist.

The estate of the late Mr. E.R. DRURY, C.M.G., has been sworn under 74,350.

Mr Alexander POLLOCK, a Gympie pioneer, died suddenly of apoplexy.

The death is announced of Mr. P. M'ROBBIE, the well-known bass singer.

Mr. Gilbert LANG, an old resident of Brisbane, died on Tuesday evening.

Mr. Julian THOMAS, well known as " The Vagabond," died suddenly in Melbourne.

Taken from The Queenslander: Saturday, July 30, 1892
Queensland News
Herberton, July 26
Michael HICKER, a stream tin miner, from Coolgar, left Herberton with his mate on Saturday evening on his way to camp, and when a short distance out on the Watsonville-road he was thrown from his horse, sustaining a fracture of the base of the skull. He was at once taken to the hospital, but died soon after admission.

Don't know where the following happened, paper damaged, in Qld though.
Mrs. Tremble, wife of a carter and wharf lumper, cut her throat this morning with a razor. She made two deep cuts into the wind-pipe, which bled profusely: and she is in a critical condition, owing to the blood suffusing the lungs. The cause of the attempted suicide was melancholy, arising from her being in an almost destitute condition, and a recent accident to one of her children.

Rockhampton: July 22,
A young man named Richard SEALY, a son of ex-Constable SEALY, died last night from the effects of injuries received through a collision with another horseman at the racecourse on Thursday.

Fatal Accidents at Bundaberg, July 25
Two fatal accidents occurred on Saturday. A child named Sydney PASHLEY, 4 years old, was run over at North Bundaberg by a bullock dray, its head being severed from it's body.

At Fairymead a workman named Conrad RODEGER fell into a tank of boiling juice. He got himself out, but was fearfully burnt. He was removed to the Bundaberg Hospital, where he expired in fearful agony on Saturday afternoon.

Another fatal accident occurred to-day. A well known farmer named Joseph NEWELL, of Kalkall, was leading a horse which had been newly broken in to harness, when the horse bolted and threw him under the dray, the wheel of which passed over him, killing him instantly, his neck being broken.

The Queenslander December 22, 1888
Mrs. E. DOLDING'S adopted daughter, Ada LEONARD, perished of thirst in the bush near Clermont on 18th November

The following passengers had booked by other than B.I.S.N. Company's steamers:- Per steamer leaving Plymouth on the 10th November:

For Brisbane---Rev. C.D. and Mrs. ASH, Miss R. FRIZZELE, Messrs. T.G. GREGORY, and P. SILCOCK

For Mackay-- Mr and Mrs J. C. BINNEY and family, Miss MORTON

Per P. and O. Company's R.M.S, Oceana, to leave London 16 November:
For Brisbane: Mr. W. and Miss GRAHAM, Miss M'QUEEN, Mr. LYDEMONT, and Mr. D. CAMERON;

For Rockhampton--Mrs. and Miss HISLOP,

Per P. and O. Company's R.M.S. Carthage, to leave London 29 November:
For Brisbane-- Mr. A.S. PHILLIPS, Mr. W.S. TERRY, Mr W J and Mrs. TERRY;

For Rockhampton-- Mrs. PRECIE and Miss GIFFORD.

Per P. and O. Company's R.M.S Arcadia, to leave London 28 Dec :
For Brisbane-- Mrs and Miss RIDLER

For Rockhampton-- Mrs. WILKINSON and child, Mr. G. WILKENSON

Per steamer leaving Plymouth 24 th November :
For Brisbane-- Rev J.W. and Mrs SUTTON and family, Miss SUTTON, Mr P. BAINES, Mr. and Mrs. R. GRIEVE, Mr. and Mrs. WATT, the misses WATT, Dr J.B. and Mrs. SOUTHAM, Mr. W.J. CHICK, Mr. C.F. TURNER, and Mr. A. MEIKLEJOHN.

Per steamer leaving Plymouth 8th December:
For Brisbane--Mr. G. VIN DAVIS and child, Miss MORWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. G. WILSON and child, Mr. and Mrs J. MORROW and family

For Townsville--Mrs. C.H. HILTON,

For Rockhampton--Miss LILLYFANT

Taken from " Battle Smoke " Wednesday, May 2, 1900
Under the heading " Plucky Deeds " writes a correspondent. { This is to do with the Boer War }
" I saw an Australian stripling on the field who had taken a man's part in the fray at Caesar's Hill, for there were many boys on both sides in this bloody feud. This was little Jack PLUNKET, a Queensland boy, from Roma, and one of the best horseman in South Africa. He and another lad-- both of the Imperial Light Horse-- lay behind the same rock, watching three Boers, who were just as carefully watching them, and shooting even at a finger if it came in sight. Each of the youngsters got his man, the third being killed by a flanking shot ".

This paper is so damaged so am not sure of it's name.
Probably The Queenslander about March 1911. Page 17

In the Supreme Court, in Chambers, on Wednesday, before His Honour Mr. Justice LUKIN, orders were granted to the Deputy Curator of Intestate Estates { Mr. J.R. GAIR } to administer the intestate estates of:
Thomas BROWN, late of Mount Marlow Station, Labourer, deceased;
Frank HARVEY, late of Clermont, woolroller and carpenter, deceased;
Joseph Vincent BARRY, late of Clermont, labourer, deceased,
Nicholas R HIGAS, late of Clermont, miner, deceased;
Daniel Dallas ORR, late of Muttaburra, reserve labourer, deceased;
George GREGORY, late of Calliope, miner, deceased;
David HUTTON, late of Winton, woolscourer, deceased;
Till WILSON, late of Gladstone, labourer, deceased;
William Henry SHERHARD, late of Longreach, paddock man, deceased.

From The Queenslander, Saturday, June 30, 1888
ANDERSON-DICKSON-- On the 13th June, at Mulgrave-street, Spring Hill, by the Rev. J. WILLIAMS, Thomas S. ANDERSON, to Ann Eliza, daughter of John DICKSON.

CAHILL-DRYNAN--On the 20th June, at the residence of the bride's father, Telemon Crossing, Logan River, by the Rev. Father ENRIGHT, Dennis CAHILL, to Mary, eldest daughter of Andrew DRYNAN.

MERCHANT-M'MILLAN-- On the 19th June, at the residence of the bride's father, Boundry-street, South Brisbane, by the Rev. D.F. MITCHELL, Frederick James, fourth son of the late John MERCHANT, R.N., Liverpool, England, to Isabella, third daughter of James M'MILLAN, of this city.

O'CONNOR--MURRAY-- On the 21st June, at the Sacred Heart, Sandgate, by the Rev. Father CONNOLLY, Anthony, youngest son of Martin O'CONNOR, Milltown Malbay, Clare, Ireland, to Ellen, second daughter of John MURRAY, Inah, Clare, Ireland.

