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  Switzerland to French Santee, SC to Colleton Co., SC to Marion Co., SC to Franklin Co., MS to Rapides Pr., LA to Amite Co., MS; Mid-Sixteen Hundreds to Late Eighteen Hundreds

  Pierre Robert was born 02 February, 1655/56 in St. Imier, Switzerland, and died 1715 in French Santee, SC. He married Jeanne Braye Abt. 1674 in Switzerland, daughter of Jehu Braye and Suzanne Unknown.

Children of Pierre Robert and Jeanne Braye are:

1. Pierre Robert, born Abt. 08 May, 1675 in Basel, Switzerland; died Abt. 1731.

2. Elias Robert, born 1679 in French Santee, SC.

3. Jean/John Robert(s), born Bet. 1675 - 1677 in French Santee, SC; died Bef. 25 January, 1760 in Colleton Co., SC.

Pierre Robert (b.1655-1656, St.Imier, Switzerland -d.1715, Santee, S.C.), was baptized on Feb. 3, 1656 in the Reformed Evangelical Parish of St. Imier.   Pierre Robert is reported to have graduated as a physician at St. Etienne, but proof has not been found.  There are some references to him in Swiss records as "Doctor," although this may have been an ecclesiastical title.  He studied at the University of Basle  in 1674 as a student of philosophy, and was again a student from 1681-1685.   It is estimated that Pierre Robert married Jeanne Braye (b.1660,Basle,Switzerland-d.1717,Santee, SC),  probably in 1674, as their son, Pierre Robert II was baptized on May 9, 1675.    Jeanne Braye was the daughter of Jehu and Suzanne Braye.  On Sunday, February 19, 1682, Pierre Robert was ordained in the French Church in Basle, Switzerland, as a minister of the Gospel.  

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Record of the ordination:

The Reverend Pierre Robert was said to have  pastored  a Waldensian church at Basle.  Jeanne and Pierre Robert emigrated to Craven County, South Carolina in 1686 in the group led by Captain Philip Gendron. They first settled at Beaufort, then moved further north, and settled in Santee of St. James Parish, South Carolina.  The Lord Proprietors granted lands to the immigrants on the condition of an annual payment of a penny an acre. They were also allowed their longed for religious freedom.  In 1696, Pierre Robert petitioned for naturalization in South Carolina, named his parents as Daniel and Marie Robert and gave St. Imier, Switzerland as his place of birth. Pierre Robert is reported to have received a land grant for 500 acres in South Carolina

Reverend Pierre Robert was the founder and the first Rector of the French congregation at French Santee in St. James Parish.

Photographs of the church:


It appears he assisted Bartholomew Gaillard and Eli Horry in the laying out of the plan of Jamestown and that he was a purchaser of Lot #7 valued at 40 shillings.  He was reported to have been the first person in the settlement who owned a horse imported for his special use to transport him to remote areas of the countryside to hold religious services.  In 1699 the Church had a membership of 111.  Rev. Pierre Robert served as head minister of the Huguenot Church at French Santee until 1715, when he resigned du to infirmities of age.  He was succeeded by Rev. Philip de Richebourg, formerly a Roman Catholic, who had converted to the Anglicised Huguenot Church.  Rev. Pierre Robert died about 1715 in French Santee, South Carolina at the age of 59.  It is likely he was buried in the French Santee area, although the exact burial site is unknown.  Memorial tablets honoring Reverend Pierre Robert and several other  members of the Robert family can be seen in the Huguenot Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Memorial tablets:

  Jean/John Robert(s) was born Bet. 1675 - 1677 in French Santee, SC, and died Bef. 25 January, 1760 in Colleton Co., SC. He married Marie Remi 19 November, 1693 in Basle, Switzerland.

Children of Jean/John Robert(s) and Marie Remi are:

1. Eli Roberts.

2. John Roberts, born Abt. 1708; died Aft. 1789.

3. Mariah Hannah Roberts, born Abt. 1711. She married Unknown Thomas.

4. Ann Roberts, born 1713; died Abt. 1786.

5. Thomas Roberts, born 1715. He married Elizabeth Unknown.

6. Mary Roberts, born 1717. She married Andrew Boughton.

7. Abraham Roberts I, born Abt. 1720 in French Santee, SC; died Abt. 1757 in Georgetown District, SC (Now Marion Co., SC).

8. Owen Roberts, born Abt. 1720; died 20 June, 1779. He married Ann Frazier Catel Abt. 1750.

Johnís will is located in the SC Archives, Charleston Wills, Vol. 8, pp. 435-436.

