Deitenham, Wertheim, Bavaria  to Alsace, France to Berks Co., PA to Cabarrus Co., NC to Burke Co., NC to Rabun Co., GA; Mid-Seventeen Hundreds to Late Eighteen Hundreds

TEEM (Originally spelled DIEHM; also found DEEM, DIEM, DIHM and etc.)

  JOHN JACOB TEEM was born 20 April, 1730 in Deitenham, Wertheim, Bavaria, and died 31 July, 1812 in Cabarrus Co., NC.  He married SUSANNA ROSE 14 October, 1754 in Berks Co., PA, daughter of PETER ROSE and UNKNOWN.

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The graves of John & Susanna Teem:


Children of JOHN TEEM and SUSANNA ROSE are:

1. JOHANN ADAM CRISTOPH TEEM born 13 November, 1760 in Berks Co., PA and died 12 June, 1844, Kershaw Dist., Camden Co., SC.  Johann married 1) Margaret Unknown about 1779 and 2) Catherine Plyer on 10 October 1794 in Mecklenberg Co., NC.

2.  FREDERICK MILES TEEMS was born in 1762 in Berks Co., PS and died in 1820 in Westmoreland Co., PA.  Frederick married 1) CATHARINE HAHN DIEHM and 2) HARRIET SCHULLER DIEHM.

3. JOHN JACOB TEEM was born on 09 April 1763 in Berks Co., PA and died on 11 March 1835 in Wood Co., VA.  John married EVA ANNE UNKNOWN in 1785.

4. MARY BARBARA TEEM was born on 25 August, 1764 in Berks Co., PA and died 19 March, 1848, Cabarrus Co., NC.  Mary married ANDREW DRY about 1785 in Cabarrus Co., NC.

5.  MARY ANN TEEM was born in 1767 in Cabarrus Co., NC.  Mary married PETER PROBST in 1789.

6.  CATHERINE SUSANNA TEEM was born in 1769 in Cabarrus Co., NC and died 01 September 1850.  Catherine married FREDERICK STAMES in 1789 in Cabarrus Co., NC.

7. PETER MILES TEEM was born on 03 March 1772 in Mecklenburg Co., NC and died after 01 September, 1850, Rabun Co., GA.  Peter married 1) MARGARET PARKES, 2) BARBARA FISCHER or SCOTT about 1793 in Cabarrus Co., NC and 3) NANCY DRYE before 1825.

Will of Jacob Teem, recorded in Book 8 Page 135 Cabarrus County, NC

State of North Carolina

Cabarrus County

To all people to whom these presents shall come that I Jacob Team of the State and County aforesaid greetings know ye that I the said Jacob Team for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear unto my beloved son in law Andrew Dry of the state and county aforesaid and for diverse and other good causes and considerations Me hereunto moving have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto said Andrew Dry all and singular my goods and chattels following one bed and bedstead and all belongings to it and one cow and calf one chest one table one horseshed one tub and all the other property that I hold at this time and all that I shall possess here after. To have and to hold and enjoy all and singular the said goods chattels and personal estate afore said unto the said Andrew Dry his Excrs. admrs. and assigns forever and I the said Jacob Team all and singular the aforesaid goods chattels and premises of said Andrew Dry his Excrs. adms. and assigns against all persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents.

In witness whereof I set my hand and seal this 31st day of July 1810

Jacob Tim seal



George Misenheimer, Phillip Dry, Joseph Pless


State of North Carolina Cabarrus County

This is to certify that the within deed of gift was duly proved in open court by the oath of Phillip Dry a subscribing witness thereto recorded and ordered registeredied

Witness George Phifer, C.C.

July session 1812

  PETER MILES TEEM was born 03 March 1772 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and died after 01 September, 1850 in Rabun Co., GA. He married (1) MARGARET PARKES, daughter of THOMAS PARKES and RACHEL WHITE. He married (2) NANCY DRYE. He married (3) BARBARA FISCHER OR SCOTT about 1793 in Cabarrus Co., NC.

The grave of Peter Teem:

Children of PETER TEEM and NANCY DRYE are:

1. NANCY TEEM, born about 1825 in Burke Co., NC.

2. LEANDER TEEM,  born 24 December, 1827, Burke Co., NC and died 27 February, 1901 in Morgan Co., CO.


1. CHARITY? TEEM, born in  Cabarrus Co., NC.  Charity married JOHN FOSTER on 04 October, 1831 in Rabun Co., GA.

2. JACOB TEEM, born about 1794 in Cabarrus Co., NC and died after 18 April, 1885 in Burke Co., NC.

3. UNKNOWN TEEM, born about 1796 in Cabarrus Co., NC.

4. ESTHER TEEM, born about 1798 in Cabarrus Co., NC.  Esther married UNKNOWN SMITH.

5. MARY ELIZABETH TEEM, born about 1805 in Cabarrus Co., NC and died about 1886.  Mary married HEZEKIAH SMITH on 14 November, 1827 in Burke Co., NC.