RYAN--CUMMINS-- On the 20th June, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. Father FOUHY, Patrick RYAN, late of Boneray, County Tipperary, Ireland, to Bridget CUMMINS, Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

RADCLIFFE-COCKERILL-- On the 19th June, at St. Phillip's Church, Thompson Estate, by the Rev. h. MOLESWORTH, assisted by the Rev. J.S. HASSALL, Frederick Stanley, third son of Amos RADCLIFFE, of Netherton, Sherwood, to Sarah Hannah, eldest daughter of Mark COCKERILL, Rosendale, Ipswich-road.

The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 30, 1888
WAKEFIELD--CUSH, On the 20th June, at the residence of the Rev. J. STEWART, Arthur-street, Fortitude Valley, David, son of Thomas WAKEFIELD, Dunolly, Victoria, to Jane, daughter of John CUSH, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland.

WILLS-PEIRSON-- On the 27 June, at Holy Trinity Church, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, by the Rev. John SPOONER, M.A., of Sydney, George Frederick, third son of Richard Sydenham WILLS, of Seaton, Devon, England, to Mary Isabella May, eldest daughter of Joseph PEIRSON, of Brisbane. No Cards

BICKNELL.--On the 5th May, at Swanley, Kent, England, Ellen, the beloved wife of James BICKNELL, builder, aged, 69. Deeply regretted by all who knew her.

CARNELL-- On the 8th June, at Brisbane Hospital, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William CARNELL, aged 34 years.

CASTON--On the 22nd June, at Red Hill, Gympie, after a long and painful illness, Maria, beloved wife of Samuel CASTON, aged 54 years.

HASSALL-- On the 25th June, at Esk, of syncope, Robert Francis HASSALL, licensed surveyor, eldest son of Rev. James Samuel HASSALL, of Sherwood.

SMITH-- On the 15th June, at her residence, Roderick-street, Ipswich, Maria, relict of J.R. SMITH, Esq., wife of T.R.Y. THOMSON.

WEBB-- On the 22nd June, at James-street, Valley, William WEBB, sen. aged 70 years.

KELLY-- In remembrance of our dear nephew, Thomas KELLY { " Tom " } who died in Brisbane, 26 th June 1887.

QUINN-- In Remembrance of my dear mother Elizabeth QUINN. Died in Grey-street on the 23rd June, 1868

YOUNG-- In remembrance of Harriet Jane BABBIDGE, third daughter of J. and M. YOUNG, Hope-street, South Brisbane. who died at their residence, 23rd June 1887, aged 24 years.

The Queenslander, Saturday, June 30, 1888

Victoria: Melbourne June 22.
The Will of the late Mark MARKS, of East Melbourne, was proved today. The value of the property was sworn at 64,267.

If Mrs. SKIFFINS, who left Gympie in 1884 sees this, send address to "Queenslander ", Brisbane.

CONNELL, Alfred Philip, Information is desired of the above person; last heard of in Ipswich Hospital, January 1870. Apply DALY and HELLICAR, Solicitors, Brisbane.

James NEWTON or James Newton EWING, Currier--Send your address to me at once, I have letters which I desire to post without delay. Arthur CUBITT, P.O. Chambers, Pitt-street, Sydney.

James WALKER, aged about 24, supposed to have passed through Tambo lately with cattle, _ You are requested to write or telegraph to your father, Samuel Thomas WALKER, care of John RIDDELL, Tambo.

Donald R. SUTHERLAND, Joiner, who can play the bagpipes, passenger by ship Kuncardineshire, to Brisbane,-- Write to your Father, 32 Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, who is anxious to hear from you.

John STICHBURY, Father dead, Any person informing me the whereabouts of the above named, or satisfying me as to his death of the same, will be rewarded by James STICHBURY, Auckland, New Zealand.

If this should meet the eye of James CLARKSON, late of Tenterfield, New South Wales, last heard of at Toowoomba, Queensland, he may hear of his Brother David by writing to D.C.S., " Queenslander " office, Brisbane.

Michael REYNOLDS, son of the late John REYNOLDS, of Foster-street, Sydney, last heard of at Kangaroo.- Please communicate with your Mother, No 2 Belmore-street, Newtown, Sydney. Important, Your Father and Brothers all dead.

Mr. Terence O'KANE, formerly of the Barley Mow Hotel, Sydney, now believed to be in Queensland,- Kindly communicate with Mr. A. ASHDOWN, Solicitor, Commercial Chambers, 100 Castlereagh-street, Sydney, N.S.W., Important.

Should this meet the eye of John James M'AUSLAN, native of Chewton, Victoria, his parents would be glad to hear of him. Anyone knowing of his whereabouts would confer a favour by sending a line to Mr. M'AUSLAN, above address.

Should this meet the eye of Francis Joseph MORAN, he is earnestly entreated by his mother to write to his sister, Mrs. MORAN, Loretto Convent, Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, when he will hear something greatly to his advantage.

Should this meet the eye of Robert MOSCRIP, Carpenter, late of Glasgow, Scotland, and last heard of at Carcoar in 1885, or anyone knowing his whereabouts, will greatly oblige by sending his address to his brother, John MOSCRIP, Wellshot Station, Barcoo River, Queensland.

Wanted the address of Samuel MACMILLAN, late of Manchester, England, son of Agnes MACMILLAN { whose maiden name was RITSON }. He sailed from Liverpool about twenty-one years ago for Australia, and when last heard of in 1882 was with A.B.H. THOMPSON Esq. Doongmaballa { via Bowen}, Queensland.

The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 30, 1888

The following persons have been adjudicated insolvent during the week:--
AMOS, Angus Adam , of Noondoo Springs, near St. George, Grazier;

AIKEN, Robert Steele, of Bundaberg, sugar planter:

MANN, John, Charters Towers, produce dealer;

GROEBEN, A. Vonder, of Brisbane, livery stable keeper;

The body of a man which was found floating in the river at Queen's Wharf last week has been identified by a barman in the Longreach Hotel as that of a man who was in and out that hotel several times during the week. He said his name was James LEVEL, that he was a gardener, and lived at Glenvale. A man named Philip, who is also employed at the Longreach Hotel, says the deceased was in a bar on Thursday morning when he told him he had no money, and had lost 10 and a bank book showing credit of 300. The deceased was almost crying at the time, and said he would not go home as he had a wife and grown up daughter. The police have since been informed that he lived some time ago at Limestone Hill, near Ipswich, and had a son named Thomas LEVEL residing at Coochin Coochin, in the Logan district, and another son named Charles LEVEL living at Gentle's Hotel, Toowoomba.

The following persons died in the Brisbane Hospital during the fortnight ending on the 23rd instant:--
HENDERSON, Janet aged 27; admitted 24th April; died, 13th instant.

MELROSE, John, aged 60; admitted, 12th instant; died, 13th instant.

