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  Scotland to Ireland to Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA to Amelia Co., VA to Shoals Junction, Abbeville District, SC to Rabun Co., GA; Mid-Seventeen Hundreds to Early Nineteen Hundreds


Children of UNKNOWN RICHEY and UNKNOWN are:


2. CHARLES RICHEY, d. Abt. 1788, Prince Edward Co., VA.

3. HUGH RICHEY, d. Abt. 1766, Prince Edward Co., VA; m. CHRISTIANA UNKNOWN.

4. JOHN RICHEY, d. Prince Edward Co., VA.

5. ROBERT RICHEY, d. Aft. 1784, (Essex Co. ?) VA.


7. ALEXANDER RICHEY OR RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1700, County Derry, IRE; d. 18 August, 1749, Amelia Co., VA.

"The Richey Family in Scotland was Sept of the Clan Mackintosh and as such wore the McIntosh tartan plaid.  There was on exhibit at the Wyatt Reunion (1952) a copy of the 'Richey Sept MacKintosh' tartan which was bought in Scotland, also a sketch of the Clan McIntosh."

  ALEXANDER RICHEY OR RITCHIE was born Abt. 1700 in County Derry, IRE, and died 18 August, 1749 in Amelia Co., VA. He married JEANNE (OR JANE) CALDWELL 1718 in Ireland, daughter of JOSEPH CALDWELL and ELIZABETH MCGEE OR MCGHIE.







6. JAMES RITCHIE, SR., b. 25 July, 1724, County Derry, IRE; d. 12 August, 1808, Shoals Junction, Abbeville District, SC.

7. JOHN RITCHIE, b. Bef. 20 August, 1739, County Derry, IRE; d. Abt. 1770, Prince Edward Co., VA.

8. ALEXANDER RITCHIE, b. 20 August, 1739; d. 11 January, 1818.

Alexander's will was recorded at Amelia Co., VA; BK "1" pp 57-57a on 03 May 1747; it mentions James, Sr. and other children.  The will was proved 18 Aug 1749.

The Will of Alexander Richey of the County of Amelia, being verry sick and weak in body, dated 3 May 1749.

To Jean my dearly beloved wife the place I now live on during her life, as allso her third part of all the moveables and hould goods.

To my well beloved son John 235 acres joyning George Davises place, also the bay mear's colt now of on year ode and my gun.

To my well beloved son Alexander 235 acres joyning Bib's place.

To my well beloved son James 200 acres, the place I now live on, and that at the decease of his mother.

To my well beloved son Samuel 45 when Samuel coms of age; my son John is to pay 15 as also Alexander and James each to pay 15 apise.

To my well beloved daughters Agnis, Catrin, Mary and Susanna the other two thirds of my moveables and housold goods equaley to be divided.

My well beloved wife Jeane exequetrixe.

Allexr. (C) Richey

Wit:  Jno. Caldwell, Hugh Riche, Charles Riche.

18 Aug 1749.  Presented by Jane Richey the executrix.  Proved by John Caldwell, Hugh Riche and Charles Riche.


Amelia Co., Will BK "1", pp. 61

Alexander Richey. Inventory.  Total valuation 79.9.-.

Joseph Morton Jur., Richard Woodson, Saml. Ewing

Signed by Jane (W) Richey, executrix.

17 Nov 1749.  Returned by Jane Richey.

  JAMES RITCHIE, SR. was born 25 July, 1724 in County Derry, IRE, and died 12 August, 1808 in Shoals Junction, Abbeville District, SC. He married MARGARET CALDWELL Abt. 1749, daughter of WILLIAM CALDWELL and REBECCA PARKS.


1. ALEXANDER RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1748, State of Virginia; d. State of Virginia.

2. JOHN RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1750, Amelia Co., VA; d. Bef. 04 November, 1808, Abbeville District, SC.

3. JAMES RITCHIE, JR., b. 02 November, 1752, Amelia Co., VA; d. 05 June, 1833, Abbeville District, SC.

4. JEANNE RITCHIE, b. 1753, State of Virginia; d. State of Virginia.

5. MARGARET RITCHIE, b. 1753, State of Virginia; d. State of Virginia.

6. ROBERT J. RITCHIE, SR., b. Abt. 1754, Amelia Co., VA; d. Abt. 1828, Abbeville District, SC (Probable).

7. ANN RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1758, Amelia Co., VA; d. 1799, State of South Carolina (Probable).

