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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments,
but what is woven into the lives of others, your descendants ...

   It's finally open !   

the hdpth Y-DNA study group  

Results for first   15   test kits
submitted for testing are now in !

with recent updates / upgrades too :)

Check them out here

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The latest technology for your genealogical research, that can quite possibly help aid you in solving many of these problems and others ...

Family Tree DNA is the pioneer and the world's largest DNA company in the new field of genetic genealogy. Your ancestors left clues to your genealogy within you and other descendents. Unlock the clues with DNA testing.

We are currently looking for additional participants to join us.  If you would like to join, and or get further info about this exciting gene in Genealogy, that can aid in finding where your lineage possibly connects in with other hdpth's ... feel free to contact us any time ...

What is the Main Goal of this Y-DNA study group *

*  note may be altered and or expanded as resulting data might suggest ...

Special note:  for those who would like to share their thoughts, questions and or info on the topic of Y-DNA testing in regards to the surname(s) covered by H*D*P*TH ... please consider joining us and share your comments with us all on this New mailing List at  hedgpeth-DNA  enter the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject-line ... afterwards a noteworthy Welcome message about the List will be sent to you ... 

Note: if your email client is not activated by the link above, the address to subscribe is

hedgpeth-DNA-L-request @ rootsweb.com
remove the space on either side of the @ symbol above

we tried to name this new mailing List, with the all inclusive name of  hdpth-DNA
but it wasn't accepted ... never the less, all spelling variants are welcome to join us !

The hdpth DNA study group, is open to ALL direct "male" descendants of any of the spelling variants covered by H*D*P*TH ... 

The reason for limited to male's only ... is this study will be comparing 12, 25 and or 37 specific marker's on the Y-chromosome that are being tested for, which are past from father to son basically unchanged generation after generation. There could be slight mutations that might occure here and there between various participants ... which are excellent indications of where various descendants might branch off at ... We will learn more about that when our genetic tree starts to take shape, as more participants come on board :)

If you have any questions about this study. Be sure to drop us an email any time, perhaps you might have a concern that hasn't been touched on yet ...

For those that we hope will be interested in participating in this project, the test involves rubbing a special cotton swab on the inside cheek of the month [it really is really very painless] no needles no blood :) all payments, test kits and test results will go through Family Tree DNA

Want to see what's involved in collecting a sample for testing ... check out this site presentation courtesy of the Dorcey-DNA project ...they have posted pictures of each step along the way :)

What does Family Tree DNA testing help provide ? 

• Determine if two people are related
• Find out if others with your surname are related 
• Determine if two people descended from the same ancestor 
• Provide an approximate time frame for the common ancestor
• Confirm your family tree
• Find others to whom you are related
• Determine a possible point of origin for your surname
• Prove or disprove a research theory
• Determine if other surnames are variants of your surname
• For surnames with multiple points of origin, determine the possible points
• Provide clues or solve brick walls
• Identify a location for further research
• Verify ancestors migration
• Verify Native American or Cohanim ancestry
• Provide clues about ethnic origin

For the big question ... How much does it cost ? 

Under the special group rate price per participant 
FamilyTree-DNA are as follows ... 

We do realize the price of the testing is a big issue with some folks ... and might prohibit them from participating ... but after examining the cost of genealogical research, how much does one really spend over the years ... Anyone like me who has started before the internet came into common usage, you might have made substantial investments to items such as ...

in most cases, some of these only containing one line that mentions one of our specific ancestor ... 

All good info, but some of it might not have been exactly what you or I were searching for and or related to our specific line of research ... 

As more participants come on board for this Y-DNA testing and a genetic tree starts to take shape, we all should start to see where our research areas will be more focused in on and exactly were we all descend from :)

if starting with the 12-marker test kit
 - - > go from 12 to 25-marker
additional $49
(total $148)
then upgrade to 37-marker
additional $49
(total $197)
then upgrade to 67-marker
additional $99
(total $296)
 - - >  - - > go from 12 to 37-marker
additional $99
(total $198)
then upgrade to 67-marker
additional $99
(total $297)
 - - >
 - - >  - - > go from 12 to 67-marker
additional $189
(total $288)

 - - >
* $158 soon
if starting with the 25-marker test kit
 - - >  - - > go from 25 to 37-marker
additional $49  * $59
(total $208)  * $217
then upgrade to 67-marker
additional $99
(total $307) * $316
 - - >
 - - >  - - > go from 25 to 67-marker
additional $148
(total $307)

if starting with the 37-marker test kit
 - - >
 - - >  - - > then upgrade to 67-marker
additional $99
(total $288)

or going directly to the 67-marker test kit

(a $19 to $38 savings)
* $47

* a new collection sample is not required for the upgrade tests, as they are run on your previously collected samples that were submitted ... which is available for up to 25 years, unless you requested that your sample collection be destroyed after the first initial testing ...

