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  Middlesex Co., VA; Mid-Sixteen Hundreds

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The Mattaponi in Virginia:

  DAVID ALLISON died about 14 February 1678/79 in Middlesex Co., VA.  He married JOANE UNKNOWN. 

In a deed of 10 Nov 1662, Davyd Allyson (David, Allison, Allinson), was identified as a "planter".  (See Lancaster Co., VA Deeds and Wills, 1661-1702, typescript, p. 14, book pp. 249-250.)  He would have been born at least by 1638, perhaps in ENG.  Allison was living on the plantation he bought from John Curtys (Curtis), Gent., and his wife, Anne, of Lancaster Co., VA, which consisted of some buildings and 260 acres of land.  David lived in the Middle Precinct of Middlesex County, VA.

The property, just south and east of present day Saluda, VA, was described as "Beginning by the Path side that goeth over the Great Swamp & joining the land of Abrham Moone & South West along the Path to a marked white Oak, N.W. 320 poles to a marked Pochickory, thence N.E. 160 poles to Mattapony Path, thence S.E. alongst the Path 160 poles, thence S. by E. to a first specifyed place."

David Allison also had land interest in Essex (Old Rappahannock 1656-1692) County, and may have lived there before moving to Middlesex.

On 01 May 1665, Davyd Allyson was appointed constable of Lancaster Co., VA and he served until the next 14 March.  Middlesex County was formed 1669/73 out of land taken from Lancaster County.

David Allison was to be fined in contempt of court in Middlesex Co., 01 Jul 1678.  The fine was remitted.  He was listed in court records on 04 Nov 1678 and 13 Jan 1678/79.

David Allison died intestate by 14 Feb 1678/9, when Richard Robinson, Gent., was appointed administrator of his estate and guardian of his children.

Ann and Katherine Allison are listed as orphaned daughters of David Allison in their application for the guardianship of Richard Robinson 02 Jun 1679.  Thus David Allison died between 13 Jan and 02 Jun 1679.

  Children of DAVID ALLISON and JOANE UNKNOWN are:

1. ELIZABETH ALLISON, b. Lancaster or Middlesex Co., VA; m. HENRY GOARE; b. Lancaster Co., VA.

Notes for ELIZABETH ALLISON:  Henry Goare is the brother to Joseph who married Elizabeth's sister, Mary.

2. ANN ALLISON, b. 12 March 1665/66, Lancaster or Middlesex Co., VA; m. EDWARD CLARK, 13 April 1681, Middlesex Co., VA.

Notes for ANN ALLISON:  Ann's birth recorded in CCPR, Middlesex Co., VA as daughter of David and Jone Allinson.

Marriage Notes for ANN ALLISON and EDWARD CLARK:  Marriage recorded in Christ Church Parish Records, Middlesex Co., VA (CCPR)

3. CATHERINE ALLISON, b. 18 March 1667/68, Lancaster or Middlesex Co., VA; m. BENJAMIN MARSH, 10 July 1687, Middlesex Co., VA.

4. DAVID ALLISON, b. 18 August 1669, Lancaster or Middlesex Co., VA.

5. MARY ALLISON, b. before 29 October 1671, Lancaster or Middlesex Co., VA; d. before 1709; m. SR. JOSEPH GOARE, before  01 February 1691/92, Middlesex Co., VA (Probable); b. Lancaster Co., VA; d. about 06 December 1726, Middlesex Co., VA.

Notes for MARY ALLISON:  Mary's Christening is recorded in CCPR, Middlesex Co., VA as daughter of David and Joane Allinson.

Marriage Notes for MARY ALLISON and JOSEPH GOARE:  (Inferred Marriage)  Middlesex Co., VA Court Minute Book; ii-505:  Joseph Goare of Middlesex, planter, and Mary Allison, one of the daughters of David, later of Middlesex. Before 01 Feb 1692

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