DICKINSON, Hester, aged 26; admitted 13th instant; died, 14th instant;

NIVEN, Peter, aged 19; admitted 26th may; died, 17th instant.

SEXTON, Agnes Maud, aged 3; admitted, 8th instant; died, 20th instant;

HAMILTON, Unnamed child, of Ellen HAMILTON, aged 1 hour; died, 19th instant.

BURTON, William, aged 50; admitted, 30th May; died, 21st instant;

O'DRISCOLL, Cornelius, aged 60; admitted, 8th instant; died, 22nd instant;

The body of Caroline RAYMOND, wife of G.H. RAYMOND, who lives on the Deshon Estate, and is in the employ of Captain WRIGHT, of the Port Office, was found floating in Kingfisher Creek on Saturday last. The body had apparently been in the water only a few hours. The deceased went to bed on the previous night with her eldest daughter, aged 9, and a baby aged two months old. Early on Saturday morning she awakened her daughter, saying it was time to get up, and went into the sitting-room, but returned to bed immediately, as she found it was only 4 o'clock. The daughter went to sleep again, and on waking at 7 o'clock missed her mother. The unfortunate woman leaves five young children to mourn their loss. A post-mortem examination of the body revealed the fact that the cause of death was asphyxia by drowning.

The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 30, 1888.
The following probates and letters of Administration have been granted:--
JOHNSON, John Simpson, late of Maryborough-- personalty 600, to James BUTCHER, of Maryborough.

FRIEKE, Frederick, farmer, late of Boonara--personalty 825, to Henrietta FRIEKE, widow.

PATTERSON, John Given, late of Torrens Creek, carrier--personalty 300, to Walter CLIFF, of Torrens Creek.

KEATING, Anne, late of Brisbane, widow, personalty 200, to Joseph MULLENS, Father FOUHY, and Margaret KEATING.

RANDLE, Lot, late of Brisbane, bootmaker--personalty 1470, to George KIBBLE and C.J. PORTER, of Brisbane.

SCRATCHLEY, Sir Peter Henry, late of New Guinea, Commissioner-- personalty 1530, to E.R. DRURY, Brisbane, bank manager.

THEYER, Joseph, late of Gympie, clerk--personalty 310, to Eliza J. THEYER, widow.

CLARK, Agnes, late of Brisbane--personalty 1001, to W.P. CLARK, of Brisbane.

HÖHM, Wilholm, late of Pittsworth, farmer-- personalty 1716, to Augusta HÖHM, widow.

DREW, Thomas, late of Harrisville, farmer--personalty 719, to Ann E. DREW, widow.

DUNN, Rose Hannah, late of Gympie--personalty 210, to John DUNN, of Gympie.

BAPTIST, William Percy, late of Sydney--personalty 800. to Eliza CASSON, of Brisbane.

The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 30, 1888

Supreme Court Wednesday, June 20
His Honor Mr. Justice MEIN, in Chambers, granted in order to the Curator in Intestacy to administer, under the Intestacy Act of 1877, in the estates of the following:

SING, John

OLSEN, Johan


ADAMS, William

SEWELL, William S.

In the manner of the Insanity Act of 1884, and J.A. COCHRANE, of Widgiewa, near Urana, New South Wales, settler, was appointed to be committee in the estate of John Augustus COCHRANE, Cook's River, New South Wales, who has been found to be of unsound mind, and to be at liberty to transfer the runs and eal with the station and property of the said J.A. COCHRANE in prayer of the petition: the committee to give security for the due performance of his duties in such sum as the curator shall appoint.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 30, 1888

ANDREWS- on the 8th June, at her residence, Toowoomba, the wife of Sydney ANDREWS, of a daughter

BRADDOCK-- On the 9th June, at her residence, Wernoth, Maryborough, the wife of Robert BRADDOCK, of a daughter

BUTLER-- On the 26th June, at her residence, Montague-road, South Brisbane, the wife of Pierce BUTLER, of a daughter.

CURWEN-WALKER-- On the 11th June, at Dundoo, the wife of Claude CURWEN-WALKER, twin sons, one still-born.

CARNELL--On the 8th June, Brisbane Hospital, the wife of William CARNELL, of a son.

FOENANDER--On the 22nd June, at the residence of her parents, Fair View, Leichhardt-street, the wife of L.T. FOENANDER, of Sydney, of a daughter {still-born}

GREENUP-- On the 21st June, at Stanthorpe, the wife of Edgar GREENUP, at Copmanhurst, Texas, of a daughter.

GROSE-- On the 26th June, at her residence, Glenelg-street, the wife of A. GROSE, of a son.

HOOPER-- On the 15th June, at Merriwa, Goondiwindi, the wife of W.J. HOOPER, of a daughter.

HARDGRAVE-- On the 17th June, at Wangotbin, Montague-road, South Brisbane, the wife of P. HARDGRAVE, of a daughter.

JOHNS--On the 19th June, at Edward-street, Brisbane, the wife of Thomas JOHNS, of a son.

KERR-- On the 17th June, at Yangan, the wife of James KERR, of a son.

MACLEAN-- On the 27th June, at Taringa, the wife of W.A. MACLEAN, of a daughter.

OXLEY-- On the 27th June, at Mossleigh, New Farm, the wife of Henry J. OXLEY, of a son.

PURVES-- On the 16th June, at Elston-Terrace, Red Hill, the wife of John White PURVES, of a daughter.

PERRY-- On the 22nd June, at her residence, Miegunyah, Jordon-terrace, the wife of Herbert PERRY, of a son.

ROGERS-- On the 22nd June, at her residence, Firwood, Toowoomba, the wife of A. Wellesley ROGERS, of a daughter.

SUTHERLAND-- On the 15th June, at her residence, Boundry-street, the wife of A. SUTHERLAND, of a daughter.

SHIELD-- On the 7th June, at her residence, Bundaberg, the wife of Mark SHIELD, of a son.

WHITEHOUSE-- On the 26th June, at her residence, Dovedale, Indooroopilly, the wife of B.B. WHITEHOUSE, of a son.

WOOD-- On the 18th June, at The Springs, Tingalpa, the wife of Charles Frederick WOOD, of a son.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, October 11, 1891
New South Wales, Sydney, October 9.
At the Dubbo Circuit Court to-day Harold Duncan MALLALIEU was found guilty of the murder of Gerald CAREY, alias WILSON, near Nyngan in March last, and sentenced to death. Both the murderer and the victim were young men, and were travelling the country in search of shearing. According to the statement made by the prisoner after his arrest, he and his mate has a quarrel on the subject of union and non-union shearers, and CAREY attempted to stab him, whereupon he killed him. He subsequently attempted to burn the body on the camp fire, and then cleared out with the horses.

Sydney, October 13.
A shearer named RYAN, a learner at Yalcogrin shed, met with a serious accident. He was taking of the belly wool when the sheep kicked and drove both points of the shears down RYAN'S throat. The sufferer now lies in a critical condition.