8. NANCY AGNES RITCHIE, b. 30 June, 1763, State of Virginia; d. 28 April, 1847, Abbeville District, SC (Probable).

9. ANDREW RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1768, Amelia Co., VA; d. Aft. November 1834, Abbeville District, SC (Probable).

10. WILLIAM A. RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1769, Amelia Co., VA; d. 16 November, 1846, Abbeville, SC.

James Richey's will was signed 16 Dec 1807.  He is buried at Greenville Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Abbeville Co., (then district), SC near Donalds, SC.  One source describes the place of James' death as "Shoals Junction" in SC.

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Greenville Presbyterian Church:

His tombstone reads:

"James Richey, Sr., PVT, 2 VA State Regt., Revolutionary War; 25 Jul 1724-12 Aug 1808" and the back "Came to South Carolina in 1784 from Amelia co., VA; Son of Jeanne Caldwell and Alexander Richey from Ireland To Prince Edward Co., VA."

Military records:


From "Abstracts  of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds"

Page 430:

Richey, James, Sr.-Box 109, Pack 3112:

Will dated 16 Dec 1807; Exrs: Sons, John, Jas. Richey.  Wit:  Geo. Brownlee, Wm. McCrone, Jas. Richey, Jr.  Was of Chickasaw in Abbeville Dist.  Chn:  John, Jas., Robt. Richey, Agness Purdy, Wm., Andrew Richey.  Gr. Chn: John, Margaret, Jas. Wilson, Robt. Morrah, Margaret dtr. of my son Jas. Richey, Margaret dtr. to my son Andrew Richey, Jas. son to Wm. Richey, Margaret Seawright drt. to Robt. Richey, Margaret dtr. to my son John Richey.

  ANDREW RITCHIE was born Abt. 1768 in Amelia Co., VA, and died Aft. November 1834 in Abbeville District, SC (Probable). He married ELIZABETH WEBB 1788 in Abbeville District, SC, daughter of JAMES WEBB and ELIZABETH MAXWELL.



2. ELI RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1788, Buncombe Co., NC; d. 12 September, 1852, Dillard, Rabun Co., GA.

  ELI RITCHIE was born Abt. 1788 in Buncombe Co., NC, and died 12 September, 1852 in Dillard, Rabun Co., GA. He married REBECCA MOORE 04 March, 1813 in Tamasee, SC, daughter of WILLIAM OR JOHN MOORE.

Children of ELI RITCHIE and REBECCA MOORE are:

1. LUCINDA RITCHIE, b. 20 March, 1814, State of South Carolina.

2. MATILDA RITCHIE, b. 16 December, 1815, State of South Carolina.

3. MARY PAULINE "POLLY" RITCHIE, b. 14 October, 1817, State of South Carolina.

4. "NELLIE" RITCHIE, b. 11 December, 1819, State of South Carolina; m. JOHN QUEEN.

5. JOHN DOUGLAS "JACK" RITCHIE, b. 15 November, 1820, State of South Carolina or North Carolina; d. State of Colorado.

6. NANCY LOUISA RITCHIE, b. 25 December, 1823, State of South Carolina.

7. JAMES MADISON RITCHIE, b. 06 January, 1825, State of South Carolina; d. 12 June, 1909, Rabun Co., GA.

8. SARAH RITCHIE, b. 15 November, 1826, State of South Carolina or North Carolina; d. Abt. 1904.

9. RILEY BURTON RITCHIE, b. 10 February, 1829, State of South Carolina or Georgia; d. 05 April, 1911.

10. SALLY NARCISSA RITCHIE, b. 12 September, 1831, State of South Carolina or Georgia; d. 08 June, 1908.

11. JEPTHA FRANK RITCHIE, b. 12 March, 1833, State of South Carolina.

12. ELIZABETH RITCHIE, b. 20 June, 1836, State of South Carolina.

From "Sketches of Rabun County History" by Andrew Jackson Ritchie; reprinted 1959:

PP 202 (paraphrased):