In his Last Will and Testament and Codicil, John left to his wife, Marie/Margaret, the home on the plantation, a pew in the Pon Pon Chapel, one Negro named Quamine, two horses, one Horse Chair, and an equal part of the personal estate during her widowhood or until her death. To son, John was left two Negroes named Jackey and Fortune, fifty pounds currency, and in the Codicil, two lots in Dorchester Town. To son, Thomas was left the plantation. Thomas was directed to pay to his sister, Mary, one thousand pounds within one year after her marriage. John's daughter, Ann Sanders was bequeathed one "Negroe" Wench named Lucy and her children, Abram, Tom and Lyda, to be delivered to Ann upon the death of his wife. The granddaughters, Elizabeth and Ann Sanders were bequeathed a mulatto girl, Myrtille, and, a "Negroe" girl, Patty, respectively.  Marie/Margaret Roberts, Joseph Sanders and Thomas Roberts were named Executrix and Executors of the Estate, respectively.   It appears odd there was no mention of the son, Abraham, in the will although it was reported that when Abraham left home he was given a sum of money, possibly gold, some property prior to his father's death, and a leather, iron-bound trunk.  As he was the youngest son, the trunk was supposed to have been handed down to the youngest son in the later generations. It has also been written that John and Marie wanted Abraham to marry a cousin, possibly Madelaine Robert (b. Sept. 23, 1719), daughter of Pierre Robert, Jr. and his second wife, Judith Videaul/de Bourdeaux.  When it was learned that she loved Archibald Hamilton, whom she subsequently married, Abraham moved on so that she could marry the man of her choice.

  Abraham Roberts I was born Abt. 1720 in French Santee, SC, and died Abt. 1757 in Georgetown District, SC (Now Marion Co., SC). He married Elizabeth Unknown Bet. 1739 - 1740.

Children of Abraham Roberts and Elizabeth Unknown are:

1. Unknown Roberts.

2. Unknown Roberts.

3. Unknown Roberts.

4. John Roberts, born 02 February, 1741/42 in State of South Carolina; died 17 April, 1786.

5. Abraham Roberts II, born Abt. 1745 in Georgetown District, SC (Now Marion Co., SC); died Bet. 1820 - 1822 in Franklin Co., MS.

On March 20, 1762, letters of guardianship were granted to Anthony Sweet and Martha his wife, "on Abraham Roberts, Infant Chat of Abraham Roberts late of Fredericks Parish, planter deceased."   After the death of her husband, Abraham, Elizabeth married Robert Shepard between 1757-1758, with whom she had one son, Thomas Sheppard/Shepard.  She died on Aug. 14, 1785, in Liberty, Georgetown District, SC. 

  Abraham Roberts II was born Abt. 1745 in Georgetown District, SC (Now Marion Co., SC), and died Bet. 1820 - 1822 in Franklin Co., MS. He married Desire Rogers Abt. 1770, daughter of Benjamin Rogers.

Children of Abraham Roberts and Desire Rogers are:

1. David Roberts, born Abt. 1772 in Georgetown District, SC (Now Marion Co., SC); died Abt. 1845 in Warren Co., MS. He married Maria Commander Abt. 1791 in Georgetown District, SC.

2. Sarah Roberts, born Abt. 1774 in State of South Carolina (Now Marion Co., SC); died Abt. 1812. She married Benjamin Hamilton Abt. 1801 in State of South Carolina.

3. Hannah Roberts, born Abt. 1782 in State of South Carolina (Now Marion Co., SC); died 1827. She married Unknown Frazier.

4. Abraham Roberts III, born 26 August, 1784 in Prince George Parish, Georgetown District, SC (Now Marion Co.); died 17 March, 1863 in Amite Co., MS.

5. Robert Middleton Roberts, born Abt. 1786 in State of South Carolina (Now Marion Co., SC) died 26 August, 1843 in Caldwell PR. LA.

6. Joab Roberts, born Abt. 1788 in State of South Carolina (Now Marion Co., SC); died Abt. 1845 in Amite Co., MS. He married Mary Evans 09 July, 1818 in Amite Co., MS.

7. Mariah Ann Roberts, born Abt. 1792 in State of South Carolina (Now Marion Co., SC); died Abt. 1853.

8. Catherine Roberts, born Abt. 1794 in State of South Carolina (Now Marion Co., SC); died Abt. 1835.

During the American Revolution, Abraham Roberts II, served for 84 days under General Francis Marion's Brigade. For this service he was authorized payment of five pounds, twelve shillings sterling on August 3, 1784.   On June 23, 1785, he was paid thirty pounds, thirteen shillings, and eight pence farthing sterling for militia duty and for making 18 swords. Abraham subsequently wrote on the back of Indent #243, "I assign over all my rights and title to the within indent, both principal and interest to John Brown, having received full satisfaction for the same, as witness my hand this 23 day of July 1785."  Signed: Abraham Roberts.  On January 26, 1786, Abraham Roberts was paid "one shilling and six pence for one year's interest on the sum of one pound, one shilling and nine pence sterling for the care of a `Negroe' man named Hesick, belonging to Charles Fledger."  The certificate authorized further payment on January 26, 1788, the principal sum of one pound, one shilling, three pence upon demand by Abraham Roberts or his executors. A note attached to  Indent #946-Y reads:  "Sir, please deliver to John McKee all of the indents that should be due me by the public, as I have received full payment for the same,... and you will oblige, your obedt servt."  Signed: Abraham Roberts. 

