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  Norwich, Norfolk, ENG to Henrico Co., VA to Goochland Co., VA; Mid-Sixteen Hundreds to Early Eighteen Hundreds

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Henrico Co., VA:

  John Pleasants I was born 27 February, 1644/45 in Norwich, Norfolk, ENG, and died Bef. 01 June, 1698 in Henrico Co., VA. He married Jane Larcome Abt. 1670 in Henrico Co., VA.

Children of John Pleasants and Jane Larcome are:

1. Joseph Pleasants I, born 1675; died 1725 in Henrico Co., VA.

2. Elizabeth Pleasants, born Abt. 1676 in State of Virginia; died Bet. 1751 - 1752 in State of Virginia.

3. John Pleasants II, born Abt. 1671 in Henrico Co., VA; died 1714.

From: "The History of Henrico County" by Louis H. Manarin and Clifford Dowdey:

"The most prominent Quaker in the county was John Pleasants, a planter of means and a respected member of the community.  He allowed his house to be used as a meeting place for Quakers and was warned repeatedly.  The enforcement of the anti-Quaker acts came when he and his wife were indicted for living together unlawfully according to the rules of the established church, which did not recognize their marriage under the Quaker doctrine.

He and his wife were fined 240 pounds each for illicit cohabitation and 20 pounds each for every month they failed to attend services of the parish church.  Additional fines were imposed of two thousand pounds of tobacco for not having their children baptized and five hundred pounds of tobacco for allowing Quaker meetings in their house.  The adoption in England of the Declaration for Liberty of Conscience and Indulgence in Religious Matters of 1687 and the Toleration Act of 1688 allowed dissenting religious groups to hold religious services openly without having to conform to the doctrines of the established church.  The governor was directed to proclaim the declarations in every county, and it was to be done with the beating of drums, the firing of cannons and expresions of popular enthusiasm.  The proclamation was spread on the Henrico County Minute Book in 1690.  The passage of the act relieved Pleasants and his wife of the charges and nullified the fines.  That same year, Pleasants set aside a parcel of land for a meetinghouse and graveyard.  This meetinghouse was registered with the county court in 1692."

Smith Manuscript, Ridgeway Library, Philadelphia : Jane Pleasants, wife of John Pleasants, was zealous for the cause of Truth and had a Gift in the ministry which was very acceptable to Friends and particularly serviceable at that early time in a wilderness country, the good effect thereof was very visible in the place where she lived for a long time and where her ability of Body would not admit her to Ride alone which was for several years before her death she used to ride behind one of her servants and so continue to visit Friends and attend meetings to near the last period of her time. She survived her worthy husband by nine or ten years and then departed this life in a good old age in the year 1708, and was Buryed in Friends Burying Ground near Curles Meeting House in the presence of a numerous Assembly of Friends and neighbors.

  Joseph Pleasants I was born 1675, and died 1725 in Henrico Co., VA. He married Martha Cocke 15 May, 1699 in Henrico Co., VA, daughter of Richard Cocke and Elizabeth Littlebury.

Children of Joseph Pleasants and Martha Cocke are:

1. Richard Pleasants , Sr., born Abt. 1710; died 1778 in Goochland Co., VA.

2. Joseph Pleasants II, died 1758.

3. Elizabeth Pleasants, born 1703; died 1770. She married Joseph Lewis.

4. Jane Pleasants, died Aft. 19 September, 1726 in Henrico Co., VA.

5. John Cocke Pleasants, born Abt. 1710; died Aft. December 1776.

6. Thomas Pleasants, died 1775 in Goochland Co., VA.

7. Robert Pleasants, died Bef. 02 December, 1754.

8. Martha Pleasants.

9. James Pleasants.

Will of Joseph Pleasants

Henrico County Records 1725-1737, p. 3

Recorded 7 Feb 1725/6

Will of Joseph Pleasants: 9 Sept. 1725; Recorded 7 Feb. 1725/6.