"Eli was the son of Andrew Ritchie who was a grandson of immigrant Alexander Ritchie and his wife Jane Caldwell.  Andrew and his wife came to SC from VA about 1780.  They first settled in Abbeville Dist., SC, then sold their land, and moved into the old Pendleton District near Anderson.  (this does not seem to be substantiated by above records as yet.)......At the beginning of the War of 1812, Eli Ritchie was living on the Keowee river near Tamasee.  In 1813 he married Rebecca Moore, whose family lived there and were also formerly from Virginia.  He enlisted in the War of 1812 from Pickensville District and served in William Cannon's company.....(moved) to the headwaters of Tesentee creek in Macon County (NC) a few miles east of where Otto now is."

PP 203 (paraphrased):

"Eli Ritchie, described by those who knew him as a tall and strong man, squarely built with broad shoulders......was found deat at a camp in the Nantahala mountains where he had gone to look after his cattle.  It was believed that he died of milk-sickness."

Military record:

Gravestone at Head of Tennessee Baptist Church, Dillard Georgia:

  JAMES MADISON RITCHIE was born 06 January, 1825 in State of South Carolina, and died 12 June, 1909 in Rabun Co., GA. He married ELIZABETH ELVIRA DICKERSON Abt. 1856, daughter of OBEDIAH DICKERSON and MARY DILLARD.

Photograph of the family:



1. MARY RITCHIE, b. May, 1948; m. ZACHARIAH BERNARD DILLARD, SR., 20 November, 1881.

2. JAMES RILEY "BUD" RITCHIE, b. 19 November, 1860, Rabun Gap, Rabun Co., GA; d. 11 December, 1939, Nelson, GA; m. LAVINIA CAROLINE MARINDA LUCINDA CARTER, 05 September, 1880, Rabun Gap, Rabun Co., GA.

James Riley seated in center:

Marriage record:

3. JOHN F. RITCHIE, b. 26 February, 1866, State of Georgia; d. 07 June, 1926; m. MARGARET TEXIE KELLY, 09 July, 1889.

4. WILLIAM ROBERT LEE RITCHIE, b. 05 November, 1869, Rabun Co., GA; d. 05 November, 1968, State of Georgia Probable; m. SARAH LELAH CARTER, 14 January, 1892.

W.R.L. Ritchie:

5. THOMAS JEFFERSON RITCHIE, b. Abt. 1872, State of Georgia; m. (1) ETHEL PENLAND; m. (2) ADA GREEN; m. (3) LIZZIE GARLAND VANHOOK.

James Madison Ritchie went to California during the gold rush and returned to marry in 1856.  He is listed on the Placer Co., CA 1852 census as "James Richey; 26; M/W; miner; born GA; place of residence, GA.

James about the time he went to California:

James Madison was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1880 and to the Georgia Senate in 1886. In September 1879 he built the Rabun County Courthouse (since replaced, twice over) in Clayton. (Source - Sketches of Rabun County History by Andrew Ritchie).

Wolffork Valley, Rabun Co., GA acreage in 1860 was 2,700 acres.

James Madison served during the Civil War in the Confederacy:  Co. "E", Young's Battalion.  This Battalion was a part of the 11th Regiment, which was formed out of the 30th Cavalry Battalion.  His pension application says Co. "F", 11th Regt., GA Volunteer Cavalry.  We have acquired copies of James' pay vouchers and his the petition of his widow for a pension from the Georgia State Archives.  His service records are under J. M. Ritchie, Private, Company F, 11th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Cavalry.  James' widow, Elizabeth filed for a pension on 01 Oct 1910 and it was witnessed by Riley Burton Ritchie, James' brother.  The application stated that James enlisted April 1864 at Clayton, GA into Co. F, 11th GA, Mounted and was surrendered on 26th Apr 1865 at Columbus, SC and discharged at Augusta, GA about the 1st of May, 1865.

Military records:

Described on his Oath of Allegiance after the Civil War:  Light complexion; light hair; grey eyes; 5 foot 10 or 11 inches tall; a farmer; age, 40  on 9th September 1865.

Oath of Allegiance:

He is buried at Wesley Chapel Methodist Cemetery on Rabun-Gap Nachoochee School land in Rabun

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