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  Oley TWP, Berks Co., PA to Lincoln Co., NC to Rabun Co., GA; Early Seventeen Hundreds to Late Eighteen Hundreds

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Berks Co., PA                 Lincoln Co., NC:


  THOMAS BENFIELD was born Abt. 1700, and died Abt. 04 June, 1770 in Oley TWP, Berks Co., PA. He married MARY HILL Abt. 1733 in Berks Co., PA (Possible).

Children of THOMAS BENFIELD and MARY HILL are:

1. SAMUEL BENFIELD, b. 12 January, 1741/42, East Oley, Berks Co., PA; d. 07 December, 1831, Albany TWP, Berks Co., PA.

2. MARY BENFIELD, b. 1744, Berks Co., PA.

3. CATHERINE BENFIELD, b. 1746, Berks Co., PA; d. Aft. 1755; m. ADAM ULRICH.


5. SUSANNA BENFIELD, b. 1750, Berks Co., PA.

6. JOHANNES "JOHN" BENFIELD, SR., b. Abt. 1755, Berks Co., PA; d. 19 April, 1819, Berks Co., PA (Probable).

  JOHANNES "JOHN" BENFIELD, SR. was born Abt. 1755 in Berks Co., PA, and died 19 April, 1819 in Berks Co., PA (Probable). He married CATHERINE UNKNOWN Abt. 1772 in Berks Co., PA (Probable).


1. JOHN BENFIELD, JR., b. 1775, Oley TWP, Berks Co., PA; d. Abt. 1855, Rabun Co., GA (Probable).

2. ELIZABETH BENFIELD, b. 07 July, 1777, Oley TWP, Berks Co., PA; d. 05 April, 1807.

3. GEORGE BENFIELD, b. 07 July, 1777, Oley TWP, Berks Co., PA; d. Abt. 1845, Burke Co., NC.

4. CATHERINE BENFIELD, b. Abt. 1786, Lincoln Co., NC; d. Aft. 1830, Lincoln Co., NC (Probable)

5. HENRY BENFIELD, b. 1788, Lincoln Co., NC; d. Aft. 1850, Catawba Co., NC (Probable).

6. MARTIN BENFIELD, b. 1789, Lincoln Co., NC; d. 1841, Burke Co., NC.

7. DANIEL BENFIELD, b. 1791, Lincoln Co., NC; d. Aft. 1870.

8. BARBARA BENFIELD, b. 1795, Lincoln Co., NC.

 JOHN BENFIELD, JR. was born 1775 in Oley TWP, Berks Co., PA, and died Abt. 1855 in Rabun Co., GA (Probable). He married ELIZABETH HARTLE Abt. 1794 in Lincoln Co., NC (Probable).


1. JOSEPH BENFIELD, b. Abt. 1798, Lincoln Co., NC; d. Abt. 1848; m. ELIZABETH MINGUS, 17 September, 1836.

2. JOHN BENFIELD III, b. Abt. 1800, Lincoln Co., NC; m. MARGARET BOLICK.

3. DANIEL BENFIELD, b. 1803, Lincoln Co., NC; d. Abt. 1836, Lincoln Co., NC; m. ELIZABETH PITTS, 23 March, 1823.

4. SAPHRONIA BENFIELD, b. Abt. 1809, State of North Carolina; d. Aft. 1870, Rabun Co., GA (Possible); m. ADAM TEEM, Abt. 1830, Burke Co., NC (Possible).

5. SUSAN BENFIELD, b. 06 July, 1810, Lincoln Co., NC; d. 15 September, 1896, Rabun Co., GA; m. DANIEL MONROE TEEM, 15 September, 1830, Rabun Co., GA.

6. ABSALUM BENFIELD, b. 20 January, 1815, Lincoln Co., NC; d. 10 July, 1903, Rabun Co., GA; m. NANCY SCHUEFFLER, Abt. 1837, Rabun Co., GA (Probable).

7. LYDIA "LIDDY" BENFIELD, b. 1816, Lincoln Co., NC; d. 15 February, 1871, Ducktown, Polk Co., TN; m. THOMAS BENFIELD, 1835.

8. JEMIMA BENFIELD, b. 10 October, 1818, Lincoln Co., NC; d. 1906, Rabun Co., GA (Probable); m. HENRY BENFIELD, Abt. 1835.

9. MARY "POLLY" BENFIELD, b. 10 October, 1818, Lincoln Co., NC; d. 1895; m. ELLIS SMITH, Abt. 1832.

  Will of Thomas Benfield, Sep. 1, 1764, Will Book 2., pg. 77-78.

Probated at Reading, PA  Jun. 4, 1770.       In the name of God, Amen, being of wesk body, but sound mind I do make this will and testament.  One, I want a decent burial, Two, I bequeath and give the following manner, and three, I want all my just debts paid, also my funeral expenses to be paid by my executors.  Four, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Mary, 100 lbs lawful money of PA paid one year after my death.  Also, the privilege between my Executor bearing equal as long as she continues my widow to have possession of the new house:.  But, if she marries again, she loses the possession of the new house with the privileges and have one hundred pounds above given.  My best bed and bedding, also my best chest and all wearing apparel.  I give and bequeath unto my six children the following sums of money to be paid to them in the year of our Lord, 1784, by my executor as follows:  Catherine Ulrich, wife of Adam Ulrich, 10 pounds; Mary Harp, 10 pounds; John Coafman, 5 pounds; Son John and daughter Susannah, 10 pounds; Elizabeth Uptegrove, 10 pounds.  I also, give to my son John, when 21 years old the 52 acre tract of land which I last purchased included in one deed with my former purchase.  I give and bequeath to my son, Samuel, all the remaining of my Estate, both real and personal, whatever found and whom I do constitute and ordain my sole Executor of this Will.  Written 1 Sep 1764.  I exonerate all former wills.

Thomas (XX) Benfield

Witness:  Frederick N-------- of Hereford, Jacob Cozzintz, Jacob Lorentz and John Doveland.

Indenture bearing date of Feb. 3, 1770, Thomas Benfield of District Twp., Berks, Pa and John Benfield, his son on second part of same place witnessed the said Thomas Benfield for the love forever and other paternal reasons doth grant and give and engross and confirm unto said John Benfield, his heirs, and assigns forever, a certain 52 acres of land which: was a part of the original 152 acre tract.  Patent to Thomas Benfield. Rest of indenture same as first patent.

Thomas Benfield's will was probated June 4, 1770.

John Benfield sold land May 1, 1773 to Jonas Weaver.

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