Melbourne, October 13
Mr. A.W. MUSGROVE, Collector of Customs, died to-day from influenza. Melbourne,

October 14
The Rev. Mr. RIGG, Wesleyan Minister at North Brighton, and president of the Wesleyan Conference, died yesterday from bronchitis supervening on influenza.

Taken from The Queenslander, April, 28, 1894
ABLITT, Robert, from Suffolk 1860

BASSETT, Wm. Alexander, emigrated about 1860

BAXTER, Mrs. Martha, { formerly Miss PEARSON }

BLAKE, John Reynolds, and family, emigrated 1830 { could be 1880, but I don't think so?}

CLARKSON, George, in Tasmania 1862

DEEMING, Charles, son of William, emigrated 1834

DUNKERLEY, John from Sheffield

DURDEN, Frederick George, at Gratton in 1875

EDWARDS, James, husband of Miss HAILES, 18?9

GREENE, John, Coomera, Brisbane 1870

HAINS, Richard and George, from Kent

HANDS, Charles, from Dorset

KNIGHT, Elizabeth, at Neatsfield, Singleton

MARTINSON, George, born 1832, emigrated 1853

NAYLOR, Charles, son of Jacob, a druggist

OLLERTON, Thomas, born about 1835 , emigrated 1860

PEARSON, Mrs. Rosina { former Miss MITCHELL}

RICE, Joseph, son of Joseph { from Bristol }

St. LEDGER, Daniel and Jane, children of Martha

SMEATON, Archibald, formerly of Plymouth

TEDORD, R., formerly of India, then in Australia

TIMMS, Robert, from Cheshire

TOVEY, John, formerly Lieut. in H.M. Army.

VASE, Thomas Henry, at Adelaide 1878

WILKINSON, James, from Yorkshire 1885

WHITE, William George, husband of Miss THORNTON

The above or their representatives may hear of something to their advantage on applying to DEBERNARDY BROS. 25 Bedford-row, London, England.

Taken from The Queenslander October, 17, 1891
If this should meet the eye of John ROLLINGS, please write at once to your Wife, Address Mrs. ROLLINGS, care of Mrs. GAYLARD, Windsor Plantation, Bundaberg.

Information of the whereabouts of William LUDWIG, aged 23, late Walla Walla near Albury, N.S.W., will be gladly received by his brother, Albert LUDWIG, Pleasant Hills, Yerong creek, N.S.W.

10 Reward from definite information of Michael REYNOLDS { maybe called Jack }; left home twenty years ago; he is 30 years old; one finger lost a joint. Money and property waiting on him. Father and Brothers are dead. Julia REYNOLDS, 2 Belmore-street, Newtown, Sydney.

To Peter Burke DWYER, formerly of Geelong, in the Colony of Victoria, Solicitor. Take notice that Mathilde Jane DWYER , of Lygon-street, Carlton, in the Colony of Victoria, has commenced proceedings for divorce against you, her husband, for desertion. You may appear any time within one month after the last three weekly publications of this notice in the Queenslander, and in default of your appearance judgement may be given against you with costs.
Dated the Second day of October, 1891, DAVIS, PRICE, & WIGHTON, 430
Normandy Buildings, Chancery-lane, Melbourne, Victoria. Proctors for the Petitioner, Mathilde Jane DWYER.

Taken from The Queenslander, October, 17, 1891

Cloncurry, September 30.
A mining expert named Paul KAYE, who was on his way from Sydney to visit the Last Call mine, died suddenly at Eddington on the night of the 19th instant. The deceased gentleman had been sent up in the interest of a large shareholder in the mine which he was about to inspect and report upon. He had complained of being unwell soon after leaving Hughenden by coach before reaching Cloncurry.

Rockhampton, October 14
News was received in town yesterday of the death in Sydney of John COLDHAM, owner of Wolfgang station, from influenza and congestion of the lungs.

A.F. WOOD, a surveyor, and an old resident of Rockhampton, who surveyed the town originally for the Government, died today.

Isisford, October 3
Frederick SUTCLIFFE, a dam-maker on Portland, shot himself fatally on Wednesday last. An inquiry will be held on Tuesday next week.

Goondiwindi, October 6.
A sad and fatal accident happened early yesterday morning. A carrier named John WILSON, a resident of the town, climbed up into a tree close to his house to cut off an over-hanging branch which he desired to get rid of. It appears he fell about 20 ft and it is probable that his neck was dislocated. The deceased was a steady, hard-working man. { story shortened }

Death of Rev. Dr. NISH
Information was received in Brisbane on Monday that the Rev. Dr. NISH, the well-known Presbyterian divine, died at Armidale, a suburb of Melbourne, on Sunday, the immediate cause of death being bronchitis, which followed an attack of influenza.

Taken from The Queenslander, October 17, 1891

AGNEW- On the 10th October, at Fallowfield, Sandgate, Mrs. George AGNEW, of a son.

BROWN- On the 6th October, at Morven, Sandgate, the wife of D.L. BROWN, of a daughter.

BATH- On the 27th September, at Collina, Toowong, the wife of H.V. BATH, of a daughter.

BODEN-- On the 21st September, at her residence, Kululu, Sherwood-road, Toowong, the wife of E.O. BODEN, of a son.

DAVIDSON-- On the 12th October, at the Bank of New South Wales, South Brisbane, the wife of J.M. DAVIDSON, of a son.

FRASER-- On the 8th October, at Lovat, Cooparoo, the wife of Alexander T. FRASER, of a daughter.

HURST-- On the 10th October, at Wellington Point, the wife of Wm. HURST, of a daughter.

HUXTABLE-- On the 30th September, at her residence, 251 Elizabeth-street, Sydney, the wife of Dr. L.R. HUXTABLE, of a son.

RADCLIFFE-- On the 11th October, at the State School, Breakfast creek, the wife of O. RADCLIFFE, of a son.

POTT--On the 1st October, at Rockingham House, Stephen-street, South Brisbane, Mrs. A. POTT, Port Darwin, of a son.

PYRAH-- On the 10th October, the wife of Mr. T. PYRAH, Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna, of a son.

AKRED-- On the 5th October, at the Toowoomba Hospital, Benjamen Charles, youngest son of James AKRED, aged 19 years.

LASSELL--On the 12th October, Margaret Isobel, infant twin daughter of N. and J. LASSELL.

MITCHELL-- On the 6th October, at Taringa, David Cross MITCHELL, son of the late Rev. William MITCHELL, M.A., New South Wales, aged 63 years.

NILSON-- On the 13th August, at Mount Morgan, after a short and painful illness, Nils NILSON, late of Springsure, aged 34 years, leaving a widow and three children to deplore their loss.

WALCOTT-- On the 8th October, at his residence, Stanlet-street, South Brisbane, James Perry WALCOTT, late of Warwick, aged 70 years.