For a limited time while funding is available ... we have a sponsorship fund set up to help those who really want to participate, but can't afford the total cost ... please contact us and perhaps we can work out a deal with you :) 

Another option might be ... if you have two or more siblings in your family unit, and at least one being a male, only one male sibling would actually need to participate in the testing and there by, be the representative for your whole family unit. The cost could then be shared and divided by all siblings in your family unit ... 

  *Special* for participants age 70 plus ... 
  we will make arrangements to cover half the price of the 25-marker test kit ... 
  contact us for further details  

   hey it's a great Father's day gift,  
   you can still get Dad or Grandpa in on this   
   and just think X-mas is just around the corner too :) 

  Note the special posted here is for testing preformed by FamilyTreeDNA  

   for the Latest News & Specials ! click here   

After your test kit sample has been returned to FamilyTree-DNA, and while we a wait the test results [which can take five to seven weeks before being available] ...

this info will enable those with matching test results, to get a better idea of where further research might be looked into, if a connection is not yet known ...

Here are a few noteworthy web sites ... 

Those of you who want a deeper understanding from other DNA group studies may find these of interest ... the depth of info varies from site to site ... enjoy !

John Blair DNA Project - DNA 101 Y-Chromosome Testing

Joe Cook  -  Cook/Cooke/Koch DNA Project

Nancy Custer - Dorsey DNA Project Home Page


E. Ray Hill - HILL Surname DNA Project



Charles Kerchner - Kerchner Y-DNA Project Home Page


Chris Pomery - DNA PORTAL has loads of data and other info about DNA testing and further links to follow for even more info ... enjoy !

here you can find other surname projects listed ...

as presented by:

World Families Network 
Where Genealogy meets DNA testing

Surname URL Ring

and then DNA in the News ...

The Sacramento Bee - [North-Central California] 03 Aug. 2003  DNA helps unscramble the puzzles of ancestry

Hattiesburg American [Southern Mississippi] - February 23, 2003  DNA surname project produces list of possible relatives

FamilyTree DNA - "The World's Only Newsletter Dedicated to Genetic Genealogy"   Facts & Genes

a little advertising for some recently published books on DNA in regards to family research ...



Forensic Genealogy 
Colleen Fitzpatrick

If that terminology is all "Greek" to you, welcome to the club! I didn't understand it either before reading this book. Colleen shows how to use such genetic tools to help find clues about family history.  

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter


DNA and Family History  
by: Chris Pomery

How Genetic Testing can advance your genealogical research  - written for genealogists and one-namers, anyone intrigued by genetic genealogy and everyone organizing a DNA project ...

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter


Trace Your Roots with DNA
by: Megan Smolenyak2 and Ann Turner 

Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree ... Genetic typing is the newest tool for amateur genealogists, and it’s enthusiastically espoused by the experienced authors of this useful guidebook ...

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter

  • Megan, who I met recently [30 Oct. '04] at the FT-DNA conference in Houston, TX, has a very interesting contract job with the Military. With her experience in genealogy research and incorporating the usage of DNA testing, she is able to locate the next of kin for former military personnel that were killed in action, and or died later on with no known family, mainly from WW II and Korea. In her presentation at the FT-DNA conference, she shared the steps that she had gone through, in a recent case she had for locating the family of a Vietnam Veteran ... using only information and records that are available to the general public :)

  • Ann Turner, is the founder and former Admin. for the RootsWeb mailing List "Genealogy-DNA-L" a very active and informative group ... 



Unlocking Your Genetic History
by: Thomas Shawker

A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Your Family's Medical and Genetic Heritage ...

Genetic Genealogy DNA Testing Dictionary 
by: Charles Kerchner 

Wonder what the definition is, or how to pronounce some of those scientific words used in Genetic Genealogy DNA testing ? Here is a wonderful guide to help you understand those terms and their meanings ...

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter



DNA for Family Historians
by: Alan Savin

Explore the potential use of DNA for family history research. Simplified genetic theory and case studies are examined ...


Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this project, nor do I have any association with FamilyTree-DNA . I am only interested, like others in this group, in furthering our genealogical research, hopefully with your help we will all find that connection that links us together ...

We are aware that some of our cousin's will not be the least bit interested in this or any DNA group study, and other's will have reservations about privacy and confidentiality, and yet other's will have concerns of what medical data will be reviled ... and some might be prohibit due to the cost of participating ...  

I would like to direct you to this site Family Tree DNA, which is the company our test kits will come from and the testing will be coordinated through, along with their guidance in helping us in comparing the test results. Please feel free to check out their claims and statements, along with any other sites or references on this topic. Also do not hesitate to contact us about any concerns or questions you might have ... it could be something we hadn't thought about.

Answers to some of the concerns we have heard, can be found here ...


supported by Ancestry.com


does your paper trail research appear to be at a dead end ?

Do you have a guy in your family line, 
that has just about everything ? 

a pet rock, a star named after him, acreage on the moon ... 

    Bet they don't have a Y-DNA test kit ... yet ?   

Participants from overseas i.e. the UK and else where, are encouraged to join us also ... You could be the possible connection many of us are searching for to get back across the pond. contact us for special arrangements too ...

Note: DNA-Heritage is open to everyone worldwide, not just those in the UK ...

DNA-Heritage runs the complete 43 marker test upon receiving your test sample. When you place your order, if you don't want to buy all 43 marker's at once, you have the option of selecting a minimum of 23 marker's for  $137.77 USD and then add on the additional marker's as you desire at the rate of $5.99 USD per marker ...

example: if one wanted to order just the first 25 marker's that FamilyTreeDNA offers.

minimum 23 marker's @ $137.77 plus 2 more marker's times $5.99 each equals $149.75 [nearly a $10 savings] going through DNA-Heritage currently :)

and then if you wanted to add on the additional nine marker's that both companies share in common to total 32 marker's ... will run you an additional $53.91

hummm that seems to equal $203.66 USD ...  it might be wise to go for the full 43 marker's for $199 USD ... if that was your desire :)

To join our hdpth-DNA study group at DNA-Heritage click here

Price List  please verify this info with their web site before placing your order with them.

  US $ UK £ Euros Can $ Aus $
Price per marker 5.99 3.25 5.01 8.17 8.24
or FULL 43 markers 199 108 166 272 274

-prices not in bold are subject to fluctuation due to exchange rates 
-all prices are subject to change

here is are few other competitor's who desire our business also ...

Relative Genetics   at this time we can not recommended this one for our hdpth group study ...

they use the same testing lab as DNA-Heritage, Sorenson Genomics, Salt Lake City, Utah USA which appears to be Relative Genetics, parent company ...

their pricing as of 11/08/04 were as follows ... note we had problems maneuvering around their web site on our recent visit back in June :(

Oxford Ancestors   we can not recommended this one for our hdpth group study ...

it appears that they only do testing for 10 marker's  :(  and their pricing varies according to how many participants in the group sign up at the same time ... $150. each for the first four participants, $145. for the next 5-10, $140. for the next 11-20, and $135. for the next 21-30 participants ... etc. prices were as posted on 06/27/04

GeneTree DNA Testing    we can not recommended this one for our hdpth group study ...

it appears that they only do testing for ID cards, and only test for 14 marker's :(  price of this service is $145 ... as posted on 06/27/04

appears to be another subsidiary of Sorenson Genomics, Salt Lake City, Utah USA

We could list a few other's ... but like the last few mentioned here, we can not recommend using them for our hdpth-DNA study group at this time ...

here is the marker's that FamilyTreeDNA and DNA-Heritage use in their testings 

Y-DNA 12 Y-DNA 25 Y-DNA 37
Y-DNA 59
the nine additional markers that DNA-H & RG use for testing that are not shared in common with those tested by FTDNA
393 458 460 472 436
390 459a GATA H4 511 444 ---
19 / 394 459b YCA IIa 531 446 441
391 455 YCA IIb 537 481 445
385a 454 456 594 490 452
385b 447 607 578 520 461
426 437 576 590 534 462
388 448 570 641 557 463
439 449 CDYa 395S1 492 GATA A10
389-1 464a CDYb 395S2 565 GATA C4
392 464b 442 406S1 572 GGAAT1B07
389-2 464c 438 --- --- ---
--- 464d --- --- --- ---

those markers in blue DNA-Heritage & Relative Genetics do not use in their test results

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