Son Joseph Pleasants, land and plantation whereon Richd. Baze now lives known by name of Pickanockey, beginning at mouth of Horse Swamp thence up said swamp to a large branch of the same, parting that plantation and the one which Richard Baze's wife now lives at, thence up said branch until it meets Obediah Smith's line thence along said line to head, including in said bounds the 100 acres formerly Thomas Robinsons, the whole tract containing by estimate 300 acres. Son John Pleasants, land and plantation whereon William Ferris formerly lived above Horse Swamp; also land below Horse Swamp from the great Branch bounding my son Joseph up the said Swamp and Obediah Smith's line to head of my land, including plantation whereon Richard Baze's wife lives; containing (both tracts) 150 acres by estimation. Son Richard Pleasants, land joining upper side Buffalo Branch, by estimation 300 acres. Son Thomas Pleasants, plantation purchased by me of John Watson on or near a branch of Tuckahoe and on head of a branch called Longand Hongrey, by estimation 200 acres. Son Robert Pleasants, 200 acres on Four Mile Creek, beginning at Wm. Frogmorton's corner thence such a breath on said William's line up the said creek as will contain 200 acres including plantation whereon Benj. Childers lives. Should my son Joseph or his heirs at any time disturb my son Robert in his possession of said land, the bequest of land at Pickanockey made to saidJoseph to be void, and said land "remaine to my son Robert and his heirs forever. Son Joseph, a negro man Jack, goods and chattells, cattle, mare and horse. Daughter Jeane, negro girl, goods and chattells, cattle, mare. Daughter Martha, negro girl, goods and chattells, cattle, horse. Son John, negro girl, goods and chattells, cattle, mare. Son Richard, negro boy, goods and chattells, cattle, mare. Son Thomas, negro boy, goods and chattells, cattle, mare. Son Robert, negro boy, goods and chattells, cattle, mare. Wife Martha Pleasants, during her life, use and produce of real and personal estate, manor plantation without the impeachment of waste. If wife should marry again estate to be valued, appraised, 2/3 thereof equally divided among my sons children, other 1/3 to wife and her heirs forever. Should wife not marry use and produce of estate during her natural life in consideration of her bringing up my children in their minority and paying my just debts which I desire may be paid without charge of lawsuits, creditors proving their debts before two justices of the peace. My children to remain with their mother during her widowhood until there may be seen lawful cause to choose a guardian, otherwise to remain with their mother until they arrive to lawful years. Wife Martha Pleasants, whole and sole executrix. Wife to have advice of friend Colonel Randolph "whom I beg the favor of to advise her."

Witnesses - Thomas Pleasants, John Pleasants, Edward Bennett, John -X- Cooke, Jr., Eliza -X- Morris.

The will proved by solemn affirmation of John Pleasants and Edward Bennett, Quakers, witnesses thereto and ordered recorded.

  Richard Pleasants , Sr. was born Abt. 1710, and died 1778 in Goochland Co., VA. He married Anne Porter Abt. 1735 in Henrico Co., VA, daughter of William Porter and Hannah Povall?.

Children of Richard Pleasants and Anne Porter are:

1. Richard Pleasants , Jr., born Abt. 1740; died Aft. 1801 in Goochland Co., VA (Probable).

2. Martha Patty Pleasants.

3. Joseph Pleasants.

WILL OF RICHARD PLEASANTS in Goochland County, Virginia

W.B. 17, p. 178, Goochland County, VA

Recorded 15 May 1778

I Richard Pleasants of the County of Goochland being sick in body but of sound and perfect memory do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament to be as follows......

First I give and Divise unto my Son Richard my Tract of Land near Geneto Creek containing by Estamation three hundred and sixty acres as it being all the Land that I purchased of Richard Adams, unto him my said son Richard and to his heirs forever.

Item:  I give and Divise unto my Son Joseph the Land and Plantation whereon I now dwell, lying on Beverdam and Bufflo Creek containing two hundred acres be the same more or less unto him my said son Joseph and to his heirs forever.

Item:  I give and Bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Jane Pleasants one negroe Girl named Sarah unto her my said Grand Daughter Jane and to her heirs forever.

