We bought our 1985 Winnebago LeSharo in February

  We bought our 1985 Winnebago LeSharo in February, 2002.  We weren't quite sure what we'd gotten ourselves into!  We found out on our first trip in late June, 2002.  The photos and text below may give you some idea of our adventures.  I hope our next trip will have a slightly less exciting nature!

   We left Rabun County on Friday morning.  All was well until we reached a "hill" on the Appalachian Highway (64) called "Standing Indian".  The LeSharo started to overheat...but that's to be expected in a four cylinder...so we pulled off the road and cooled down.  Finally, we got over the hill without further ado and made it up to the area of Manchester TN.  In Manchester we pulled into a great place called "Whispering Oaks Campground" and we set up for the night.

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We got up the next morning, had breakfast and I took a few photos.


Some early morning views of the campground.


Bill finishing up preparations to leave.


  Oops!... when we went to pull out...NO GEARS!... the "slave cylinder" had gone.  The long and short of it was that all we could do was order the part from Iowa on MONDAY (this was Saturday), so we hunkered down and got through Sunday. On Monday we ordered the part and arranged to have it shipped overnight. Now we realized we were running out of food (NOT good).  We'd only brought enough along for an overnight trip basically.  Since we had no way to go we called a TAXI!  I hadn't been in a taxi since I was a teenager! 

We passed the time:


Staring, working crosswords, watching cows.

  On Tuesday the part came in about mid-afternoon and Bill installed it.  I learned about "bleeding" the air out of the lines!  And...we got gears!!! YES! We made plans to leave Wednesday morning. 

The sunset was striking that evening.

  I took photographs of more of the campground just before we left.


While I'm at it, if you are ever in need of a nice place to park your RV and you are in the Manchester, TN area, "Whispering Oaks Campground" is a great place to go.  It's at 16th Model Road in Manchester.  Take Exit 105 off I-24.  The campground is owned and operated by Ken & Doris Schaffer and is open year round.  Doris was particularly helpful and kind while we were in her camp.  The camp is immaculate and very pleasant.

  We pulled out of the campground about 8:30 AM and got within about 22 miles of Chattanooga, TNon Interstate 24 when suddenly the traffic stopped DEAD STILL.  We learned later a rolling meth-amphetamine lab in a semi-truck had BLOWN up on the highway ahead of us.  There were criminals being chased and HASMAT was cleaning up.

Traffic halted on I-24

  Suddenly the RV started trying to go into gear all by itself!  Then it just DIED...NO GEARS AGAIN.  We figured there was still an air bubble somewhere.  Bill finally got it cranked again and was able to pull off into the emergency lane.

On the side of I-24

We called our insurance company to get them to find arrange a tow for us.  Unbeknownst to us: THE TOW WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET THROUGH THE BOONDOGGLE ON I-24 FOR FOUR HOURS!  Finally the wrecker showed up and we were towed into downtown Chattanooga to a deisel repair shop.

In the repair shop.

The problem THIS time was that the hose that carried the fluid to the cylinders had blown. Eventually, an air conditioning repair shop made the hose for us and about 5:30 we pulled out of Chattanooga.  We got into Rabun County at 10:30 PM and home never looked so good!

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