January 1906 through December 1906

FEBRUARY 11, 1906

Pontiac, Ill. (Special)

   Elmer Lambert, whose neck was dislocated Friday noon by a fall from a buggy
is still alive; the surgeons in charge state that all indications point to his
recovery, although death is usually the inevitable result of such incidents. At the
time, Lambert was taken to the hospital, his respiration was six per minute and
his vitality was very low. His respiration is now normal and he has excellent
chances for a miraculous escape from death. - Pantagraph

Mr. Lambert was formerly a resident of Colfax and has many friends here who
will rejoice to hear of his miraculous escape from death.

FEBRUARY 16, 1906

- Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gilmore at Leroy are the parents of a son, born Saturday,
Feb. 10. Mr. Gilmore is a brother of C.M. and Emerson Gilmore of Colfax.

- Mrs. Reddick returned to her home at Wayne City, after a two weeks' visit at
the homes of her sister, Mrs. J.W. Puett and mrs. Z.T. Burns, and brother, W.A.

- Mr. and Mrs. James Gaddis and daughter and Miss Grace Gaddis went to
Chicago yesterday morning for a visit. While there Mrs. Gaddis will have her
eyes treated by a specialist.

- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McClellan are entertaining Mrs. Woodard and Mr. and Mrs.
Diennes of Fairbury this week. Mrs. Woodard is Mrs. McClellan's mother, and
Mrs. Diennes is her sister.

- Mrs. John Lyons and Mrs. Wm. Lyons went to Streator last Friday to visit the
former's sister, Mrs. Geo. Crump, who was very sick. Mrs. Crump died on
Monday and was brought here for burial.

- The Colfax Telephone Company was incorporated at Springfield on Tuesday,
the corporation papers naming Wm. Gaddis, J.P. Arnold and F.J. Harris as
stockholders. No change in the management is contemplated. The company is
capitalized at $15,000.

- Word has been received here of the death of Miss Adele Bottischer, which
occurred at the home of her sister in Geneva, Ill., on Wednesday, Feb. 7. The
body was taken to St. Louis, Mo., for burial. Miss Bottischer taught school in the
Colfax Public School last year, and during her residence here made many
friends who will be sorry to hear of her death.

- Wm. Weeks is building a large barn on his farm in Lawndale township. The
dimensions of the barn are 30 X 42, and it will be up-to-date in every particular.

- Mrs. C.W. Minshall visited in Bloomington last week. Her mother Mrs. J.M.
Dickerson, of Bloomington, returned with her for a visit.

- Mr. and Mrs. Lester Martin have been entertaining Mrs. Martin's cousin, Miss
Mae Watkins, of Gilman, during the past week.

- Miss Kate Taylor went to Salem, Ill., last Saturday, for a week's visit at the
home of her grandmother.

- Miss Minnie Vetter and Leala Kyle are confined to their homes with tonsillitis.

- Misses Smith and Holforty visited Sunday with relatives in Bloomington.

- Mrs. Alfred Taylor is ill with neuralgia.

MARCH 2, 1906

- Henderson Bradford has bought from Allie Wood seven shares in the Colfax
Coal Company, consideration $175.

APRIL 6, 1906

                          John Calvin Henline

   At his home in Colfax at 12:30 p.m.  Wednesday, April 4, occurred the death of
John Calvin Henline, aged 72 years and five months. Mr. Henline had been a
sufferer for about eight months with Bright's disease and it eventually caused his
   Mr. and Mrs. Henline are among the oldest residents of Colfax and are very
highly esteemed by all who know them. John Calvin Henline was a son of Wm.
Henline and was one of about eight children, all of whom have passed to the
spirit land, John Calvin being the last one to go. Mr. Henline was the father of
three sons, Harmon, at Edison, Neb., Hiram at Chenoa, Ill, and Harvey, at
Graymont, Ill. the last two named were present at his death and funeral. Harmon
was unable to come on account of sickness in his family. The funeral was held at
the home at three o'clock; Rev. U.Z. Gilmer having charge of the service, and
the remains were laid to rest in the Colfax cemetery.
   Mr. Henline leaves to mourn his loss, a wife and three sons, besides other
relatives and a host of friends.

