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  Over the years we have had many dogs. We have loved them all. This page is dedicated to those who are no longer with us and to those who are still members of our family.

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  Chuc was our Siberian Husky. She was the most sensitive dog that we have had. She was very intuitive and loving. She was very capable of expressing her concern for her humans. Chuc was the only one of our dogs that became a mother (to date). Maybe that's why her caring instinct was so strong. She was physically strong, but very gentle and tolerant toward even the youngest children. Chuc had to be euthanized in 1985 after experiencing a massive stroke. She lives in our hearts.

  Girlie was a mixed-breed stray that adopted us. She was probably the wildest of all our dogs! If she ever managed to get out the door without a leash, she would run like a rabid animal all over the neighborhood barking, sometimes not coming home for a full day. She could not be caught if she got away. That behavior was the end of her. Girlie was run over and killed by a car during one of her escapes in 1985. She lives in our hearts.

  Fiddler was the delight of our lives for fourteen and one half years. She was half Chihuahua and half Dachshund. Fiddler thought she was a Great Dane even though she was only a little bit of a pup. Her personality was full of spice and her ways were winning. Fiddler was the one who got away with things we wouldn't allow the other dogs get away with. You might say she was spoiled. We only thought she was very much loved. She was accidentally run over and killed instantly on November 28, 1999. Her little grave is within sight of our house and a statue of St. Francis of Assisi stands at the head of it. It gives me great comfort to know that her earthly remains are near, but oh, how I miss her. She lives in our hearts.

  Mopsey was a Cocker Spaniel-Terrier mix. We got her when she was about four months old in 1989. Apparently, she had been mistreated and it took her almost another year before she learned to play. Trust came hard for her. Mopsey was very agile and sure- footed in the woods and very active for most of her life. She was also a proud defender from all strange animals of her territory outdoors. Inside the house, her favorite hideout used to be under our bed! For all her bravery, she was afraid of thunder and loud noises. A sure way to get her home was to light a firecracker! If it were possible, she would have been in our bed every time the thunder rolled through our mountains! Having learned to trust her people, her gentle affection extended to those who came into her house. It took a lot of patience and love to bring her to that point. Our little Mopsey passed away on 03 Apr 2007.  She rests next to Fiddler with statuary of angels watching over her.

  Tilde is a Boston Terrier. She was born in South Carolina and came into our lives on December the 6th, 1999. Sometimes I have to wonder to myself if we were slightly insane to bring a puppy home so soon after losing our Fiddler, and being a tired and middle-aged as well! However, as the nights of sleeplessness and days of fatigue have passed, I have come to think our decision was probably the most life-affirming one we could make! What better way to reclaim the joy in life after our loss? Puppies are like children. They require a lot of attention and patience, along with love and discipline. Tilde is learning how to be a good girl and we are learning how to let her needs take away from our time. She's an intelligent and headstrong little pup. Her antics make us laugh and her bad behavior frustrates us, but one day, all this effort will come home to us with her love and loyalty. 

Tilde now has her own pages.  Please visit her at:

Tilde’s Hangout

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