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  England to Henrico Co., VA; Sixteen Hundred to Mid-Seventeen Hundreds

  Richard Cocke I was born bet. 1600 - 1602 in Stotenden, Shropshire, ENG, and died 1665 in "Bremo", Henrico Co., VA. He married (1) Temperance Bailey Bef. 1638, daughter of John? Baley and Cicely Reynolds. He married (2) Mary Aston Abt. 1652, daughter of Walter Aston and Unknown.

Children of Richard Cocke and Temperance Bailey are:

1. William Cocke, born in State of Virginia.

2. Elizabeth Cocke.

3. Thomas Cocke, born 1638 in "Bremo", Henrico Co., VA; died 10 December, 1696 in Malvern Hills, Henrico Co., VA.

4. Richard Cocke II, born 10 December, 1639 in "Bremo", Henrico Co., VA; died 20 November, 1706 in Henrico Co., VA.

Children of Richard Cocke and Mary Aston are:

1. Richard Cocke, died 1720.

2. John Cocke, died 1696 in "Old Man's Creek", Charles City Co., VA.

3. William Cocke, born 1655 in State of Virginia; died 1693 in "The Low Grounds", VA (?). He married (1) Jane Clarke 1678. He married (2) Sarah Flower 1689.

4. Elizabeth Cocke, born 1653.

Richard patented 3,000 acres on the James River in Henrico Co., VA on 06 Mar 1636 due him for 60 immigrants to the Colony.  His estate adjoined lands of John Price on the east and Thomas Harris to the west.  He was several times a member of the House Of Burgesses (1644 and 1654) and Lieutenant-Colonel of the County (or County Commandant) of Henrico.  He resigned the House of Burgesses in 1655 to accept the office of Sheriff.  It is significant that all of his land grants, totaling about 10,000 acres in Henrico were for transporting to Virginia some 220 persons total.

He lived at "Bremo", granted to him in 1636.  This portion of his plantation was on the river and that part on the ridge and on the head of Turkey Island Creek he called  "Malvern Hills", which he patented three years later.  These estates are situated on the James River some twelve or fifteen miles east of Richmond.

Will of Richard Cocke Senior

In the Name of God Amen. I  Richard Cocke Senr being at present in perfect health and memorie for which I render hearty thanks to Almighty God my Creator yet - considering the uncertainty of this transitory life have therefore for the peaceable settling that little Estate God in his Goodness hath given me  made and ordained this my last will and Testament, hereby reversing all former wills at any time made by me.  

Imprimis. I bequeath my Soule to God that gave it trusting in the (meritts(?)) of my Redeemer to obtaine a joyfull Resurrection and my bodie to the grave to be Interred in my Orchard near my first Wife decently according to the usuall Solemnities of the Church of England & my Estate I dispose as followeth.  

It. After my debts are paid I give and bequeath the one third of all my Estate whether in lands or Chattles to my loveing Wife Mary Cocke the said third of the land to be held by her during her naturall life & no longer, and it is hereby declared that my Will is that she lay no Claime to any part of that land formerly given by me to my Sons Thomas and Richard Cocke but that they enjoy the Same Intirely to them & their heirs according to a deede of gift thereof recorded in Henrico Court.         

It.  I give and bequeath to my Sons Witt & John Cocke the residue of that divident of land not disposed of by the aforesaid deed of gift and the will always excepting in the Gift the six hundred and forty Acres called Bremo to be held to them and their heires for Ever & to be equally divided between them when they come of age.  

It.   I give and bequeath the afore excepted six hundred and forty Acres of land to my eldest Son Richard Cocke & the heir males of his body Lawfully begotten & for want of Such I give to my son Thos Cocke & the heir males of his body lawfully begotten & for want of Such Issue to my Son Witt Cocke & the heir males of his body lawfully begotten & for want of Such heires to the heir males of John Cocke & for want of Such to the heir males of Richard Cocke my youngest Son provided always that my first named Son Richard Cocke if he live to Inherett it or any other of my Sons or their heirs that shall after my decease first posess the said land Shall pay to my Daughter Elizabeth Cocke for her portion one hundred pounds Sterling & if he or they Shall (efade(?)) payment or fail of making good payment of the said Sum to the said Elizabeth when she attaines the age of  Seaventeen years or at the day of her Marriage which shall first happen then the said land to be extended to the use of the said Eliza: untill the said Sum by the annuall value of the land Shall be accomplished, and in Case the said Eliz: should die before either of the said terms of Seaventeen years of age or Marriage then my will is that the said hundred pounds be paid to my other Children by my now Wife by equall portion as they shall attaine to lawfull age. 

It. I give and bequeath to my now youngest Son Richard Cocke & his heirs  (s?)even hundred and fifty Acres of Land out of the pattent of land taken up jointly between Mr John Beauchamp & my self of which seaventeen hundred and fifty belonged to me the residue of which seaventeen hundred & fifty I have already given & hereby Confirm to my Sons Thomas Cocke & Richard Cocke the elder & their heires...

And for my personall Estate I do hereby acknowledge that all the Catle of my older Son Richards & the hogs being of a distinct (mark(?)) & all known by my Cozen Daniel & the two Negros do proply belong to him by a gift from his Mother which I hereby Confirm they being never by me reputed as any part of my proper Estate. as for the rest of my Estate my wives thirds being deduced I give to be equally divided between my Children by my present Wife Mary Cocke willing that the Mare & (Flock(?)) of Cattle & Sheep run in (Corn? --Cotton? - Common?) for their joint (Benefitt?--Profitt??) & as any of my said Children come to Age that they receive their equall pporton of the female Stocks then in being & all the male Increase to the Guardian of my Children.  