Item:  I give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Ann Watson ane negroe Girl named Milley unto her my said Grand Daughter Ann, and to her heirs forever.

Item:  I give and bequeath unto my Grandson Reuben Pleasants one negroe girl named Cloe unto him my said Grandson Reubin and to his heirs forever.

Item:  I give and bequeath unto my Son Richard Pleasants my young Bay mare unto him my said son Richard and to his heirs forever.

Item:  I give and Bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Jane Pleasants one Bed and furniture unto her my said Daughter (sic) Jane and to her heirs forever.

Item:  I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Ann the use of my negroes Girls Fanny Sylva and Sall for the term of her natural Life with all my household and Kitchen furniture not before mentioned and after her death the said three negroes Fanny Sylva and Sall to fall in the Division hereafter mentioned and the said household and Kitchen furniture I give unto my Son Joseph unto him my said Son Joseph and to his heirs forever.

My Will and Desire further that all the residue part of my negroes Including the two negroes girls lent my Daughter Martha Watson and the girl Lent my Son Richard (named Tamor, Doll and Jane with every other part of my Estate not before mentioned in this my Last Will and Testament be Equally Divided by my three Friends Thomas Pleasants Thomas Hatcher and William Royster to the best of their Judgments amongst my three Children Martha Watson Richard Pleasants & Joseph Pleasants which I give unto my said three Children Martha Richard & Joseph and to Each of their heirs forever.

My Desire is tha my beloved Wife may hold possess and enjoy peaceably my houses Plantation & c. whereon I now live Dureing her Life.

Lastly, I Constitute and Appoint my Loveing wife Anne Pleasants and my two Sons Richard and Joseph Pleasants Executors to this my Last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this fifteenth Day of May, Anno.Dom one Thousand seven hundred and seventy eight.

Signed and Sealed                                                                                      

Richard  (initial?) Pleasants   (seal)

In presence  

Archd  Pleasants

John Guerrant                   


At a Court held for Goochland County Septemr the 21st 1778,

This writing was proved by the Oath of John Guerrant and the Affirmation of Archer Pleasants (a Quaker) Witnesses hereto to be the Last Will and Testament of Richard Pleasants decd, and thereupon admitted to Record.

  Richard Pleasants , Jr. was born Abt. 1740, and died Aft. 1801 in Goochland Co., VA (Probable). He married Anne "Jeannie" LaPrade 01 July, 1762 in Goochland Co., VA, daughter of John LaPrade and Unknown.

Children of Richard Pleasants and Anne LaPrade are:

1. Ann "Sally" Pleasants, born in Goochland Co., VA (Probable). She married John T. Gladden 19 February, 1815 in Albemarle Co., VA.

2. Jane Pleasants. (Adopted). She married David Spradling 07 November, 1821 in Albemarle Co., VA.

3. Joanna F. Pleasants, born in Goochland Co., VA (Probable). She married Jacob Drumheller 16 October, 1819 in Albemarle Co., VA.

4. Robert Pleasants, died 1818 in Albemarle Co., VA. He married Sally Rogers 07 September, 1801 in Albemarle Co., VA.

5. Samuel Pleasants.

6. Temperance Pleasants.

7. Thomas Pleasants, born in Goochland Co., VA (Probable). He married Susan H. Goodman 04 April, 1825 in Albemarle Co., VA.

8. Union Pleasants.

9. Jeanie Pleasants, born 02 November, 1763 in Goochland Co., VA. She married Robert Blanks 02 May, 1785 in Goochland Co., VA.

10. Martha Pleasants, born 26 April, 1765 in Goochland Co., VA; died Abt. 1848 in State of Virginia. She married William Suddarth , Sr. 01 April, 1786 in Goochland Co., VA.

11. John Pleasants, born 10 January, 1767 in Goochland Co., VA (Probable). He married Jane Spencer 23 November, 1816 in Albemarle Co., VA.

12. Richard S. Pleasants, born 1780 in Goochland Co., VA (Probable). He married Zipporah Hicks 24 December, 1806 in Albemarle Co., VA.

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