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  Ripple, County Kent, England to Surry Co., VA; Late Sixteen Hundreds

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Surry Co., VA:

  WILLIAM WARREN was born before 07 March 1595/96 in Ripple, Kent, England and died between 1631-1632.  He married CATHERINE GOOKIN on 01 June 1619 in Ripple, Kent, England.

The children of William Warren and Catherine Gookin are:

1.  Edward Warren, born about 04 February 1619/20 in Ripple, Kent, England and died about 16 May 1621 in Ripple, Kent, England.

2.  Albert Warren, born about 22 April 1622 in Ripple, Kent, England and died about 1660.

3.  Thomas Warren, Sr., born before 30 January 1623/24 in Ripple, Kent, England and died 1670 in Surry Co., VA.

4.  Mary Warren, born about 22 October 1627 in Ripple, Kent, England.

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  THOMAS WARREN, SR. was born before 30 January, 1623/24 in Ripple, Canterbury, County Kent, England and died in 1670 in Surry Co., VA.  Thomas married 1) ALICE SPENCER about 1640, 2) ELIZABETH SPENCER on 25 September, 1654, and 3) JANE ALLEN KING on 01 January, 1658/59 in Lawns Creek Parish.


1. WILLIAM WARREN, died before 24 September 1670.

2. ALICE WARREN, born 1646 in Surry Co., VA.  Alice married MATHIAS MARRIOTT.



1. ELIZABETH WARREN, born about 1655 in Surry Co., VA and died 18 March 1718/19 in Surry Co., VA.  Elizabeth married JOHN HUNNICUTT on 20 March 1670/71 in Surry Co., VA.


Children of THOMAS WARREN and JANE KING are:

1. THOMAS WARREN, JR., born 09 January, 1659/60 and died before 16 August 1721 in Surry Co., VA.  Thomas married ELIZABETH PLAW.

2. ALLEN WARREN, SR., born 1663 in Surry Co., VA and died 1738 in Southewarke Parish, Surry Co., VA.  Allen married ELIZABETH CLEMENTS.

3. ROBERT WARREN, born about 1667 in Surry Co., VA and died before 15 May 1728 in Surry Co., NC.  Robert married ANNE UNKNOWN.

4. WILLIAM WARREN, born about 1670.  William married JANE BAILEY.

Images from Surry Co., VA:

Thomas Rolfe sold land before 1654 to Thomas Warren known as Smith's Fort.

Thomas Warren resided in the colony of Virginia (Surry County from 1743-1699/70; he died March 1670.

Member of the House of Burgesses 1644-45; 1656-66.

Will of Thomas Warren dated 1669/70 mentioned in Surry Co., VA 17 Dec 1712

William Warren (of first marriage of Thomas), son, granted probate on 21 Apr 1670 (Journals of the Council and Genl. Ct., of Col. VA, p. 213)

Order Book 1691-1713, page 409, which also mentions 1st son named William Warren who died and daughter Alice Warren Marriott. Allen Warren also mentioned.

Surry Co., VA Deed Book, page 56; dated 23 Sep 1654-marriage agreement between Thomas Warren, Gentleman of Smith's Fort and Elizabeth Shepherd, widow.

Same Book, page 161; dated 03 May 1661 is a deposition of Thomas Warren where it is stated that he is 40 years old.

Same Book, page 377; dated 24 Sep 1670 mentions Jane Warren, relict of Thomas Warren, also Alice Warren Marriott, sister of William Warren, son of Thomas Warren; this proves that Thomas Warren had a son who died before 21 years of age by previous marriage and that by the last marriage to Jane, Thomas Warren had another son named William Warren, who was the youngest of the last group of the last group of children; this record also sets forth that Thomas Warren willed a portion of land to children by 1st marriage and another portion of land to children by 2nd marriage with Jane who later married Samuel Plow.  Thomas Warren, Gentleman and Jane King had; Thomas, Allen, Robert and William Warren.

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