                   Death of Mrs. A.J. Danner

   Mrs. A.J. Danner, whose illness was mentioned in the Press a few weeks ago,
passed away on the 21st of March, 1906, at the home of her son at Roanoke,
Va. The funeral was held on March 22, and the remains were laid to rest in the
old family burying ground at Roanoke. Mr. and Mrs. Danner went to Virginia last
December to spend the winter with a son. They have many warm friends in and
around Colfax, who will be pained to learn of Mrs. Danner's death, and extend
their sympathy to the bereaved family in their loss of a wife and mother. Mr.
Danner returned to Colfax Thursday of last week.

MAY 11, 1906

                    Central Examination Held april 20
                  From The McLean County Public Schools

   A somewhat larger number than usual wrote this year, and the percent of
pupils who made the required average of 75 is quite a bit larger than any other
year. This is evidence of careful work on the part of both pupils and teachers.
We hope to see all who passed attend the Final in Bloomington May 12. We will
be pleased to have teachers and friends spend the day with us. remember the
Rural Contest and Commencement May 26, when diplomas will be issued to
those who succeeded at the Final, May 13. Following is a list of those who
passed Central. Following the District number the first name is the teacher and
her pupils names follow:


District 171 -- Almira Cheney, Edmund Small, Sara Small. 176 -- Leo Chapman,
Elmo Wiley, Fannie Summers. 177 -- Edith V. Smith, Frances Bradford, Orville
Bradford, Will Brown, Bernard Dorset, Roy Heagler, Gladys Horney, Owen
Howley, Edward McClellan, Mary Pendergast, Hazel Ray, Fanny Robertson,
Hattie Ward, Howard Walden.

                   Blue Mound

District 159 -- Golda Gregory, Alma Sutter, Martha Leary, Katie Lausterer,
George Smith. 160 -- Sadie Merna, Martha Zable, Teresa Sutter, Cecilia Sutter,
Edwin Sutter. 161 -- Elizabeth Rose, Hattie Speers, Bessie Richards. 164 --
Kathryn Doyle, Bernard Kerber. 165 -- Arthur Walton, Hester Brumme.


District 179 -- Jessie Brown, Florence Jones 182 -- Grace Garner, Jesse
Brunton. 187 -- J. H. Diddle, Burteh Rutledge, Elmer Nafziger, Emma Beck,
Bryee Knight, Marie Riecks, Anna Riecks.


District 219 -- Anna Finley, Harrison Henline, Elmer Watson. 220 -- Mae Jones,
Clara Moore. 223 -- Agnes Compton, Stella Spiegle, Mattie Harms, Cora Tull.
224 -- Lara Hankey, Bert Wheeler.


District 188 -- Sarah E. Irwin, Mabel P. Martenson, Ina M. Schalack, Hattie
Miller. 229 -- Myrtle B. Watson, Elsie Nafziger,  Ella Garber. 302 -- Nelle I.
Brownson, Harry Meeker, Eddie Huston, Julia Huston, Ethel Ward, Harry


District 108 -- Edna Mahaffey, Leota Snoddy. 109 -- Walter W. Chapman, Mae
Collins, Chesleigh Foulk. 111 -- O.D. Rider, Inis Branson, Clarence Storer
Everett Maurice, Bernadine Jones, Genevive Maurice, ???Crutchfield, Minnie
Leasman, Cleo Haughham, Roy Cone. 112 -- Mattie Coss, Emma Abbey. 113 --
Flora Bane, Edith Bowman, Florence Lauritson.

MAY 25, 1906

- O.A. Barto went to Herscher, IL last Friday to attend the funeral of his 
step-brother, William Wood, who died on Thursday.

JUNE 21, 1906


   The following is a list of Personal Property in the Town of Cropsey, 
in the County of McLean and the State of Illinois, as assessed for the 
year 1906, as the same appears from the records of assessment now on 
file in my office at the Court house in the City of Bloomington, in 
said County.
                           JAMES SMITH, Supervisor of Assessments. 

