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  Richland Co., SC to St. Helena Pr., LA to Amite Co., MS; Late Seventeen Hundreds to Mid-Eighteen Hundreds

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Richland Co., SC:       St. Helena Pr., LA:


State of Louisiana:


  John Joiner was born in Richland Co., SC (Probable), and died Abt. 1830 in St. Helena PR., LA (Possible). He married Unknown. Johnís parents were Joseph Joiner and Miles Jackson who married on 01 January 1741/42 in Amelia Township, South Carolina.

Notes concerning Joseph Joiner or Joyner:

The following information comes from a book called "A History ofRichland County".  It was written by Edwin L. Green of the University of South Carolina.  It was published in 1974 by Regional Publishing Company in Baltimore.

Pg. 73  "Joyner, Joseph (300; Aug. 7, 1749).  Near juncture of Santee and Wateree.  In 1752 Joseph Jackson recorded a plat with a "path to Joyner's Ferry." 

Pg. 114  "Joseph Joyner recorded in 1749 a tract of 300 acres touching both the Wateree and the Congaree near their juncture.  A plat dated three years later has on it "path to Joyner's Ferry."  By 1756 this ferry was discontinued and was succeeded by McCord's Ferry, which was operated at the same place." 

Pg. 115  "Another private ferry became by Act of July 2, 1766, a ferry of public use, 'at a place now called John McCord's ferry.'  All rights were vested in John McCord, his executors, etc., for fourteen years.  The rates were slightly higher than at Fridig's Ferry.  John McCord had secured land on the east side of the Congaree near its juncture with the Wateree in 1757. His ferry superseded Joyner's Ferry.  The road from Charlestown branched at this point, one branch crossing at this ferry and continuing up the Wateree to Camden, the other ran up the west bank of the Congaree to the Congarees, or Granby.  Some of the maps published about the Revolution call this 'McCants Ferry,' which is certainly a mistake, as there seems to be no evidence for the name.  This ferry remained in use till 1923, when it was superseded by a bridge.  This was destroyed during a flood in the summer of 1928, but has been restored (1930).  It was long known as 'Bate's Ferry'."


Children of John Joiner and Unknown are:

1. Susan Joiner, born Bet. 1803 - 1805 in Adams Co., MS. She married Nathan Simeon Rawlinson 18 October, 1825 in Amite Co., MS.

Marriage record of Susan Joiner and Nathan Rawlinson:

2. Tabitha Joiner. She married Daniel Moore Abt. 01 December, 1828 in St. Helena PR., LA.

3. Celitia Joiner. She married Unknown Benjamin.

4. Amelia Joiner. She married Unknown Hawkins.

5. Alevier Joiner. She married Unknown Perkins.

6. Gibson C. Joiner. He married (1) Alice Glasscock 21 March, 1818 in Amite Co., MS. He married (2) Mrs. Martha Busby 25 August, 1858 in St. Helena PR., LA.

St. Helena PR., LA; (Page and Book unknown)

Be it Remembered that on the Twenty Sixth Day of March in the year of Our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Thirty four before me Samuel Leonard Parish Judge & Exoficio Notary Public in and for the Parish St. Helena came William Carruth of Said parish who produced an Instrument of writing requesting the Same to be admitted of record in the words & figures following.

State of Louisiana

Parish of St. Helena

Know all men by these presents that whereas William Carruth a citizen of the aforesaid mentioned State & Parish has this Day purchased of Gibson C. Joiner one of the Legitimate heirs of the heirs of the Estate of John Joiner Deceased a certain tract or parcel of Land lying and being in the State & Parish aforesaid on the waters of Tickfaw River in the form represented in a plat made by J. B. Wamack Surveyor containing One hundred & Twenty eight acres being his the Said G.C. Joiner's part of Five Hundred & forty acres belonging to the estate of John Joiner deceased which Survey the Said G. C. Joiner has caused to be made by and with our consent.  Now this is to certify that Said G. C. Joiner is one of the legitimate heirs of Said Est. & that he is Seized and possessed of Said tract or parcel of Land as Such in the manner and forementioned below, Which Said tract or parcel of Land we do acknowledge & certify to be allotted to him by a division to which we hereby & Severally consented of Our own free will and accord without restraint or compulsion by Said G. C. Joiner or any other person or persons whomsoever And we the undersigned as heirs to Said John Joiner Estate deceased on Our part for Our selves heirs and assigns unto the Said G. C. Joiner his heirs & assigns against Ourselves Our heirs & assigns and against the Lawful claim or Claims of all person or persons whomsoever, Will warrant & forever defend by these presents the Said tract or parcel of Land as described above As in the plat made by J. B. Wamack on the 8th of December of the present year, In testimony of which we as heirs aforesaid Estate do hereunto Subscribe Our names this tenth of December in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred & Thirty. 

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of us Richard H. Blount, Jacob Wamack (his mark).


Tabitha Moore (L.S.) (her mark)

Celitia Benajmine (L.S.) (her mark)

N. S. Rawlinson (L.S.)

Susanah Rawlinson (L.S.) (her mark)

Amelia Hawkins (L.S.) (her mark)

Alevier Perkins (L.S.) (her mark)

State of Louisiana

Parish of St. Helena

Dec 10th, 1830.

I, Gibson C. Joiner of the above State & Parish have this day Sold and delivered unto William Carruth Sen. (?) of the above State and parish the above Described tract or parcel of Land in manner and form as above written or in the plat made by J. B. Wamack as described above, for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and Twenty Dollars to me in hand paid, and forever warrant and defend the Said tract or parcel of Land from all persons whatsoever unto Wm. Carruth his heirs and assigns &c In testimony of which I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal the Day & date above written In Presence of Richard H. Blount, Jacob Wamack (his mark).


Gibson C. Joiner (Seal) (his mark)

Gibson C. Joiner acknowledges his making this assignment to the foregoing mentioned premises February 22d 1834.

Samuel Leonard, P.J.

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