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  Richland Co., SC to St. Helena PR., LA to Amite Co., MS; Mid-Seventeen Hundreds to Late Eighteen Hundreds

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Richland Co., SC:                    Area of family:


  Benjamin Rawlinson, Sr. was born 12 Oct 1727 in Kent Co., MD.

Children of Benjamin Rawlinson, Sr. are:

1.  John Rawlinson was born before 1751 in Richland Co., SC  and died in Effingham Co., GA

2.  Patience Rawlinson died 06 October 1842.  Patience married Gideon Griffin, Sr. about 1790 in Richland District, SC.

3.  Richard Rawlinson married Sarah Jackson.

4.  Benjamin Rawlinson, Jr. was born about 1745 and died about 14 May 1810

5.  William Rawlinson was born between 1756 - 1759 and died October 1836 in Autauga, AL.

6.  James Rawlinson was born between 1762 1765 and died in Effingham Co., GA

7.  George Rawlinson was born about 1765.

  Richard Rawlinson married Sarah Jackson.

Child of Richard and Sarah Jackson is:

1. Nathan Simeon Rawlinson, born 1790 in Camden Dist., Richland Co., SC; died Bef. July 1875 in Amite Co., MS (probable).

Richard served in the American Revolution.

From: "A History of Richland County" by R. L. Bryan Co., 1932, Volume One-(1732-1805) Page  102

ROLLISON, Richard.  In Charlestown under Major Robert Lydell, March 20-May 25,1780.  Under Capt. John Cook, May 10-June 10, 1781 at Ancrum's at Orangeburg and Biggin Church, June 28-July 28, under Lieut. David McCord:  horseman at McCord's Ferry, August 10-September 21, Capt. Wm. Goodwyn:  Footman at Orangeburg.  Lieut. Jacob Killingsworth, Dec 8, 1781-February 6, 1782; at Four Holes as wagoner, April 23- June 2; Footman at Fork of Edisto, July 5-30, Lieut.Reulen (Reuben?) Hoisse.

Military records:


  Nathan Simeon Rawlinson was born 1790 in Camden Dist., Richland Co., SC, and died Bef. July 1875 in Amite Co., MS (probable). He married (1) Unknown Bef. 1820 in State of South Carolina. He married (2) Susan Joiner 18 October, 1825 in Amite Co., MS, daughter of John Joiner and Unknown.

Marriage record:

Children of Nathan Rawlinson and Unknown are:

1. Joanna Rawlinson, born 1801-1810 in State of South Carolina. She married William Bable Waller 07 Oct 1824, St. Helena PR., LA.

2. Daughter Rawlinson, born Bet. 1804 - 1810 in State of South Carolina.

3. Mary Ann Rawlinson, born 17 Nov 1820; died 28 Aug 1862. She married Samuel Carlos Sterling Bef. 11 Nov 1837.


Children of Nathan Rawlinson and Susan Joiner are:

1. Lucretia Rawlinson, born Abt. 1827 in State of Louisiana. She married Micajah McDaniel Bef. 1848 in Pike Co., MS (Possible).

2. Amelia Rawlinson, born 1828 in State of Louisiana. She married James Ashley Sterling 25 December, 1844 in Amite Co., MS.

3. John Rawlinson, born 1831 in State of Louisiana; died Bef. 28 October, 1862 in Columbus, KY. He married Eliza Louisa Taylor Abt. 1850.

4. Barbara F. Rawlinson, born 1834 in State of Louisiana; died 02 November, 1914 in Franklin Co., MS. She married Richard L. Freeman 24 December, 1857 in Amite Co., MS.

5. Ola Jay Rawlinson, born 1836 in State of Louisiana. She married Henry O. Duff 15 November, 1855.  She married Jasper Lafayette Randall on 06 May 1872 in Amite Co., MS.

6. Samuel Enoch Rawlinson, born 1840 in State of Louisiana; died in Amite Co., MS. He married Martha "Patsy" Freeman 14 April, 1864 in Amite Co., MS.

7. Mosella Rawlinson, born 1843 in Amite Co., MS. She married Richard McKinney 04 April, 1883 in Amite Co., MS.

8. Mary Elizabeth Rawlinson, born 10 November, 1845 in Amite Co., MS; died 08 January, 1920 in Amite Co., MS. She married F. M. (Maryland or Marion) Bates 18 April, 1864 in Amite Co., MS.

Nathan was born in South Carolina in 1790.  He served during the War of 1812 in Capt. Wm. Taylor's company of South Carolina Militia, Col. McQuilla's (? or McWillie's) command.  His service was from 07 Oct 1814 to 07 Mar 1815.  He was in a small engagement at Simmons Point, SC and received bounty land (2 warrants of 80 acres each).  His declaration was filed from Amite Co., MS 13 Jun 1871.  He was 81 years old at that time. He received a veteran's pension dated 15 Apr 1872 #20795.  Official Survivor's Pension # 15, 586 (Vol. MISS, Page 189) at the rate of $8.00 per month to commence on 15 Apr 1874 and dated 15 Apr 1872.

Military records:


Line Creek Baptist Church (on the dividing line between Amite Co., MS and St. Helena Pr., LA; most of the people came from Gillsburg Community in Amite Co., MS, land now in Louisiana):

Church Minutes:

27 Nov 1839; Saturday; Natheniel S. Rawlinson listed as a male member

03 Apr 1840; By letter-Nathan S. Rawlinson, Susanna Rawlinson

06 Aug 1842; Nathan Rawlinson on a committee

06 Sep 1845; Nathan S. Rawlinson guilty of improper conduct personally-appeared and gave satisfaction

05 Sep 1846; Nathan S. Rawlinson elected to the association-also for contribution to the association he is listed twice

New Providence Church Minutes:

26 Nov 1846; Nathan and Susan Rawlinson presented their letter of dismissal

When Nathan died (April 1875, Amite Co., MS) he was intestate.  His estate was administered Green B. Waller and Winston Wilkinson and his widow, Susannah Rawlinson. Chancery Court of Amite Co., MS July Term 1875 issued the papers of administration.

More information on descendants of this family is available.  Please email us.

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