George David ("Dave") STANBERY/Seebell "Cornelia" MITCHELL
Stanbery/Bond Family Tree

Stanbery/Bond Family Tree

Husband: George David ("Dave") STANBERY
Born: 20 Jan 1871 Place: MO Married: 2 Jan 1896 Place: Stoddard Co, MO Died: 2 Feb 1920 Place: Grangeville, Idaho Co, ID Father: James "Nathaniel" (Nathan) STANBERY Mother: Samantha OGLESBY
Wife: Seebell "Cornelia" MITCHELL
Born: 13 Jun 1871 Place: IL Died: 1954 Place: Grangeville, Idaho Co, ID Father: Mother:
Name: Mabel Seebell STANBERY Born: 28 Jan 1897 Place: Palouse Co, WA Married: Place: Died: Place: Spouses: Andrew ("Andy") HAYHURST
Name: Elsie "Lorraine" STANBERY Born: 7 May 1898 Place: Palouse Co, WA Married: 16 Oct 1926 Place: San Jose, Santa Clara Co, CA Died: Place: Spouses: Alfred ("Alf") Tully BOWDEN
Name: Roy David STANBERY Born: 19 Apr 1900 Place: Lewis Co, ID Married: Place: ID Died: Feb 1985 Place: Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co, CA Spouses: Madge E. CHAPMAN Julia
Name: Martin ("Marty") Van Buren STANBERY Born: 4 Jul 1901 Place: Dexter, Stoddard Co, MO Married: 19 Jul 1932 Place: ID Died: 11 Sep 1996 Place: Kennewick, Benton Co, WA Spouses: Mildred Adeline HILES Prudence ("Prudy") MORGAN
Name: Stanley ("Stan") William STANBERY Born: 17 Jun 1903 Place: Idaho Co, ID Married: 1939 Place: Boise, Ada Co, ID Died: 28 Oct 1999 Place: Mesa, Maricopa Co, AZ Spouses: Emma Dill THOMPSON Leah Jane WEBSTER
Name: Electa Marie STANBERY Born: 16 Apr 1905 Place: Idaho Co, ID Married: Place: Died: 5 Aug 1905 Place: Idaho Co, ID Spouses:
Name: Ernest Nathaniel ("Tuke") STANBERY Born: 20 Oct 1906 Place: Idaho Co, ID Married: 14 Mar 1934 Place: Grangeville, Idaho Co, ID Died: 20 Dec 1971 Place: Lewis Co, ID Spouses: Jessie "Pearl" GORSUMA
Name: Velda Viola ("Dod") STANBERY Born: 26 Oct 1908 Place: Idaho Co, ID Married: 5 Oct 1927 Place: Winona, Idaho Co, Id Died: 10 Jul 2007 Place: Lewiston, Idaho Co, ID Spouses: Bert Edward SEGER Charles "Warren" FAIRBANKS
Name: Minnie Mitchell ("Dutch") STANBERY Born: 21 Feb 1910 Place: Idaho Co, ID Married: 21 Dec 1932 Place: Died: ABT 1995 Place: Spouses: Raymond ("Ray") HALL Orin Thomas REID

Stanbery/Bond Family Tree
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