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  Switzerland to Richland Co., SC to Wilkinson Co., MS to Lincoln Co., MS; Early Seventeen Hundreds to Mid-Eighteen Hundreds

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Flag of Switzerland 

Map of Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Kanton Dietlikon   

  Hans Caspar Kuhn was born Abt. 10 October, 1713 in Dietlikon, Zurich, Switzerland, and died Aft. 15 February, 1792 in Richland Co., SC. He married (1) Anna Magdalena Mejer 22 October, 1737 in Dietlikon, Zurich, Switzerland, daughter of Hans Mejer and Verena Kaufmann. He married (2) Anna Barbara Kersebiruger 28 June, 1750 in Amelia TWP, Orangeburg Co., SC. He married (3) Anna Maria (Mary Ann) Unknown December 1753. 

Children of Hans Kuhn and Anna Mejer are:

1. Anna Kuhn, born Abt. 29 April, 1739 in Dietlikon, Zurich, Switzerland; died Bef. 1749 in Germany.

2. Caspar Kuhn , Jr., born Abt. 1747 in Germany; died Abt. 1783 in South Carolina.

3. Margaret Kuhn, born Abt. 1747 in Germany; died Aft. 1792 in South Carolina. She married George Buser Abt. 1773 in South Carolina.

Children of Hans Kuhn and Anna Unknown are:

1. John Adam Kuhn, born 12 August, 1754 in Amelia TWP, Orangeburg Co., SC; died Abt. April 1815 in Richland Co., SC.

2. John Conrad Kuhn, born 16 April, 1756 in Amelia TWP, Orangeburg Co., SC; died 11 March, 1843 in Davidson Co., TN.

3. John Lewis Coon , Sr., born 24 September, 1757 in Amelia TWP, Orangeburg Co., SC; died December 1822 in Wilkinson Co., MS.

Hans Caspar and his first wife, Ann Mejer and infant daughter Ann, left Dietlikon, Zurich, Switzerland in 1739 for Charleston, SC.

The surname "Kuhn" means "Brave Man".  Another source has the meaning in German as "one who is sought after for counsel."

Wills1526-F SC; R2 Rt.1, Richland Co., SC; Wills Book B

pp 232-233, Box pig 428, signed 2/15/1792

"The Boozer Family" of SC by Mary Elizabeth Boozer (1970), page 21, indicates Caspar Kuhn and family came in 1739 from the Canton of Zurich.  He first settled in the Orangeburg area, acquired land at several places, took his third wife about 1751, and bought, apparently before 1767, some land near Savannah Hunt Creek.  REF: Faust Vol. I, pp. 44  "From the Parishes Dietlikon and Rieden the following families and persons have left for Carolina. 1739 Caspar Kuhn, from Rieden, born October 10, 1713.  His wife, Anna Magdalen Mejer, from Rumlang, born January 21, 1714.  Anna, their daughter, born April 29, 1739."  From Switzerland via Greenwich (Council Journal 19 Dec 1749-OGS News Vol.I, pp. 30).  200 Acres Bull Swamp 19 Jul 1750 (Cun.).  Kuhn (Ger.) per History of Orangeburg pp. 31.  Grant 5:213; 2F:45; Memorial 8:24.  Arrived on ship Greenwich in January1749/50.  REF: "The Swiss Connection-Hans Caspar Khun (1713-1792) of SC" by Gwendolyn Pryor, 1991.  1750 on Monday Decembr, 24th In the Church of Orangeburgh, Henry Wetstine, and Barbara widow of Hans Ulrich Morff, deceased, both of this Township; Being present: Henry Haym, Caspar Kuhn, Peter Moorer, junr., etc.  (Rev. Giessendanner)  1757 on Sunday Novembr. 20th in Orangeburgh Chruch. Hans Caspar, son of Barnard and Anne Mary Ziegler; born Septembr. 28th 1757.  suret: Conrad Hungerbiller, Caspar Kuhn, and Anne Margaret Barrin.  (Rev. Giessendanner)  1792 Richland County Wills, Book B, pp. 232

