Scotland to Old Rappahanock Co

  Scotland to Old Rappahanock Co., VA to Farifax Co., VA to Loudoun Co., VA; Mid-Sixteen Hundreds to Mid-Seventeen Hundreds

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Clan Graham clan badge with motto "ne oublie" (forget not or never forget):

  Thomas Graham was born Abt. 1647 in Scotland, and died in Old Rappahanock Co., VA. He married Unknown.

Children of Thomas Graham and Unknown are:

1. Christopher Graham, born Abt. 1670 in Scotland; died 1750 in Fairfax Co., VA.

2. Edward Graham , Sr., born Bet. 1675 - 1676 in Old Rappahanock Co., VA; died Bet. 1749 - 1750 in Fairfax Co., VA.

  Edward Graham , Sr. was born Bet. 1675 - 1676 in Old Rappahanock Co., VA, and died Bet. 1749 - 1750 in Fairfax Co., VA. He married Patience Stafford, daughter of Thomas Stafford and Unknown.

Children of Edward Graham and Patience Stafford are:

1. Charles Graham, born 1700; died in State of Virginia.

2. Daniel Graham.

3. Edward Graham , Jr..

4. Ester Graham. She married Unknown Daniel.

5. George Graham.

6. Margaret Graham. She married Unknown Miller.

7. Patience Graham.

8. Robert Graham.

9. Stafford Graham.

10. William Graham, died in State of Virginia.

11. Mary Graham, born Abt. 1700 in Fairfax Co., VA; died Aft. 1763 in Loudoun Co., VA (Probable). She married (1) Richard Shirley. She married (2) Thomas Shirley.

12. John Graham , Sr., born 1702 in Stafford or Prince William Co., VA; died 1759 in Prince William Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Steward.

12. James Graham, born Abt. 1705. He married Unknown.

Abstract of the will of Edward Graham:

Fairfax County, Virginia  Will Book A  1742-1752 and Will book B

1752-1767 abstracted by June Whitehurst Johnson, copyright 1982  P.35

Will Book A   Pages 327-328  Sept. 12, 1749. 

Son:  James Graham the land he now lives on from Bull Run to the br.

this n.s. of his house.

Daus:  Mary Shurley 50 a. joining upon Col. Carter.

            Ester Danel   50 a.  joining upon line of Benj. Thuckson.

Sons;  All rest of land to be divided between my 4 sons:  Edward,

Robert, George and Stafford.  Edward Graham to take where he now lives joyning to William West upon the back line.  Robert Graham joining his br. Edward.  George Graham joining to br. Robert between him and Bull Run.  Stafford Graham the mannor plantation.  John Graham  5 lbs. sterl.  William Graham 4 lbs. sterl. and Charles Graham 8 lbs. sterl..

Wife;  Pasiance Graham all rest of estate during her widowhood and then the estate that I leve her to be equely divied between my sons Edward, Robert, James, George and Stafford and two daus. Margrett and Pasiance.

Executors:  Wife Pasiance Graham and son Robert Graham.

Signed;  Edward (E) Graham.

Witnesses;  John Dargan, Matthew (X) Addams, Thomas (his mark) Hughs.

Proven:  March 27, 1750

 Bull Run

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