6. ADAM TEEM, born about 1808 in Cabarrus Co., NC and died after 02 June, 1880 in Gilmer Co., GA.

7. PETER TEEM, born about 1809 in Cabarrus Co., NC and died 1893; m. JEMIMA UNKNOWN.

8. DANIEL MONROE TEEM, born on 11 November, 1810 in Cabarrus Co., NC and died 20 December, 1892 in Rabun Co., GA.

9. ISRAEL TEEM, born 07 November, 1813 in Burke or Cabarrus Co., NC and died 25 August, 1901 in Gilmer Co., GA.

10. JOHN TEEM, born about 1815 in Burke Co., NC.  John married MARY CASS.

11. GEORGE WASHINGTON TEEM, born 15 September, 1818 in  Burke Co., NC and died 22 March, 1875 in  Bartow Co., GA.

The first land purchase recorded for Peter was called Millerland in the deed.  The deed is registered in Mecklenberg Co., NC, Deed BK 18, pages 50-51.  It was signed by Peter.  The date of the indenture was 08 Sep 1803.  He purchased 132 acres from John Thunderburk.  The deed was witnessed by Hans Adam Teem and Richard Griffen and signed by Isaac Alexander, Clerk of the court.

Next Peter purchased 200 acres of land in Burke Co., NC.  Granted on 21 Jan 1817 and witnessed by Thomas Scott and Joseph Scott*, it was surveyed by Edwin Poor and signed by Robert Logan, Clerk.  Recorded in Burke Co., NC, Deed BK 1132, page 355.

On 24 Jan 1825, Peter was granted 100 acres of land on both branches of Upper Creek, Burke Co., NC.  Jacob Teem and Thomas Scott witnessed the deed. The land was surveyed by Thoams A. Lorney and the deed signed by M. Suddeth, Clerk.

A final land transaction in Burke Co., NC for Peter was 50 acres surveyed and granted on 25 Jan 1831.  The land, located on Upper Creek, was surveyed by William P. Prestwood and the deed was again signed by M. Suddeth, Clerk and witnessed by Daniel Teem and Hezekiah Smith.  The property was granted on 29 Nov 1831 and the final deed signed by M. Stokes, Clerk.  The deed is recorded in Burke Co., NC Land Grant Book 139, page 252.

Peter Teem, Sr. was a deacon at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cabarrus Co., NC by 1810.  He lived in that area until about 1815. Probably after 1815 he went to Burke Co., NC and settled in the Upper Creek Community at Tablerock, near Morgantown, NC.  In Burke Co., NC, Peter attended Smyrna Baptist Church because there was no Lutheran Church in the area.  By 17 Feb 1836 Peter was in Rabun Co., GA where he settled on the Tallulah River.  Peter bought land in Raubn Co., GA from James Allen on 13 Sep 1836 (Rabun Co., GA Deed BK "B" pp 110-111 original; transcribed BK "Q" pp 426: 100 Acres for $15.00).  His grave is on what was once his own land in Rabun Co., GA off Acorn Creek Rd. (Frady Cemetery)

  DANIEL MONROE TEEM was born 11 November, 1810 in Cabarrus Co., NC, and died 20 December, 1892 in Rabun Co., GA. He married SUSAN BENFIELD 15 September, 1830 in Rabun Co., GA, daughter of JOHN BENFIELD and ELIZABETH HARTLE.


1. ELIZABETH TEEM, born 1833 in Burke Co., NC and died after 1900 in Rabun Co., GA.  Elizabeth married JOHN MARION ENGLISH on 29 July, 1849 in Rabun Co., GA.

Marriage record:

2. JOHN WASHINGTON TEEM, born about 1834 in Burke Co., NC or Rabun Co., GA and died 04 December, 1864 in Chicago, IL.  John married LUCINDA KERBY on 09 October, 1853 in Rabun Co., GA.

3. THOMAS H. TEEM, born about 1835.

4. ABSALOM MCDONALD TEEM, born 14 September, 1837 in Burke Co., NC and died 11 September, 1913 in Rabun Co., GA.  Absalom married SARAH ANN BRAMBLETT on 25 February, 1864 in Rabun Co., GA.

5. JEMIMA MARY (OR MANERVA) TEEM, born about 1839 in the State of Georgia and died After 1900 in Rabun Co., GA (Probable).  Jemima married LEANDER THOMAS BURTON on 22 July, 1858 in Rabun Co., GA.

6. DANIEL TEEM, born about 1842 in Rabun Co., GA and died 30 October, 1864 in Baltimore, MD.

7. ISRAEL TEEM, born 15 June, 1844 in Rabun Co., GA and died 12 June, 1920 in Franklin, Macon Co., NC.  Israel married ELIZABETH SMITH on 29 August, 1859 in Rabun Co., GA.

8. SARAH ANN TEEM, born 28 November, 1846 in Rabun Co., GA and died 09 January, 1923 in Rabun Co., GA.  Sarah married MARCUS L. FRADY on 09 November 1865 in Rabun Co., GA.

9. LODUSKA TEEM, born about 1848 in the State of North Carolina.  Loduska married UNKNOWN SMITH, about 1870.

10. WARREN TEEM, born about 1849 in Rabun Co., GA and died before 1860.

11. JOSEPH GRAYSON TEEM, born 14 September, 1850 in Rabun Co., GA and died 26 May, 1924, Rabun Co., GA.  Joseph married ELIZABETH BENFIELD about 1869.

Daniel's Oath of Allegiance after the Civil War dated 11 Sep 1865 shows:  dark complexion, auburn hair, blue eyes, 5' 8", age 54; a farmer.  At least one researcher claims that he had service with the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Daniel's Oath of Allegiance:

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