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  State of North Carolina or Tennessee to Rabun Co., GA; Early Eighteen Hundreds to Early Nineteen Hundreds

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Rabun Co., GA:


  GEORGE WILLIAMS was born in State of South Carolina or Tennessee, and died before 1870. He married ELIZA A. UNKNOWN about 1832.


1. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, born State of South Carolina.

2. ARY WILLIAMS, born State of South Carolina.

3. MARY WILLIAMS, born about 1833.

4. JAMES WILLIAMS, born about 1834.

5. DICY CAROLINE WILLIAMS, born about 1837 and died 27 December 1884 in the State of North Carolina.

6. ANDREW J. "ANDY" WILLIAMS, born 09 November 1844 in the  State of Georgia and died 03 March 1910 in Rabun Co., GA.

7. JOHN WILLIAMS, born about 1846.

  ANDREW J. "ANDY" WILLIAMS was born 09 November, 1844 in State of Georgia, and died 03 March 1910 in Rabun Co., GA. He married REBECCA KIRBY on 29 December 1865 in Rabun Co., GA.

Marriage record:


1. PELONIA A. "LONA" WILLIAMS, born State of Georgia and died before 01 November 1915 in Rabun Co., GA.  Pelonia married LEWIS W. CALLENBACK on 22 January 1888 in Rabun Co., GA.

2. LOULA WILLIAMS, born 10 January 1883 in the State of Georgia and died 23 September 1958.  Loula married JOHN D. ENGLISH on 16 August 1899 in Rabun Co., GA.

3. MARY E. WILLIAMS, born about 1867 in the State of Georgia and died in 1935.  Mary married ELISHA MONROE "ROE" WELBORN.

4. LEWIS A. WILLIAMS, born about 1869 in the State of Georgia.

5. DICA A. WILLIAMS, born about 1872 in the State of Georgia.  Dica married UNKNOWN RAMEY.

6. DORAH H. WILLIAMS, born about 1879 in the State of Georgia.  Dorah married FRANK HEAD.

7. SARAH J. WILLIAMS, born about 1877 in the State of Georgia.

Andy was a farmer.  He served in the Civil War with the Confederacy. He is listed in the following manner: Rabun County Beaureguard Braves; PVT; Company "F" 52nd Regiment, TN Infantry, CSA.  He was also in Co. H, 1 Regiment (Ramsey's) Georgia Infantry, CSA.  As a member of the 52nd, he was taken prisoner at Vicksburg, MS and paroled there on 06 July 1863.  He served one year in Co., H, 1 Regiment and signed up for three years (or the war) with Co., C, 52 Regiment. His records are on file at the state archives in Atlanta, GA. 

His oath of allegiance lists him as having a fair complexion, light hair, dark eyes, 6 foot 2 inches tall, aged 20 years, and that he was a farmer.

Oath of Allegiance:


Andrew Jackson Williams' Gravesite at Hollifield Cemetery, Rabun Co., GA:

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