WINNIETT-- On the 12th October, at Claverton, near Charleville, Chard Massey WINNIETT, sen., aged 52.

WINTERBOTTOM-- On the 28th August, at Oldham, England, after a short illness, William WINTERBOTTOM, late bus proprietor, Hill End, aged 56 years. deeply regretted.

Taken from The Queenslander, October 17, 1891
FURY-HILL--On the 20th August, at Cloncurry, Thomas Joseph, eldest son of James FURY, Brisbane, to Elizabeth Anne, third daughter of the late James HILL, of Cairns.

GUNN-LANCASTER--On the 7th October, at the Park-street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. D.F. MITCHELL, John, second eldest son of John GUNN, contractor, Balnatink, Dumbeath, Caithness, Scotland, to Ellen Sarah, youngest daughter of the late John LANCATER, Eagle Farm, Brisbane.

HOLYOAKE-STOREY--On the 10th October, at Bishopsbourne, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Brisbane, William Wringrose HOLYOAKE, chemist, Laidley, late of Leicester, England, to Margaret Beatrice Warby STOREY, widow of the late George STOREY, of Ryhope, Sunderland, and daughter of John Warby BARLOW, Esq., of Staindropfield House, County Durham, England. No Cards.

SKINNER-SWAIN--On the 7th October, at the residence of the parents of the bride, by the Rev. Joseph BUCKLE, Amos William John, son of Charles George SKINNER, Esq., of Leamington Lodge, Lytton-road, Bulimba, to Margaret Jane, daughter of Mr. William SWAIN, of Nile-street, Woolloongabba, South Brisbane.

SPENCER-BALDERSON--On the 14th September, at St. John's Church, Cairns, Arthur SPENCER, of Georgetown, to Grace BALDERSON, of Melbourne.

WHITE-BUZACOTT--On the 14th September, at Rockhampton, by the Rev. J. GLOVER, Edmund, fifth son of the late John J. WHITE, of Lloyd's, London, to Fannie, eldest daughter of the late William BUZACOTT.

Taken from The Queenslander, October 17, 1891
Western Australia Albany, October 8.
The steamer Summerfield has arrived at Albany from Hamburg with ninety-five passengers, including over sixty English. Three of the crew died in the Red Sea, and two others, a stoker and a trimmer, committed suicide on the voyage by jumping overboard. Two other men jumped overboard at Albany this morning, but were picked up by a launch. On seeing a boat from the ship coming they sprang again into the harbour, and were with difficulty rescued. The passengers give and extraordinary account of the hardships they suffered from insufficient diet and attention, and nearly all required medical treatment. They all allege that the crew were badly treated, and that the men who committed suicide did so to end their suffering.

Here's a bit of trivia for those who want to add flesh to their ancestors bones!!!!
Cooktown, October 9. William LLOYD pleaded guilty to-day to a charge of sly grog-selling at Annan Bridge and was fined 50.

Cairns, October 12.
Yesterday, while fishing with dynamite, George RICE, a publican on the railway line, had his hand blown off through the charge exploding. The sufferer was brought into hospital, where his arm was amputated below the elbow.

David THOMPSON, a boat builder, yesterday fell from the trucks on the Hambledon plantation tramway, and four trucks passed over him, inflicting shocking injuries. It is feared that the amputation of his foot will be necessary.

Townsville, October 14.
Mr. J. Hamilton SCOTT, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, died at 5 o'clock this morning after an illness of only two days. The deceased gentleman had only been a few weeks in Townsville, and his death was quite unexpected. Yesterday was his birthday, and he received a telegram from his Brisbane friends congratulating him on the event.

Charleville, October 14.
At the Police Court yesterday H.S. BRITCHER was fined 20 and costs, after a long hearing of the case, for illegally branding a calf, the property of the executors of the late Hon. E. FLOOD. Sergeant GERAGHTY prosecuted.

To-day James HEFFERN, a youth, was committed for trial for horse-stealing, and was committed for sentence on a similar charge. It is believed that the police have broken up a nest of cattle-duffers and horse-thieves who have been carrying on in the vicinity of Charleville.

Taken from The Queenslander, Saturday, January 16, 1892

Melbourne, January 8.
The Rev. Thomas WARD, curate of the Harrow district, was drowned yesterday while attempting to cross a creek on his way to Chiney station.

Melbourne, January 11.
A sad fatality occurred on the Otway-Frest railway line, near Birregurra, on Saturday evening. A man named John WALSH was living with his wife and two children in a tent, and his wife put the youngest child, a boy 2 years of age , to bed and went down for water. During her absence the tent caught fire, and the child was burnt to death.

David Emmanuel SMITH- Write to your mother, Mortlake, Victoria; death in family.

Will James or Henry MAJOR, last heard of at Nyngan, N.S.W., 1888, write to sister A. LEE, 86 Verdon-street, Williamstown, Melbourne.

Harry BOLKA - Your Father wishes to hear from you. Any one knowing of his whereabouts please communicate with Abb BOLKA, 127 Smith-street, Collingwood, Melbourne.

Melbourne, January 9.
Great regret is expressed at the decease of Mrs. WOLLASTON, wife of the Rev. H.N. WOLLASTON, incumbent of Trinity Church, East Melbourne, who died last week from the effects of a carriage accident which she recently sustained.

Dr. Leo KENNY has received a letter of congratulation from the Pope on his approaching marriage with Miss Martha O'CONNOR, of Illapa, Kew. Dr. KENNY was decorated by his Holiness during his visit to Rome. His future wife's marriage 'dot' is 6000. { 'dot' in italics } { P.S. Haven't come across the word ' dot ' used before re a dowry, has anyone else? }

A little light hearted trivia
It is understood that Mr. Frank HANLON, late accountant in the Victorian Department of Mines, provides in his will that if any of his sons shall sleep from under their mother's roof for one night without her permission they shall be deprived of participation in his property. Mr. HANLON was a cousin to the late Mr. Peter LALOR, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria.

Mr. William Llweellyn GRIFFITHS, late chief of staff on the Melbourne Daily telegraph, died at his father's residence, North Fitzroy, on 5th January, aged 29 years. Mr. GRIFFITH'S commenced work some six years ago as shipping reporter to the Telegraph, went to Sydney for a short period, but returned, and was quickly promoted to the position mentioned. He married about three years ago. Latterly he fell into ill-health, and about a year ago he went to England for the sake of the sea voyage.

