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England to Henrico Co., VA; Late Sixteen Hundreds to Late Seventeen Hundreds

  William Porter III died Abt. 1747 in Henrico Co., VA (Probable). He married (1) Mary Kemp, daughter of Thomas Kemp and Unknown. He married (2) Margaret Goode?. He married (3) Jane Unknown.

Children of William Porter and Mary Kemp are:

1. William Porter IV, born Bef. 1710; died Bet. 1750 - 1751 in Henrico Co., VA (Probable).

2. Thomas Porter, died 1767 in Cumberland Co., VA.


Children of William Porter and Margaret Goode? are:

1. John Porter.

2. Sara Porter.

The Porter family is said to be Norman, descending from William LeGrande, who came to England with William the Conqueror.  His son, Roger, or Ralph was 'Grande Porteur' (cup bearer) to Henry I, from which the name of Porter is derived.  He had for arms a silver shield with three church bells, upon a sable bar across the center; the crest a port cullic.  From Warwick in succeeding centuries, they spread over various parts of England and in the 17th century joined the adventurous nobles who were emigrating to America.

William said to have migrated to Gloucester Co., VA ca 1652 from England; first of record in Henrico Co., VA ca 1679.  However, the following:

Wm. PORTER, 58 a., 3r, Henrico Co., N. side of Riv., adj. devdt. granted & lost by Mr. Jno. Beauchamp, which was granted to Honbl. Tho. Ludwell, Esq., Secretary, &c. 07 Apr 1671, p. 367.  Trans. of Lyddia Drunkard.


Willm. PORTER, 30 acs. Henrico Co., on N. side of James Riv., beg. at Mr. Ballard his out seat at the Poplar brooke, adj. Mr. Rich. Cocke, &c. 07 Apr 1671, p. 369.  Trans. of Jane Christy.

  William Porter IV was born Bef. 1710, and died Bet. 1750 - 1751 in Henrico Co., VA (Probable). He married Hannah or Anne Povall.

Children of William Porter and Hannah Povall are:

1. Anne Porter. She married Richard Pleasants , Sr. Abt. 1735 in Henrico Co., VA.

2. Susanna Porter. She married Unknown Layne.

3. Elizabeth Porter. She married Thomas Pleasants.

4. Amey Porter, died Abt. 1800 in Prince Edward Co., VA. She married Povall Carter.

5. Mary Porter. She married Morris Hamblet.

6. William? Porter , Jr.. He married Rebecca Burner.

7. Jane Porter.

8. Sarah Porter.

9. Tabbith Porter.

Details from the Will of William Porter; Henrico Co., VA Records 1750-1767, Vol. 67, page 27;

To daughter Jane Porter, all my land in Henrico Co. & items

To daughter Sarah Porter, slaves, etc.

To daughter Tabbith Porter, negroes

To daughters Ann Pleasants, Susanna Layne, Eliza. Pleasants, Amey Carter and Mary Hamblet 12:10 to be equally divided among them. 

To wife Hannah for widowhood, rest of estate and then divided among the children.

Executors:  wife and my brother, Thomas Porter.

Dated 26 Jun 1750

Witnesses; John Povall, Joseph Royall, John Warrener.

Recorded 1st Monday in Oct. 1750

Henrico Co., VA Records, Vol. 1750-67, page 55:  June 1751; John Povall an appriaser of the estate of William Porter

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