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  Middlesex Co., VA to Albemarle Co., VA; Mid-Sixteen Hundreds to early Eighteen Hundreds

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Albemarle Co., VA:

  Henry Alphin, born Abt. 1650 in Scotland or Norfolk, VA. He married Annie (or Amy) Unknown.

Children of Henry Alphin and Annie Unknown are:

1. Ransom(?) Alphin.

2. Joseph Alphin, born 11 July, 1680 in Middlesex Co., VA; died 28 May, 1736 in Middlesex Co., VA.

3. Margaret Alphin, born 11 November, 1682 in Middlesex Co., VA.

  Joseph Alphin was born 11 July, 1680 in Middlesex Co., VA, and died 28 May, 1736 in Middlesex Co., VA. He married Constance or Constantine Stiff 28 April, 1708 in Middlesex Co., VA, daughter of Thomas Stiff and Sarah Salter.

Children of Joseph Alphin and Constance Stiff are:

1. Mary Alphin, born Abt. 1709 in Middlesex Co., VA. She married Blake Harris.

2. John Alphin, born Abt. 1712 in Middlesex Co., VA; died 24 August, 1733.

3. Constance Alphin, born Abt. 1716 in Middlesex Co., VA; died 1742. She married William Anderson 02 April, 1737 in Middlesex Co., VA.

4. Ransom Alphin, born 27 June, 1721 in Middlesex Co., VA; died Aft. 1787 in Albemarle Co., VA (Possible).

  Ransom Alphin was born 27 June, 1721 in Middlesex Co., VA, and died Aft. 1787 in Albemarle Co., VA (Possible). He married Sarah Shelton Abt. 1750 in Middlesex or Orange Co., VA, daughter of Zebulon Shelton and Mary Goare.

Children of Ransom Alphin and Sarah Shelton are:

1. Ransom Alphin, born 05 May, 1756 in Orange Co., VA; died 07 July, 1833 in Kenton Co., KY. He married Rebecca Brown Bet. 1780 - 1786 in Pittsylvania Co., VA (Probable).

2. John Alphin, born Abt. 1758 in Middlesex Co., VA; died Bef. 02 March, 1818 in Albemarle Co., VA. He married Martha Shepherd in Albemarle Co., VA (Possible).

*John Alphin's Will Below

3. Zebulon Alphin, born 05 May, 1766 in Orange Co., VA; died 20 February, 1859 in Kenton Co., KY. He married (1) Letitia Clarkson 18 June, 1786 in Albemarle Co., VA. He married (2) Mary "Polly" Brown 02 August, 1827 in Grant Co., KY.



In the Name of God (actually spelled 'good') amen I John Allphin of the County of Albemarle being sick and weak but in perfect sence and memory thanks be to God for it but Cauling to mind the Mortality of mankind do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form to wit.

Item I lend to my loving wife after all my just debts are paid the whole of my estate both real and personal dureing her natureal life

Item I give after the death of my wife Martha all my estate both real and personal to be equally devided between my four Daughters to wit Sally Chapman One Fourth part of my estate and at her death to her heirs so that William Chapman her husband can make no waste thereof The Ballance equally to be diveded among my other three Daughters nancy Fagg Jenney Owens Polley Harris to them and there heirs forever

Item I nominate my loveing wife Martha Allphin & my son Inlaw Blake Harris whole & sole executor & Executrix of this my last will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this 2nd of Nov. 1817.

John Allphin (SEAL)

Witnesses: Sally Catlett, John Thurmand, Christian Wertenbaker, Daniel Davis junior

At a Court held for Albemarle County the 2nd day of March 1818

This Instrument of writing purporting to be the Last will and testament of John Allphin ^ dec'd was produced into Court and proved by the oaths of John Thurmand Christian Wertenbaker & Daniel Davis Jr. three of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Teste Alex Garrett CAC

  Buyers at estate sale of John Allphin; Will Book 6, pages 323-324; Albemarle Co., VA

08 Aug 1818

J. ?. Bishop, Wm. Booth, Wm. Chapman, John H. Craven, Henry Chiles, Menoah Clarkson, Lawrence Catlett, James Douglass, Thos. Drapper?, Jno. Fagg, Crenshaw Fretwell, Alex Garrett, Thos. Garth, Wm. Garth, Wm Gillaspy, Jno. Hencely, Allen Jones, Blake Harris, Absolom Jonson, G. W. Kinsolving, Jesse Lewis, Wm. Maupin, Dabney Mattison, George Matterson, Richd. Robinson, John ONeal, Jas. Starks, Jno. Thurmon, Whitehouse, Jas. Whitefield, and Chris. Wertenbaker.

Transcribed by Elaine Randall English; 10 Sep 1997


1818  ALPHIN     

Alphin, John            Will  Pendleton v. Tompkins  ct. ct  WB 6  271

Alphin, Martha            wife of Jno. Alphin (dau. of Christopher Shepherd)

Alphin, Julius            son of John Alphin

Harris, Polly (Mary or Molly)      dau. of John Alphin (wife of Blake Harris)

Porter, Jane            dau. of John Alphin (married first David Owens) (in Tenn)

Fagg, Nancy       dau. of John Alphin (wife of Wm. Fagg) (in N.C.)

Chapman, Sally       dau. of John Alphin (wife of Wm. Chapman)

Alphin, Elizabeth         dau. of John Alphin

(Extracted from transcription by Elaine Randall English; 10 Sep 1997)

  According to Wood's history of Albemarle county, John Alphin  began to purchase land in Albemarle in 1778, eventually owning more than a thousand acres in one body.  A first purchase may have been in 1778, in which John acquired 250 acres at Meadow Creek, between Staunton and Whitehall Roads.

John was a hosteler.  His hostelry offered fine accomodations and cuisine and a large stable and track for training horses.  He sold land in 1806 which the "Poor House" was built on in the county.

All of John and Martha's children were probably born in Albemarle Co., VA.

Source: Wood's "Albemarle County in Virginia", copyright 1901; Reprint by/for Clearfield Co., INC; by Genealogical Publishing Co., INC, Baltimore, MD; 1990.

  Wm & Mary Quarterly, 2nd Series p. 215 

03 Nov 1787 Albemarle Co. VA

Petitions for emissions of paper money, John Alphin & Wm Shelton mentioned.

John Allphin(sic) (a petition concerning dams 1778), Albemarle Co., VA; John and a host of other citizens had signed a petition to do away with a law that required that all waterway dams to have a opening 20 ft square to allow the passage of fish. Apparently the openings made no difference on the fish wildlife, but was allowing the dams to deteriorate.

  In the 1810 census of Albemarle Co. VA 

John Alphin  0-1-0-01001.

Also listed is a Elizabeth Alphin with all 0's behind her name. 

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