There are four distinct seasons in our area

  There are four distinct seasons in Rabun county.  Each offers its unique experience.  I hope the photographs below will give you some feeling for the beauty of Rabun county "Where spring spends the summer"!

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Spring sifts into the woods of Rabun county slowly.  Winter's thrifty landscape slowly becomes more ornate.  Shadows that once were stark and bold, now begin to soften in the warming sun.  Peeking from beneath the leaf littered forest floor, small green things begin to make one aware that the land is waking.  Soon the still-drowsy land will become fecund with the bounty of summer.



Summer is usually mild in Rabun county.  There have been exceptions to that rule however, when temperatures reached the hundred mark.  A sudden summer thunderstorm can take one unaware and the resulting rainbow gives the sense of heaven come to earth.  The season is short, with autumnal changes becoming evident by mid-August when the tops of the sourwood trees begin to show color change.  Before the official end of summer, there is a nip in the air that is undeniably influenced by winter.



To many autumn is the most beautiful season of all in Rabun county.  Tourists block the roads with bumper to bumper traffic during the third week of October to catch momentary glimpses of the flamboyant colors in the countryside.  The scenery is stunning!  Wild northwest winds carry one high with excitement.  Soon the high contrast days and the cooler nights make way for  winter to lay the land to rest.



Winter brings the cleansing winds to the woods, sweeping away the overwhelming color of autumn.  Now, when the clouds build, one is aware that snow might be in the future.  When it does come, the soft, silent fall of it brings a reminder that there is an eternal symphony that one can become aware of in nature's realm.  A pristine snow fall hides every less than beautiful thing and covers all in wonder.

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Original background graphics by Elaine Randall English

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