SPOUSE Anna:  Faust Vol., I, pp. 44.  REF: "The Swiss Connection Hans Caspar Kuhn (1713-1792)" by Gwendolyn Pryor, 1991.  Anna: 1740 Feb 3, married the following:  John Julius Tapp, son Christian Tapp, to Anna B. Kergersperger, widow, madien name Kersebiruger.  (Rev. Giessendanner)

1740 Joh. Julius Tapp Feb. 3, to Ann Barbar Hergersperger, widow (Rev. Giessendanner) (list after England)  1740 Dec 2  Surv. lot 243 + 150 acres.  Gave land to John Harrisperger 8 Nov 1757.  REF: Grant 6:235; Memorial 7:191.  Georg Adam Ernst to Ann Barbara Tapp, widow.  (Rev. Giessendanner) (list after England) 1750 on Thursday June 28th, in the house of these married persons by Ditto, Caspar Kuhn and Anna Barbara Ernst, late wife of George Adam Ernst, of this township, deceased; being present: Valentine Yutzy, John Fritchman, John Friday Junr., etc.  (Rev. Giessendanner)  1751on Wednesday January 2d 1750/1 was entered in the Church yard of Orangeburgh the Body of Ann Barbara, wife of Caspar Kuhn of this Township.  She dyed after one Days Illness on Monday night Decembr. 31st.  Aged (blank) (Rev. Giessendanner)

SPOUSE Anna:  1758 on Easter Sunday March 26th in Orangeburgh Church.  (blank), daughter of Jacob and Anna Wideman, born February 26th, 1758.  Suscept:  Rudolph and Elizabeth Theiler, and Anne Mary, wife of Caspar Kuhn. (Rev. Giessendanner)  1759 Sunday Nov. 25, Orangeburgh Church.  Anna Margaret, daughter of Jacob and Christina Barbara Hungerbiller; born August 26, 1759.  Suret:  Caspar and Anna Maria Kuhn, and Margaret wife of Joseph Huber.  (Rev. Giessendanner)

  John Lewis Coon , Sr. was born 24 September, 1757 in Amelia TWP, Orangeburg Co., SC, and died December 1822 in Wilkinson Co., MS. He married Mary Fannon Abt. July 1781 in State of South Carolina.

Children of John Coon and Mary Fannon are:

1. Anna Coon, born 26 March, 1783 in Richland Co., SC; died Aft. 19 October, 1852.

2. Jasper S. M. Coon, born 26 December, 1785 in Richland Co., SC; died 05 February, 1885. He married Sarah Fenner 03 February, 1816.

3. Jacob Coon, born 17 June, 1790 in Columbia, Richland, SC; died 08 March, 1851 in Pike Co., MS.

4. Margaret Coon, born 30 April, 1792 in Richland Co., SC.

5. John Lewis Coon , Jr., born 28 May, 1795 in Richland Co., SC.

6. Charles Augustus Coon , Sr., born 25 April, 1797 in Richland Co., SC.

7. David Fannon Coon, born 29 August, 1799 in Richland Co., SC; died in Wilkinson Co., MS.

8. Mary Ann Elizabeth Coon, born 20 August, 1802; died 28 January, 1892.

John was christened on 20 Nov 1757; sponsors were Lewis & Elizabeth Golsen and Peter Stehely. Amelia Township, Orangeburg Co., SC, Reformed Lutheran Church.  1757 On Sunday Novembr. 20th in Orangeburgh Church.  John Lewis, son of Caspar and Anna Maria Kuhn; born September 24th 1757.  Suret:  Lewis and Elizabeth Golsen and Peter Stehely.  (Rev. Giessendanner)

A HISTORY OF RICHLAND CO, By Green, Page en 975.7 Vol. 1 1732, 1805

PG 85-July 1775, the regiment of rangers commanded by Col. William Thompson, third, SC Regiment was formed.  One of the companies was under the command of Robert Goodwyn.  The other members of Company (not all belong to the forks of the Congaree and Watereo) with the place of their nativity were Lewis Coon (SC); Comrad Coon (SC).

PG 94-Coon, Lewis, 34 days as a footman under Col. Taylor

PG195-An election was held on Crane Creek for Militia Company between Columbia and Fairfield as reported 8/8/1794.  This resulted in the selection of Dempsey Hunler, Captain: Lewis Coon. Lieutenant.