The Rev. Edward PUCKLE, formerly incumbent of St. Thomas's, Moonee Ponds, celebrated his 92nd birthday on Saturday last, and is the oldest Anglican clergyman in Victoria, except Dean MACARTNEY. He was 49 years of age when he was ordained deacon by Dr. PHILPOT, Bishop of Exeter. In 1850 he went to new Zealand as chaplain to a party of emigrants, and in 1854 came to Victoria. Mr. PUCKLE was incumbent of St. Thomas's for twenty-two years-- from 1856 till 1878. During that time he was also Anglican chaplain to the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The marriage of Mrs. R. Eldon SUMMERSON and Mr. Arthur MICHEL took place in St. Andrew's Church, South Brisbane, on Saturday afternoon last. There were no bridesmaids, but Miss Alla SUMMERSON and Miss Hilda TOLSON, stood in place usually occupied by those functionaries. Mr. HUNT { the officiating clergyman } repaired after the ceremony to St. Aidans, Merivale-street, the residence of Mr. FENWICK, whence the marriage took place.

Taken from The Queenslander, October 17, 1891
In the Supreme Court of Queensland
In the matter of the Trustee Act, 1889, and in the matter of the Trusts of the Will of William HARLE, late of Brisbane, in the Colony of Queensland, Painter, deceased. Trustee of the above named account, James CAMPBELL, the Trustee of the above named Estate, from the Thirtieth day of April, 1890, to the thirtieth day of June, 1891, have this day been filed etc. etc.
Dated this Second day of October, 1891.

Cooktown, October 15.
Mrs. G.F. MARSH, wife of a hotelkeeper, died suddenly yesterday, during her husband's absence up the coast on a visit to his fishing station. her funeral to-day was very largely attended.

The following persons have been adjudicated insolvent:--
Kenneth MILLER, trading as Kenneth MILLER and Co., of Maryborough, drapers.

Thomas Parke PHILLIPS, of Rocklea, licensed victualler.

Dugald PATERSON, of Toowoomba, builder, contractor, and storekeeper.

James Crofton DODWELL, of Ageston, near Beenleigh, teacher.

John HUCKER, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer, of Ipswich.

Petitions for the liquidation of the estates of:
James M'KAY, publican, of Hoganthulla, have been filed, liabilities 513 0s. 4d.

Robert SHARPLES, storekeeper, of Rockhampton, liabilities 6367 5s. 1d.

Joel WILDE, trading as SMITH and Co., of Brisbane, undertakers, liabilities 7450.

James HAMILTON, grocer, of South Brisbane, liabilities 410 12s 11d.

Deaths in the Benevolent Asylum, Dunwich, for the week ending the 3rd instant were as follows:
Robert M'CANN {81}, native of Dublin.

Ephraim WINFIELD {82}, native of Staffordshire.

Robert G. WILSON {73}, native of Argyleshire.

Many persons in various parts of the colony will learn with regret that Mr John M'ALLISTER, head teacher of the School at Hemmant, died on Monday last at the comparatively young age of 54 years. Mr. M'ALLISTER was, with the exception of Mr. John SCOTT, of Ipswich, the oldest surviving State school teacher in the colony, having entered the service of the Board of Education in February, 1861.Mr. M'ALLISTER has left a widow and eight children, most of whom are grown up.

Re William Hare CROPPER, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all creditors and other persons having any claim or demand against the Estate of William Hare CROPPER, late of Laceby, Princess-street, in the City of St. Kilda, in the Colony of Victoria, Esquire, deceased who died at Laceby, Princess-street, on or about the Thirtieth day of April last past etc etc. Dated this Tenth day of October, 1891.

Re Christopher LETHBRIDGE, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given etc.etc. against the Estate of Christopher LETHBRIDGE, late of Homebush, near Sydney, on the Colony of New South Wales, Esquire, deceased, who died at Homebush aforesaid, on or about the Thirteenth day of January last past, and etc.etc. Dated this Tenth day of October, 1891.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 16, 1892

Bowen, January 4
A young man named TRICE, whose friends are said to reside in Maryborough, shot himself, whether by accident or design is not quite certain. The sad occurrence took place on the evening of the 23rd December last at the Ben Lomond Saw-mill, where he was employed by Mr. S. M'DONALD.

On Monday last the police-magistrate committed a girl named DICKSON for trial on a charge of attempting to poison Neil GREENLESS. Bail was allowed, herself in 100, with two sureties of 80 each. The Circuit Court will sit on 31st May. John DICKSON, father of the prisoner, who was charged as an accessory, was discharged.

Adelaide, January 10
A Port Darwin telegram states KNIGHT, Government Resident, died at 7 o'clock this evening from asthma.

Perth, January 7
A coroner's inquest has been held as to the cause of death of Joseph WILLIAMS, whose dead body was recently found near Marragan after the man had disappeared for four months. The verdict was that WILLIAMS died in consequence of violence received at the hands of FLINT, in whose company he was about four months ago. FLINT is large and cannot be found.

Launceston, January 10
Mr. T.B. PROSEN, sheriff of Launceston, died suddenly to-day of heart disease.

Georgetown, January 9.
A miner named James O'HEA committed suicide at Lane's Creek last night, apparently by placing a plug of dynamite in his mouth. { ouch! } The upper portion of his body was blown to atoms.

Cobb and Co's mailman from Herberton has brought word that a horse which was presumedly lost by Mr. Timothy LORIGAN, an hotel-keeper, at Durham, was found with the harness on sixty miles away, and police have left in search of LORIGAN, for whose safety fears are entertained, as he suffered from fits and bad health.

George BYEWATER, an old miner, who had been amalgamating for over twenty years here, died in the hospital this morning.

Cooktown. January 8.
On Tuesday last a woman named Mrs. BARNES, wife of a wharf labourer, was found dead in her house at 11 o'clock at night, the only furniture in the place being an old mattress. At the magisterial inquiry the evidence of the husband proved that he left her entirely unattended, going about town knowing that she was lying unconscious at home. The woman had been of intemperate habits for years, and the doctor deposed that death resulted from the effects of drink.

Cairns, January 9.
A lad named Arthur LINDSAY was kicked by a horse, and died from effects of the injury this morning. January 13
The first death from influenza here occurred this morning when a child, 4 years old, daughter of Mr. Wm. COLLINSON, a well-known butcher, died.

Townsville, January 11.
Mr. J. THOMPSON, timber merchant, a large land owner, and an old resident of the North, died yesterday after a long illness.

Barcaldine, January 12
Two navvies, both named SIMPSON, have died in hospital during the past two days from typhoid fever.

Toowoomba, January 12.
On the arrival of the goods train from Roma this evening it was found that H. BOLTON, who had been stationmaster at Warra for the past thirteen years, was dead, having expired at Jondaryan. The deceased's wife was on the train, and the body was laid out in the guard's van. The deceased had been suffering for some time, and was coming to Toowoomba for treatment. He leaves a wife and family.