Name     Ass'd Value   Name        Ass'd Value  Name        Ass'd Value

Alford, S R      $  31   Harris, James       296   Putnam, AW           208
Abbey, RM           54   Hagar, NJ           344   Putnam, Henry         76
Alpers, Martin     295   Heins, Henry         90   Popejoy, M            ?
Brucker, Henry     984   Huston, ??          267   Popjoy, Elmira       310
Blund?, ??          ?    ???                 105   Putnam, George       160
B?ttum, JH         278   Humphry, HF          43   Stafford, F          200
Buckwal??, Dan     870   Hyde, JW             28   Stockburger, FC       63
Buckles, NA        112   Humphry, NF        1119   Steffen, Ulrich      600
Barnes, HL        9630   Hayward Bros.       660   Steffen, Andrew      510
Brucker, A         814   Hayward Bros        100   Slater, RT            93
Blundy,  ?          66   Ingram, Frank       238   Siefert, John        465
Baleke, WA         448   Jones, Frank        418   Smith, JH            167
Buckwalter, Lina E       Judd, WA            421   Stienlicht, Ed       331
(Estate)           480   Kent, DH            270   Sweet, CH            122
Cross, JB          169   Lange, PR           307   Siefert, August      652
Cresswell, WW       64   Lorig, John M       453   Thielman, August     872
Cline, HM          272   Labertew, CE        478   Taylor, Wm T        1186
Cropsey Horse Co.  160   Martenson, John     398   Travis, CW           129
Culver, O           34   Morris, WO           49   Thomas, S Edgar      928
Cook, Isaac        212   Meeker, HE          277   Thomas, SE           623
Cook, Melvin        23   Meeker, GM          121   Vance, JA            155
Coleman, D         117   Meeker, RO          254   Ward, JL             870
Coleman, Fannie    100   Meeker Bros.        806   Williams, Ida        440
Crumbaker, OM     1329   Meeker, AA          267   Williams, SR         268
Cumpston, Chas     963   Meeker, EB          262   Wells, LA            257
Cook, Mary E      2065   Meeker, Fred        122   Wells, Arthur        101
Cook, Mary E       315   Martin, Louis        60   Wiehman, Wm          164
Convis, AO         154   Morris, CH          277   Williams, AB          84
Cropsey Ele Co.   1700   McCullough, HL      538   Weeks, John          160
Cropsey Tele. Co.  500   Martenson, Thomas   489   Wells, Ida E         191
Crum, EW          1281   Mellen CS           117   Ward, AR             376
Decker, PJ         564   Nafziger, SE        306   Ward, WE            1671
Dehority, AF        84   Newman, Amos        513   American Bell Tele
Downs, John         30   Patterson, CM       138   Phone Co               1
Elliot, Walter     308   Ortman, JL          537   Central Union Tele
Garber, Anna       528   Patterson, CM       138    Phone Co             31
Gingerich, Edgar   364   Popejoy, Henry       43   McLean County Tel
Humphry           1474   Pratt, HA           195    ephone Co            27
Harms, Ben         196   Pratt, IC           300   Western Union Tel
                         Popejoy, John       285    egraph Co.           73
                         Pratt, CH           137         

             Lots and Blocks in the Town of Cropsey

Name                        Description                       Ass'd Val

Henry Popejoy, 100 ft. N & S x 200 Ft    SE Cor, in Block 4        $500
H. L. Barnes,  N  50 ft. of SE corner                               100


   The following is a list of Personal Property in the Town of Anchor, 
in the County of McLean and the State of Illinois, as assessed for the 
year 1906, as the same appears from the records of assessment now on 
file in my office at the Court house in the City of Bloomington, in 
said County.
                           JAMES SMITH, Supervisor of Assessments. 

