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  We began our project on the 14th of July, 1997.  It took us over two years to come near completion of all the cemeteries in Rabun Co., GA.  What had begun as research into family history, quickly became research into county history!  And what had begun as a personal tool, quickly presented itself as a tool that many, many researchers could benefit from.  Very soon after this realization, we began to share our work with The Tombstone Inscription Project  where the data was placed at The Rabun Co., GA Cemetery Site.  Please do visit.  You will be amazed at what others have done toward preserving the information that is quickly being lost from cemeteries all over the country.  And if you have Rabun Co., GA ancestry, the Rabun County pages will benefit you.

It is terribly touching to visit some of these lonely places in the hills and forest where only deer and birds come to visit the forgotten interments of loved ones laid to rest so long ago.  It is a labor of love and reverence for those who mourned and buried their dead that we perform when we record the meager information that can be obtained from the tombstones.  It is all that we can do.

There are still a handful of cemeteries that we have been unable to find.  We still hope to locate them one day.

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Arrendale Cemetery

Martin L. Arrendale; 15 May 1859-11 mar 1935; "Gone But Not Forgotten"; Foot stone, "M.L.A."

Double Marker:

"We shall meet again sweet mother, in a brighter clime than this-where the anguish of this world of ours is lost in deathless bliss."

Margarett Arrendale; 05 Aug 1860-06 Aug 1897; "Wife of Martin L. Arrendale"; Foot stone, "M.A."


Infant Daughter Arrendale; Died 09 May 1895; "Infant Daughter of Martin L. and Margarett Arrendale"; "A little time on earth she spent Till God for her His angel sent." 

Burton Cemetery

Clyde, son of (unreadable) Derrick; 13 Oct 1904-18 Dec 1904

Lonzo O. B. Spiva; 15 Jul 1910-22 Aug 1910; "From Mother's arms to the arms of Jesus."

Susie Philyaw; no dates

Dolly Wood; 02 Oct 1910-07 Jun 1913; "Gone, But Not Forgotten"

Elizabeth Cook Carson; 1859-1889; "Gone, But Not Forgotten"

Doctor B., son of J. C. and Tiney York; 24 Feb 1889-26 Jul 1896; "Weep not father and mother for me, For I am waiting in heaven for thee."

Dalton, son of G. A. and H. M. Canup; 29 May 1896-13 Jun 1897; "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best."

Infant son of L. M. and L. V. Chastain; Still born 19 Jan 1917; "Gone to a better land"; Foot stone, "INF"

Infant daughter of L. M. and L. V. Chastain; Still born 13 Jun ----; "Gone to be an angel"; Foot stone, "INF"

Bessie, daughter fo L. M. and L. V. Chastain; 24 Oct 1901-11 Sep 1902; "She was the sunshine of our home."; Foot stone, "B.C."

Infant daughter of L. M. and S. E. Chastain; Still born 08 Feb 1885; "Not lost but gone before."; Foot stone, "INF"

Sarah E. Chastain, wife of L. M. Chastain; 14 Jan 1868-12 May 1891; "Gone to a bright home where grief cannot come."; Foot stone, "S.E.C."

Andrew J. Powell; 16 Mar 1848-18 May 1908; "Thy trials ended, thy rest is won."; Foot stone, "A.J.P."

Maebell Eller; 19 Oct 1916-22 Nov 1916; "Blessed are the early dead."; Foot stone, "M.E."

M. L. King; Born 14 Feb 1817 Buncombe Co., NC; Died 04 Apr 1894 Rabun Co., GA; "In Memory Of"

Mary R. Burrell; 31 Sep 1867-23 Jan 1884, age 16 years, 3 months, 23 days; "Sacred to the Memory Of"

Dillard Burrell; 06 Sep 1892-21 Aug 1916; "How soon, alas, our bright prospect fail."; Foot stone, "D.B."

Horace Blalock; 19 Oct 1904-22 Nov 1904; "From Mother's arms to the arms of Jesus."

John A. Smith; 06 Jan 1875-24 Nov 1882; "Gone, But Not Forgotten"; Foot stone, "J.A.S."

Wellborn L. Smith; 24 Dec 1872-15 Nov 1882; "Gone, But Not Forgotten"; Foot stone, "W.L.S."

Double Marker:

"At Rest"

"Mother"; Sarah H. Smith; 11 May 1824-27 Mar 1908; Foot stone, "S.H.S."


"Father"; John F. Smith; 03 Apr 1824-29 Jan 1906; Foot stone, "J.F.S."

Mrs. Genetty King; 25 Feb 1863-08 Nov 1891; "In Memory Of"

There are many other graves marked only by white crosses.

Green Cemetery

S. S. Green; 02 Jul 1885-23 Jun 1893; "In Heaven there is one angel more." 

Irinda, wife of B. Thomas; 12 Oct 1852-25 Mar 1904; "Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep."; "Thomas"

Field Stone Marker: D. Green; 21? Apr? 1808-26 Jun 1862 (*this is probably same person as the next listing though dates were hard to read)

Double Marker:

"Father"; David Green; 21 Aug 1808-26 Jun 1862; Foot stone, "D. G."


"Mother"; Fannie Green; 1811-06 May 1891; "Call not back the departed, anchored safe where storms are o'er-on the border land we left them-soon to meet and part no more."; Foot stone, "F. G." 

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