January 11.
Mr. Michael Slack CULHANE, one of the oldest residents of Greenmount, got on a spirited mare on his farm on Saturday against advice, and the animal bolted, fell, and rolled on its rider, who was picked up in an unconscious condition, having sustained a fracture of the base of the skull, from which he died yesterday morning

January 12.
A little boy named OLSEN, aged 8 years, son of a farmer on the Main Range, was bitten on the foot last evening by a brown snake. It was nearly an hour and a-half before the child was brought to the doctor in a dying condition, and vomiting blood. MULLER'S strychnine treatment was applied, but failed, as nothing had been done when the child was bitten to ligature the wounded part or cut it out. Had this been done the child's life would probably have been saved. The little fellow died four hours after he was bitten.

In the Supreme Court of Queensland
In the Will of Antoine Charles CRUMP, late of Brisbane, Master Butcher, deceased. Trustees Richard DANSIE and Thomas Harkaway CHANDLER, all accounts etc to be filed before Tuesday, the sixteenth day of February, 1892 Dated this Sixteenth day of December, 1891.

Taken from The Queenslander, January 16, 1892
The Commission of the Peace for 1892 is to hand. The new appointments, discharges, omissions, deaths and resignations are given as under. As accounting in some measure for the large number of omissions, it may be stated that during the troublous times which the colony passed through last year special appointments were gazetted of Defence Force officers, but as the necessity for their services does not now exist the names of many of these gentlemen have been omitted:--
ABBOT, the Hon. Joseph Palmer, Sydney.

ALDERSON, George, Pilton, Clifton.

ALLAN, Charles Mountford, Brisbane.

ARNOT, John Thompson, Ingham.

ARMSTRONG, William, New Farm, Brisbane.

ATHERTON, William, Chillagoe

BAIRD, James Clark, clerk of petty sessions, Herberton

BALLANCE, the Hon. John, Auckland, New Zealand

BATES, John William, Boompa, Biggenden

BILLINGTON, Richard, Enoggera

BLEAKLEY, William, Delaney's Creek

BOWSER, George, Fortitude Valley

BOYD, Alexander Jenyns, Nundah

BRADDON, Edward George, Zillmanton, Herberton

BREUSCH, Ludwig, Woongarra, Bundaberg

BROADFOOT, Thomas Hunter, Chipper Kyle, Eagle Junction

BROWN, Charles Henry, Darroo, Birdsville.

BROWN, Frederick, Russell River

BROWN, Walterus Le Brun, relieving police-magistrate, Sydney, New South Wales

BURNETT, Gilbert, Wellington Point

BUTLER, Henry,

BUTLER, Isaac, Lagoon Pocket, Mary River.

BYRNES, the Hon. Thomas Joseph, Brisbane

CAMERON, Donald, Ipswich

CASTON, Samuel, Gympie

CHAILLÉ, James Mapon, jun., Esk

CLARKE, George, Russell River

CLARKSON, William Ross, Brisbane

CLAYTON, Gerrard Cumming, cairns

COEHRANE, Patrick John, Ingham

COCKBURN, the Hon. John Alexander, M.D., Adelaide.

CODE, William, Oakey Creek, Westwood

COGHLAN, Jeremiah, Glenormiston, Georgia River, Boulia.

COLEMAN, William, South Brisbane.

