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In time, there comes for each of us, a place in which we begin to look back on our lives. This retrospection can lead us to the pursuit of our family genealogy. It is with the deepest of respect and knowledge of life's transience, that we dedicate this site to our ancestors and to our descendants. We hope that you will enjoy our company and that our tiny corner in the vastness of cyberspace will leave you with some new idea or some old familiar feeling.

We have been working on our families for about twenty years.  Below you will find the surnames that are of major interest to us.  These surnames are almost exclusively located  in the Southern section of the United States. We have done a large amount of work on many of these names.  Click on any of the names for the page or pages for that particular surname.  Additionally there is a search engine immediately below which may be used to search this site.

Please read further below the surname list to find out more about our projects and interests.

  Bill & Elaine English

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Major Surnames

Allison    Alphin   Atkinson   Barnes   Bell   Benfield   Browning   Burrell   Caldwell   Callenback    Carter    Chapman   Cocke   Coon   Day   Dettor   Dickerson   Dillard   Dotson   English   Gaines    Graham   Hunnicutt   Hurst   Joiner    LaPrade   McCracken   McDaniel   Minge   Moor/Moore   Patton   Pleasants   Porter   Queen   Randall   Rawlinson   Ritchie   Roberts   Shelton   Shepherd   Spencer   St. Clair   Suddarth   Sumter   Teem   Thetford   Trice   Ward   Warren   Williams   Wooley

There are other surnames that we are researching but have less information on.  Some of these surnames may be found by clicking on the following link:


If you see a query out there that I have posted about a surname you don't see , just email us!


  Our Cemetery Project

While working on families in Rabun Co., GA where we live, we have had the occasion to visit many local cemeteries.  Because we found ourselves returning time and again to the same cemetery, it became apparent that we needed to record the data for the entire cemetery in order to save ourselves some traveling!  As a result, after about two years of work, we have surveyed about ninety seven percent of the cemeteries in the county.  All of this information has been shared online with The Tombstone Transcription Project in conjunction with the USGenWeb.  To learn more about our work please follow this link:

Our Cemetery Project

  Why "Hemlock Hill"?

You might have wondered why we chose to title our web site as we did.  Well, we live on a hill in a little cabin with Eastern Hemlock trees all around!  We have actually referred to our home as "Hemlock Hill". 

Our Home

Click on images for enlarged graphics:

So, there you have it!  The explanation as to why we named this site in such a way!  I followed the theme of this tree in the background and accessory images on this page.

Eastern Hemlock: Tsuga canadensis

If you would like to see more of Rabun Co., GA where we live, please follow this link:

Celebrating Rabun County, Georgia

Visit "Voyages", our pages about our adventures in our little RV, by clicking on the icon:

Also, our dogs are a part of our family.  To see photographs of these much loved pets, please visit:

Our Canine Family

Click the ribbon and visit our Memorial Page for 11 September 2001:

Let Freedom Ring!

Please contact us if you would like more information.  We have much more data than we have been able to post on this site and will be most happy to share with our "cousins"!


Please follow the link below for sites that we have found to be helpful or that belong to family, friends and other researchers.

Other Links of Interest

  Life is a journey, take it!

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