It.  I give & bequeath to my Couzen Daniell Jordan as much manured land as he & two hands shall be able & will manure with a teame during his life or abode in the Country provided he accept the Same upon these termes Vizt. to employ himself & one hand more my Son finding teams & leades & all housing & tacckling belonging to it & one hand more & to hand to my said Cozen the third part of this produce of all theire labours. 

Item my will is that in Case my Son Thomas Cocke will looke to the Mill for the use of my other Children untill they Come to Age that then he shall have for his paines & Care the grinding of his Corne tole free & three thousand pds of (-Tol-?) & (Case? - Cak? - Cash??) p Annum out of the profits my other Childrens Estates keeping his in spair.      

It.  I make my loving Wife Mary Cocke& my two Sons Thos & Richd Cocke Senr my Executors of this my Will -- appointing my Wife the Guardian for all my Younger Children born of her -- untill they Come to age & in Case of her decease then my said Sons Tho:& Richd  

It. I desire & request the Justices of the County of Henrico in whose fatherly Care & Integrity towards the Widdow & fatherless I repose much Confidence to bee my Overseers of this my lastwill & Testament & to take Care that it be performed according to the true Intent & meaning Thereof.

Dated under my hand and Seale this fourth day of October 1665Declared Signed Sealed & Delivered                                              Richd Cocke Senr

(- ?- git ??)

In presence of u.........                                                                              Henry Randolph Cop Vir Extrati & Exam p. Jos:Tanner Cr. Curill (???)Henry Isham             


Test William Randolph ClCrt

  Richard Cocke II was born 10 December, 1639 in "Bremo", Henrico Co., VA, and died 20 November, 1706 in Henrico Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Littlebury Bef. 1672.

Children of Richard Cocke and Elizabeth Littlebury are:

1. Richard Cocke III, born 1672 in "Bremo", Henrico Co., VA; died Bef. October 1720 in "Bremo", Henrico Co., VA. He married (1) Rebecca Unknown. He married (2) Ann Bowler Abt. 1695.

2. John Cocke, born 1673; died 1699. He married Obedience Branch November 1696 in Henrico Co., VA.

3. Elizabeth Cocke, born Abt. 1675. She married Miles Carey August 1695.

4. Martha Cocke, born Abt. 1680; died Bet. 1725 - 1732. She married (1) Joseph Pleasants I 15 May, 1699 in Henrico Co., VA. She married (2) Edward Bennett 05 March, 1726/27 in Curles Meeting House, VA.

5. Ann Cocke, born Abt. 1688 in Charles City Co., VA. She married Robert Bolling 27 January, 1705/06.

A Richard Cocke (either II or III or both at various times) was a member of County Court, 1678, & 1680, and at intervals to 1714, which was probably about the date of his death. Richard is buried at "Bremo", Henrico Co., VA in a graveyard on the land, which his father bequeathed to him.

In the Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, in a copy of a land transfer, from John Grundy to William Randolph of Henrico County, one of the boundaries mentioned is: "bounded with ye upper line on the land of Mr. Richd. Cocke of Bremo & with ye lower line on the land of John Pleasants....." Richard Cocke (the Older) was the second son of Richard Cocke and Temperance Bailey Browne Cocke.  Richard was also Sheriff of the county in 1692.

At Bremo in Henrico Co., VA. ca. 1895 was a gravestone: "Here lyes interr'd the Body of Richard Cocke, Jr., son of Richard Cocke of B_[Bremo] He was born 10th day ___ember 1639 and departed -ife on the 20th November ______. Source: Vol.V, VA. Historical Collections, Huguenot Emigration to Va. p. 73: "Mr. Robert Bolling is ordered by the Honorable Lt. Governor and Council to survey and lay off the second 5000 acres of land assigned to the French Refugees at Mankin Town, and Co., Wm. Randolph and Mr. Richard Cocke are appointed to hear and determine all disputes in regard to the distribution of the shares." [By 1714, Dr. Wm. Cocke was secretary of the colony.] 1714, Richard Cocke bought from Lt. Governor Spotswood in a deed from Williamsburg for the sum of 12 pounds 10pence [about $350] 2447 acres of land on the north side of the James River, Goochland Co. adjoining lands of Nicholas Meriwether and Joseph Lewis.  Part of this land [1100 acres] was bought 1770 by Rev. William Douglas, teacher of Mr. Jefferson, and given to his grandson, Thomas Meriwether. [In Goochland Co., in 1751, Patty Wood, daughter of Henry Wood and Martha Cox married Wm. Meriwether.]

A will was never found but there was a memorandum in the Order Book of Henrico Co. that the will was proven in Oct. of 1720 with Ebenezer Adams, Nathaniel Harrison and Henry Harrison as executors. [Nathaniel Harrison was the son of Benjamin Harrison of Surry Co., and Grandfather of Benjamin Harrison of Brandon, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Ebenezer Adams was the father of Thomas Adams who married Martha Cocke, daughter of Richard Cocke III, member of the Continental Congress 1778-80.]Richard may have been married twice (?).

From: "Adventurers of Purse and Person":

Called "the elder" to distinguish him from his young half-brother by the same name.

He inherited the 640 acre "Bremo" plantation in Henrico from his father and served as surveyor of the county and justice, 1678.  He was associated with his brother Thomas is various enterprises, among them the operation of a ferry across the James River, known as "Cocke's Ferry" as late as 1810, and the operation of an ordinary near the courthouse at Varina.  He held 2180 acres in Henrico County, 1704.

His will, 19 Nov 1706-02 Dec 1706, named his children and grandchildren.

More information on descendants of this family is available.  Please email us.

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