CORDNER, John, Mount Margaret, Thargomindah

CROSS, John, Muldiva

CROTTY, Thomas, Helidon

CUMMINS, John, Townsville

DALBY, Arthur, Normanton

DALBY, Samuel, South Brisbane

DAVIDSON, Paul, Hazledeen, Darkey Flat, Warwick

DEAKIN, the Hon. Alfred, Melbourne

DELANEY, Samuel Joseph, Dandenong, Chillagoe

DENNIS, James, Slack's Creek

DWYER, Daniel, Purga

ELLIOTT, Willoughby, Yenda, Gayndah

ELWYN, Herbert Fraser, Texas

EVENDEN, George J., Thornborough

FIELD, Arthur William, Brisbane

FIELDING, William, Boulia

FOOT, James Albert, Warrinilla, Rolleston

FORBES, Joseph, Mary River, Tiaro

FOUNTAIN, James Falshaw, Burpengary Creek

FOUNTAIN, Joseph, Brisbane

FRANKLIN, Henry, Canungra

FRANZ, William, Upper Caboolture

FYSH, the Hon. Philip Oakley, Hobart, Tasmania

GARDINER, Francis Cashel, Ingham

GLASGOW, Samuel, Gympie

GORDON, Andrew, Allora

GRAY, James, 116 Queen Victoria-street, London

GRIFFITH, Edward, Brisbane

HAMILTON, David, Calrossie, Gayndah

HANRAN, Patrick Francis, Townsville

HENSLER, John Peter, Goondiwindi

HEWER, Alfred Earnshaw, Longreach

HILL, Edward, Bullamon, Mungindi

HINCHCLIFFE, Verdon, Veresdale

HODSON, William Doyle, Cairns

HODEL, Frederick Charles, Cooktown

HODGES, Charles H. Townsville

HOLMES, Edward John, Brisbane

HORSLEY, George, Mona, Bollon

HOSICK, Daniel Alexander, Talgai, Leyburn

HUTCHINSON, William, South Brisbane

JOCHHEIM, William, Bowen

JOHNSON, John Edward, Rosewood

KEID, Charles George, Pimpama Creek

KELLEHER, Dennis, Rockhampton

KENNEDY, Robert, Gympie,

KING, H.E., Bimbah, Longreach

KING, William Myers, Brisbane

KLINGENDER, Edward William, Warrnambool, Victoria

KNOX, Thomas, Evesham, Muttaburra

LAWLESS, William Burnett, Boobyjan, Kilkivan

LEONARD, William, Townsville

LOW, John Anthony, Yandina

MACDONALD, Benjamen Wickham, Cooktown

MACKAY, Thomas, cairns

MAGILL, Martin, Goondiwindi

MAHONY, Daniel, Gooburrum

MAITLAND, Richard, Teebar, Westwood

MALTBY, Alexander Pennycuick, Gayndah

MARKWELL, Alfred, Upper Albert

MARWEDEL, Ernst Louis Johann, Longreach

MASKEY, William, Cowildi, St. George

MAZLEN, William, Evelyn, Herberton

M'CLELLAND, William Alexander, Belmont, Maida Hill

M'CREADIE, Hugh, Mackay

M'CULLOUGH, David Ballantyne, South Brisbane

M'CULLAGH, James, Narangba

M'DONALD, Albert, Gympie

M'EWEN, John, Inglewood

M'GAVIN, John Adam Skelly, Alton, Rockhampton

M'GILLIVRAY, William James, Gunyan, Texas

M'GREGOR, Samuel, Redbank

M'KINNON, Lauchlan, Brisbane

M'LAUGHLIN, Thomas, Rockhampton

M'LENNAN, Lauchlan, Ingle Downs, Blackwater

M'MAHON, Patrick, Maytown

M'SHEA, John, Burnett River

MILLER, Henry Every, Fortitude Valley

MITCHELL, William, Maryborough

MOGRIDGE, Thomas, Warwick

MOLONEY, Patrick Joseph, Geraldton

MOORE, William Harlin, Juandah, Taroom

MOORE, Hugh, Barambah, Nanango

MORISON, Donald Neil M'Kenzie, Camooweal

MUIR, Alexander, South Brisbane

MULLEN, Joseph, New Farm, Brisbane

MUNRO, the Hon. James, Melbourne

MURPHY, George Sylvester, Brisbane

MYLETT, Stephen, Logan River

NAIRNE, John, Barron valley

NETTERFIELD, Richard Wetheron, Maryborough

PAGE, Thomas, Townsville

PARSONS, Charles, Woodley, Muttaburra

PLAYFORD, the Hon. Thomas, Adelaide

POPE, Edward, Gympie

RAFF, George, Sangate

RICHARDS, Richard John Williams, Irvinebank

ROBERTS, William Bertrand, Biggenden

ROBERTSON, Robert, Under Secretary for Works, Brisbane

ROWLAND, Harold, Bundaberg

ROYLE, Thomas Charles, London

SAVAGE, James, Beenleigh

SAVAGE, Felix, Brisbane

SCOUGALL, Richard Walker, Glengarloom, Tiaro

SEVERIN, Louis, Cairns

SHAILER, Francis, Slack's Creek, Loganlea

SIMPSON, Francis, Magoura, Normanton

SIMPSON, William, Landsborough

SLATYER, Thomas, Wealwandangie, Springsure

SLOAN, George, South Brisbane

SMITH, James, Kolan River

SMITH, John Finnegan, Christmas Creek

SMITH, Montagu Selwyn, Beaudesert

SNOW, John Thomas, Brisbane

SPIDEN, Robert, Broweena

STEVENSON, William, New Farm, Brisbane

STODART, James, Brisbane

STEINDL, Gustav, Bundaberg

SWALLOW, William, Hambledon, Cairns

TAIT, David, sen., Brisbane

TAYLOR, Thomas, Ayrshire Downs, Winton

THALLON, James Forsyth, General Traffic Manager, Queensland Railways, Brisbane

THUMAN, John Bernhard, Bowen

TRICKS, Frederick, Herberton

TROUTON, William, John, Brisbane

TURNBULL, James, Glentanner, Dalveen, Warwick

WADDELL, William Allan, Muldiva

WALKER, James Black, Pentland

WARAKER, Ernest Moreton, Gayndah

WATSON, George, jun., Brisbane

WHITE, Sylvannus, Enoggera

WHITEHILL, Alexander Fairlie, Roma

WILCOCKS, George Charles, New Farm, Brisbane

WILSON, Robert, Beenleigh

WINTER, the Hon. Francis Pratt, chief judicial officer, British New Guinea

WISS, Lionel Ainger, Engelsburg

WOOD, George Henry, Aramac

YOUNG, John, Melbourne, Victoria

That's the finish of the NEW APPOINTMENTS

Taken from The Queenslander, January 16, 1892

AHERN-- On the 6th January, 1892, at her residence, Shandon, Edmondstone-street, the wife of T.K. AHERN, of a son.

BYRNE--On the 2nd January, at her residence, Pleasant Mount, George-street, Kangaroon Point, Mrs. H.E. BYRNE, of a son.

CLAYDON--On the 2nd January, 1892, at her residence, Lucas-road, Burwood, Sydney, the wife of E. CLAYDON, of a daughter

HIRST--On the 4th of January, 1892, at Taringa, Brisbane, the wife of Herbert HURST, of a daughter.

LETHEM-- On the 7 January, at Urrbrae, Clayfield, the wife of C.B. LETHEM, of a son.

MACKAY-- On the 2nd January, 1892, at Cawmore Wood, Galloway's Hill, the wife of D. MACKAY, of a daughter.

PARDOE-- On the 7th January, 1892, at Actonville, Eagle Junction, the wife of Edgar H. PARDOE, of a son.

SOUTHERDEN--On the 9th January, 1892, at her residence, Birkdale, Enoggera, the wife of J.S. SOUTHERDEN, of a daughter.

WILLCOCKS--On the 23rd December, at Wynberg, Brunswick-street, New Farm, Mrs. G.C. WILLCOCKS, of a son.

LEDBURY-- SCANLON-- On the 31st December, 1891, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. D. FOUHY, Daniel J., eldest son of Daniel LEDBURY, late of Toowoomba, to Ellen C.B., eldest daughter of Patrick SCANLON, Esq., of Brisbane.

MACLEAN--CONNOR-- On the 7th January, 1892, at Paddington, Hugh Alexander, eldest son of the late John Shand MACLEAN, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Peter CONNOR, of Liverpool, England.

NAYLOR--BRUCE-- On the 30 December, 1891, at the Pre-Cathedral, Townsville, by the Rev. Cannon TUCKER, Charley NAYLOR, of Brisbane, to Jessie, elder daughter of Alexander BRUCE, late of Dumfries, Scotland.

WATTS--WORTHINGTON On the 7th January, 1892, at St. Saviour's, Gladstone, by the Rev. A.H. JULIUS, John Richmond, third son of the late Mr. WATTS, of Bulimba, to Annie Jane WORTHINGTON, of Gladstone.

ANDREWS-- On the 1st January, at Goldsborough Station, North Queensland, Andrew ANDREW'S late of Darling Downs, aged 69 years. [ Warwick papers please copy]

FRENCH--On the 5th January, at Sandgate, Vivian Harding, infant son of A. HARDING and D. FRENCH, aged 6 months.

HAMMOND-- On the 10th January, 1892, Frances Theresa, wife of Dr. HAMMOND, Toowoong, aged 51 years.

KING-- On the 4th December, 1891, by an accident, near Eulo, Robert St John KING, Licensed Surveyor, Charleville.

LAHEY-- On the 6th January, at Sunnyside, Pimpama, Mrs LAHEY, sen., relict of the late Mr. F. LAHEY, in her 73rd year. Her end was peace.

M'SHANE--On the 9th January, 1892, at Oxford-street, Thompson Estate, Sarah Jane, the youngest daughter of James and Christina M'SHANE, aged 5 months.

MURPHY-- On the 5th January, 1892, at Warwick, Mary Ellen, only daughter of the late Mrs. Julia M'LAUGHLIN, aged 16 years. R.I.P.

NORRIS-- On the 27th December, 1891, at Main-street, Kangaroo Point, Lionel Harold, the youngest son of L.S. and M.A. NORRIS, aged 10 years and 7 months.

PENNINGTON-- On the 6th January, at his parents' residence, Innes-terrace, Leighhardt-street, Herbert Stanley, the infant son of Herbert and Ada PENNINGTON.

SALISBURY-- On the 9th January, 1892, at the Rectory, Dalby, from peritonitis, John Gott, third son of the Rev. E.L. SALISBURY, aged 19 years.

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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