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International Conference

on Genetic Genealogy

Can you relate ...

2nd annual at the National Geographic Society 

Washington D.C.  ~  Nov. 4th & 5th, 2005

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this is a photo collection, documenting this historic 
Second Genetic Genealogy conference. 

it's said, that one picture speaks a thousand words ...

If you can help identify the few we have left, and or anyone that we have miss identified, please contact me so we can identify everybody correctly :)  

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FamilyTree DNA - Facts & Genes 

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Some stat's about the conference attendee's ...

  I am sure these need to be updated some more ... 

Who traveled the furthest to attend ?  were there any others ?

Which attendee had the LARGEST single group studies ?  Are these still the top three projects ?

Which attendee's Admin. the most group studies ...

What was the total number of attendee's ? 174 or 182 ?

What was the total number of study groups represented ?

Are there any other stat's that we might add to this time capsule ? ?

ok ... grab your favorite beverage and note pad ... 
It's Picture time !

welcome banner in the main lobby area

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