After the Revolution,  Abraham  II, obtained 99 acres  through a land plat issued on March 7, 1785, in the District of Georgetown.  This land was on the northeast side of the Pee Dee River of South Carolina, located close to the Bostick Landing near the town of Gresham.  Landowners adjacent to this plat were Ebenezer Dunnom and William Davis.  Abraham Roberts II lived in the area for a number of years as he and his family are on both the 1790 and the 1800 census reports.   On July 13, 1807, Abraham applied  for and was approved to claim  320 acres of public land on Beaver Creek in  Amite County of what was then the Mississippi Territory.  He must have made at least one trip to the Mississippi Territory to apply for and claim his land, but then probably returned to South Carolina to get his family as they apparently did not move from South Carolina to the Mississippi Territory until 1808. He was granted a passport by the Governor of Georgia on Friday, November 4, 1808, and authorized to travel with his family through the Creek Nation for the purposes of settling in the Mississippi Territory.  Attesting to his good character was Richard Jowell.


THE ORDER  OF THE FIRST FAMILIES OF MISSISSIPPI, 1699-1817, edited by Charles Owen Johnson and the Publication Committee, c 1981, Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan  48104. 

  Abraham Roberts III was born 26 August, 1784 in Prince George Parish, Georgetown District, SC (Now Marion Co.), and died 17 March, 1863 in Amite Co., MS. He married Sarah Taylor 07 November, 1813 in Franklin Co., MS, daughter of Phillip Taylor and Susana Unknown.

Gravesite of Abraham Roberts III:

Children of Abraham Roberts and Sarah Taylor are:

1. William Roberts, born 26 September, 1814 in Franklin Co., MS.

2. James Dixon Roberts, born 16 December, 1815 in Franklin Co., MS; died 12 November, 1887 in Bewelcome, Amite Co., MS. He married Elizabeth Foreman 03 December, 1840 in Amite Co., MS.

J. D. Roberts:

3. Susanah Ameline Roberts, born 12 January, 1818 in Franklin or Amite Co., MS; died 10 November, 1893. She married Michael Anders 06 April, 1841 in Amite Co., MS.

4. Sarah Ann Roberts, born 22 February, 1820 in Franklin Co., MS. She married Joel or Josiah Anders 1848.

5. Catherine Samantha Roberts, born 28 September, 1823 in Franklin Co., MS; died 18 July, 1900 in Amite Co., MS. She married Allen H. Randall 16 August, 1848 in Amite Co., MS.

6. Ann Mariah Carolina Roberts, born 01 December, 1824 in Amite Co., MS.

7. Abraham Jasper Roberts, born 03 June, 1830 in Amite Co., MS; died 11 November, 1898. He married Catherine Anders 17 January, 1851 in Amite Co., MS.

8. Phillip Newton Roberts, born Abt. 1832 in Amite Co., MS.

9. Thomas Griffin Roberts, born 18 September, 1833 in Amite Co., MS; died 16 August, 1886. He married Amanda Anders 16 May, 1855 in Amite Co., MS.

10. Frances Lenora Roberts, born Abt. 1837 in Amite Co., MS. She married William Moore 19 September, 1860 in Amite Co., MS.

11. William Roberts, born Aft. 1837 in Amite Co., MS.

War of 1812 Service:

Abraham Roberts was drafted at Washington, Adams County, MS. He served in Capt. Rappalgee's Company from 15 Dec 1813 to 1 March 1814, at which time he was discharged due to a disability from a rupture or a hernia.  According to an affidavit filed by John Wactor on 26 March 1877 who also served in the same company, the company was formed in Washington, Ms, and remained in camp in Washington for about 3 months before Capt. Rappalgee joined the company at which time they were marched to Pierce's Station in the State of Alabama where the company was fully organized.  John Wactor stated that he was well acquainted with Abraham Roberts during this period of time. Wife, Sarah Taylor Roberts drew a Pension, # WE 26845 on Claim Number 12012, dated 22 Apr 1879.   Pension was actually applied for on 31 August 1876, but Sarah Taylor encountered much difficulty in proving her eligibility, with the most surprising element being the necessity of proving she was actually married to Abraham Roberts.   Eventually, she was required to get affidavits from individuals who swore that they had known her to be the wife of Abraham Roberts.


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