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State of North Carolina to Burke Co., NC to Rabun Co., GA; Late Seventeen Hundreds to Late Eighteen Hundreds

  SAMUEL QUEEN was born Abt. 1775, and died Aft. 1860 in Rabun Co., GA (Probable). He married NANCY UNKNOWN.


1. HUGH QUEEN, b. Bet. 1808 - 1811, State of North Carolina.


3. WILLIAM QUEEN, b. Bet. 1800 - 1803, State of North Carolina; d. Rabun Co., GA (Probable).

Proof that Samuel Queen was the father of William is found in a deed. Rabun Co., GA Old Deed Book F, page 127; Transcribed to New Deed Book T, page 348.

Filed 20 Jan 1853; recorded 09 May 1860; 100 acres, in lots 62 and 63, 2nd district, Rabun Co., GA.  "For love and affection; to Anna Queen, daughter-in-law, wife of my son William Queen; for her lifetime and after her decease to my grandson Samuel Queen; free from the control of her husband."

Witness:  H. T. Mozley and G. Marton and a secondary witness statement by J. E. Derick and William Lyles.

  WILLIAM QUEEN was born Bet. 1800 - 1803 in State of North Carolina, and died in Rabun Co., GA (Probable). He married MARY ANN PATTON 06 May, 1824 in Burke Co., NC, daughter of ROBERT PATTON and MARY DYSART.

Children of WILLIAM QUEEN and MARY PATTON are:

1. CAROLINE QUEEN, m. JOHN THOMAS, 11 June, 1843, Rabun Co., GA.

2. NANCY QUEEN, b. Abt. 1832; m. UNKNOWN HEAD.

3. SAMUEL PATTON QUEEN, b. 16 December, 1833, Macon Co., NC; d. 06 December, 1905, Rabun Co., GA.

4. MARTHA ANN QUEEN, b. Abt. 1837; m. JAMES WOODS, 18 January, 1857, Rabun Co., GA.

  SAMUEL PATTON QUEEN was born 16 December, 1833 in Macon Co., NC, and died 06 December, 1905 in Rabun Co., GA. He married SERENA HUNNICUTT 15 July, 1863 in Rabun Co., GA, daughter of JAMES HUNNICUTT and CATHERINE WILKINSON.

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Samuel & Serena Queen:            Marriage Record:



1. ROXANNA QUEEN, b. 16 August, 1865, State of Georgia; m. (1) JOSEPH BROWN DOTSON, 22 July, 1882, Rabun Co., GA; m. (2) GEORGE WELBORNE, 28 June, 1903, Rabun Co., GA.

Roxanna & Joseph B. Dotson with daughter, Ada:

2. TIMOXENA (OR TYMONANA) QUEEN, b. 22 November, 1867, State of Georgia; m. EZEKIEL LEDBETTER.

3. PATTON DYSART QUEEN, b. 15 February, 1870, Rabun Co., GA; d. 30 August, 1957, Rabun Co., GA; m. ADA JANE HUNTER, 11 November, 1894.

Patton D. Queen:

4. ELFORD QUEEN, b. 20 August, 1872, State of Georgia; d. 1944; m. LITHIA WIKLE, 03 April, 1897, Rabun Co., GA.

5. TYRE OR TIRA QUEEN, b. 01 January, 1875, Mountain City, Rabun Co., GA; d. 16 February, 1955; m. IDA EARWOOD, 20 May, 1903, State of South Carolina.

6. LESTER QUEEN, b. 15 October, 1877, State of Georgia; m. RHODA WELBORN, 13 April, 1902, Rabun Co., GA.

7. LAURA QUEEN, b. 16 September, 1879, State of Georgia; m. SAM WELBORN.

8. MARY CATHERINE QUEEN, b. 15 October, 1883, State of Georgia; d. 24 November, 1950; m. BENJAMIN E. RAMEY.

9. ARTHUR QUEEN, b. 15 October, 1888, State of Georgia; m. ADDIE WELBORN, 12 September, 1909, Rabun Co., GA.

Samuel served in the Civil War in 25th Infantry of NC-CSA.  He is listed on the Disabled or Invalid Soldier's Roll-CSA in Rabun Co., GA: Co. "G", 25th NC Regiment.  Reason:  Body wound received 13 Dec 1862.

Co. G 25th Regiment

Queen, Samuel P. 

Resided in Georgia and enlisted in Macon County, NC at age 22 on July 8,

1861. Present or accounted for until wounded in the back at Fredricksburg,

VA on Dec. 13, 1862. Returned to duty prior to Jan. 1, 1863. Present or accounted for until discharged on May 16, 1863 by reason of disability.

Samuel Queen's Oath of Allegiance:

Grave marker for Samuel P. Queen at Blue Heights Baptist Church, Mountain City, GA:

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