On 25 Jun 1775, John Louis (Aged 19) Private in Col. Thompson's Regiment, stated as 5 foot 6 inches tall.

On 07 Aug 1775, John Louis is Private, 5th Company Rangers.

He was also in Thomas Taylor's Regiment.

Proven for Revolutionary War: National #635342

By 1813 the family was in Wilkinson Co., MS where they are found on 1816 Territorial Census.

John Louis Coon Sr.: GA: Passport dated 01 Nov 1811: to cross Indian Territory.

He is buried on the west side of Buffalo Creek; about 10 miles NE of Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS


(A diary written by Louis Coon , handed down to Bessie Lee Coon McGuffie Utica, Michigan, a copy in possession of Doris Hughes Barkdull.)

Detroit Mich.


To and of the Coon family:

The (can't read) made herein are in part copied from a like record held by William Crawford Coon, Jr. (now residing in Monticello, Ark.) who copied the record (1908) then held by one Rev. Luther White, a Methodist minister whose Mother was a Coon descending from Louis Coon Sr., the pioneer who moved his family from Carolina to Mississippi in the year 1811 A.D.

The White record or memoranda is the original one and aside from Births and Deaths is very brief.

It is to be regretted that the birth information of Louis the First is omitted.  The following notations were copied from the original by Louis the First.:

1811 A.D.  December 6 (46 days) We arrived in Wilkerson Co., Mississippi from South Carolina

We had a fall of snow from 12 to 14 inches the 9th and 10th day of January 10, 1812 A.D.  May 5 and 6 we had frost.

We had a storm of wind and rain, which injured or corn much, Louis Coon Sr. arrived.  We left SC October 21, 1811.

The above-copied records indicate that the entire family of Louis Coon, Sr., was born in South Carolina, starting while George Washington was serving his first term as president of the United States.

In 1811, the whole family migrated through the wilderness of the South from somewhere in South Carolina to Wilkerson Co., Mississippi.  The youngest daughter being nine years old, the oldest being a son, twenty-six.

  Jacob Coon was born 17 June, 1790 in Columbia, Richland, SC, and died 08 March, 1851 in Pike Co., MS. He married Nancy Genet Smith Abt. 1808.

Children of Jacob Coon and Nancy Smith are:

1. Martha Lavinia Coon, born 16 July, 1809 in Richland Co., SC; died 02 December, 1897. She married Peter McDonald 29 January, 1826.

2. Thomas Fannon Coon, born Abt. 1812 in Pike Co., MS; died 20 November, 1876 in Lincoln Co., MS.

3. John Louis Coon, born 06 October, 1814 in Pike Co., MS; died 19 February, 1898 in Lincoln Co., MS.

4. Samuel Coon, born Abt. 1816 in Pike Co., MS. He married Nancy Unknown Abt. 1838.

5. John Calvin Coon, born 14 August, 1819 in Pike Co., MS; died 14 January, 1893. He married Mary Ann Cupstid Abt. 1848.

6. Sarah Ann Coon, born 07 August, 1821 in Pike Co., MS; died 18 July, 1899.

7. Elizabeth "Betsy" Coon, born 06 July, 1823 in Pike Co., MS; died 01 August, 1899 in San Augustine Co., TX.

8. Jasper Joseph Coon, born 08 April, 1825 in Pike Co., MS; died 05 February, 1901. He married Susan Penelope McDavid Abt. 1850.

9. Margaret Lucinda Coon, born 08 October, 1829 in Pike Co., MS. She married James J. McDavid 16 December, 1844.

  Thomas Fannon Coon was born Abt. 1812 in Pike Co., MS, and died 20 November, 1876 in Lincoln Co., MS. He married Mary Unknown Abt. 1839.

Children of Thomas Coon and Mary Unknown are:

1. Mary Coon, born 25 February, 1839 in Lincoln Co., MS; died Bef. 1900 in Amite Co., MS. She married George Washington Wooley Bef. 1856.

2. William Coon, born Abt. 1843.

3. Sarah Coon, born Abt. 1848. She married Jacob Ritchey Abt. 1867.

4. Benjamin Jacob Coon, born 12 December, 1851 in Lincoln Co., MS; died 05 October, 1918.

More information on descendants of this family is available.  Please email us.

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