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  State of South Carolina to Pike Co., MS to Lincoln Co., MS to Amite Co., MS; Late Seventeen Hundreds to Late Eighteen Hundreds

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Amite Co., MS:

  John Wooley was born Abt. 1780 in State of South Carolina. He married Unknown.

Children of John Wooley and Unknown are:

1. James F. Wooley, born Abt. 1820 in State of Mississipi; died 1900.

2. John M. Wooley, born Abt. 1824 in State of Mississipi.

3. Reason W. Wooley, born 10 May, 1824; died 15 July, 1900.

4. George Washington Wooley, born 04 March, 1831 in Lincoln Co., MS; died 26 February, 1897.

  George Washington Wooley was born 04 March, 1831 in Lincoln Co., MS, and died 26 February, 1897. He married Mary Coon Bef. 1856, daughter of Thomas Coon and Mary Unknown.

Children of George Wooley and Mary Coon are:

1. William M. (or E.) Wooley, born Abt. 1856.

2. Adoniram Judson Wooley, born 10 May, 1858 in Lincoln Co., MS; died 24 January, 1941. He married (1) Meadie Prestridge?. He married (2) Prentiss Anders.

3. Martha Elizabeth Wooley, born Abt. 1860. She married (1) George Rollins. She married (2) W. L. "Bill" Huff 30 September, 1897 in Amite Co., MS.

4. Mary Blanche Wooley, born 14 March, 1864 in Lincoln Co., MS; died 10 February, 1901 in Amite Co., MS. She married Van Allen Hosea Randall Abt. 1883.

Mary Blanche Wooley Randall:

Obituary of Mary Blanche Randall

In loving remembrance of Mrs. Mary Blanche Randall (nee Wooley), wife of Mr. Van A. H. Randall, age at the time of her death 35 years, 10 months and 26 days.  Mrs. Randall quietly "fell asleep in Jesus" on Sunday morning at ten minutes to eight o'clock, Feb. 10, 1901.  The bright beautiful sun that gives heat and light to the earth, which had been hidden by dark clouds for a number of days, came out on that sad morning in all its grandeur.  We could not help but think it emblematic of the entrance of the sweet spirit into its long loved and blessed Home with God and the Angels.  She had not been in good health for a number of years, and in fact it seemed as if she had more than her share of ill health while here. Finally she took LaGrippe terminating in pneumonia and all that loving hands could do was to no avail for God saw fit to take her home.  But through all her sufferings, which was almost unendurable at times, she was so very patient and manifested such a Christian spirit, being ever thoughtful of the comforts of others.  It was also a source of great comfort to others to hear her express her views upon different subjects.  She had ideas and expressions peculiar to herself, in which one could always find something beneficial.  Many hearts can think of the times she has given them council and advice.  We can never forget, as the sun of her life was going down and she was nearing the "city of gold" she was conscious and spoke words of parting to each of her loved ones around her bedside.  She was an earnest devoted Christian, after speaking of her Christian experience, but one did not have to wait for expressions from her to find that out.  Her daily life in her home and in her community would speak for itself.  She was a member of Sharon Methodist Church at Gloster.  While she was not permitted to attend her church on account of living so far, yet she would join with her husband and children around the family altar and often in hymns of praise and seemed to enjoy these services.  Jesus said: "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life."  She discharged this duty well; she was a faithful wife, mother and sister, and has gone to receive her crown.  May God's richest blessings rest upon her husband, her seven children, her two brothers and one sister and host of loved ones.

Sleep on beloved; sleep and take thy rest.

Lay down thy head upon they Savior's breast:

We loved thee well, but Jesus loved thee best.

Her Loving Friend.

Grave of Mary Blanche:

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