Name     Ass'd Value   Name        Ass'd Value  Name        Ass'd Value

Arnold, WA       $  65   Hoffman, Fred       631   Smith, JW             80
Andrene, Henry      72   Heagler, Harry      337   Smith, John A         35
Anchor Farmer's          Hagar, Ed            97   Smith, SM           1143
Elevator Co.      2275   Hinshaw, Nancy      307   Smith, Chas A       1000
Brandt, Henry      359   Haselton, NH        776   Schmidt, Christ      299
Bradford, ?        201   Henderson, Cora A   498   Smith, Jas A         267
Blair, Joseph      135   Henson, Herman       93   Smith, JS            133
Beecher, Ed        109   Henrichson, Herman  207   Smith, PL             60
Beecher, Wm R      335   Harnett, LA & EN    379   Schroder, Peter      180
Beecher, Wm        276   Hoffman, Chas.      363   Sierk, George        177
Beecher, Louis     257   Hite, Thos.         163   Schleeter, A C       479
Beecher, Henry     434   Hoffman, Herman     250   Schleeter, Louis     481
Beecher, Wm.        56   Hanson, Chas        137   Schleeter, Wm C      279
Brown, Milner      380   Hanson, Otto        159   Schleeter, John      635
Brown, Wm M        148   Hinshaw, Ira O      223   Schleeter, Ed        212
Brown, Walter C    217   Henson, George      155   Sleeter, Otto        189
Brown, Russell     110   Henson, W           116   Sholty, L W          118

JULY 5, 1906

- Miss Lena Pierce is entertaining a party of friends, including the Misses Jessie
Passwaters, Bessie Brooks, Blanch Ferguson, Amy Frost, Neva Storey, Zelma
and Coralie Monroe, with Mrs. Coons as chaperon, in a camping party on one of
her father's farms south of town. They will enjoy their outing for a week. They
also entertained a party of young men from Bloomington on the Fourth.


- C.B. Johnson & Company have installed in their office a handsome new safe
weighing 4,600 pounds.

- Mrs. C.B. Johnson returned home Thursday from Alexandria, Ind. Her
daughter, Mrs. Dr. Miner, and daughter, came with her to spend a few weeks.


- Walter Ftizgerald and wife spent Sunday at Robt. Saunders.

- Miss Gladys Lambert visited the past week with her aunt, Addie Henline.

- Misses Flossie and Hazel Spangler are here visiting old friends and

- Marion Hutson employed by Seth Henline, plowed 10 acres of corn in seven
hours. Who can beat it?

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Withers entertained Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Dameron, Mr. and Mrs.
A. Wood and Seth Henline and family Sunday a week ago. Refreshments
consisting of ice cream and cake were served.

AUGUST 30, 1906

- Mr. and Mrs. S. McClellan went to Cropsey Tuesday evening to see the 
latter's brother, A.T. Convis who is very poorly and not expected to 

- Logan McClellan and wife were guests of her brother, John Cross at 

OCTOBER 4, 1906


- Dr. H.L. Harris of Bellflower has purchased the drug stock from N.H. 
Watson. The doctor will move his family here as soon as he can get a 

OCTOBER 11, 1906

- Dr. H.L. Harris, formerly of Gibson City and Bellflower, has located 
for the practice of medicine at Anchor, and in connection with his 
practice will conduct the Anchor drug store, having purchased the same. 
Dr. Harris is a veteran in the medical proffesion and has always
enjoyed a large practice wherever he has been.

NOVEMBER 29, 1906

Anchor - Mrs. Rhodes of Bellflower is spending a few days this week with her
father, Dr. H.L. Harris.

DECEMBER 20, 1906

- J.N. Ward has purchased the W.V. True residence property in the northeast
part of town for $1800 and will move into the same shortly.

- Chas. M. Forsythe is confined to his home with a severe attack of stomach
trouble. Mr. Forsythe and wife moved recently from the True property to the M.F.
Anderson place on the east side.

- A letter received from Mrs. Geo. Blunt of Los Angeles, Cal., states that her
sister, Mrs. Henry Austin, who has been very seriously ill, is able to be up again.
this will be good news to Mrs. Austin's relatives and many friends at Colfax.

- Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Parmele went to Normal last Saturday night to attend the
funeral on Monday of his sister-in-law, Mrs. M.A. Parmele, who died at her home
in that city on Friday afternoon. The interment was at Lilly, Ill., where the
deceased was born. Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Parmele also went down Saturday to
attend the funeral, Mrs. Parmele and the children going on to Minier, their former
home, to visit a few days, expecting to return today.

- Tonight at the pleasant country home of Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Woodard and oyster
supper will be held in honor of William and John Scholl, sons of John Scholl, Sr.
At the time of the last illness of Mrs. John Scholl, the family got behind with their
work, and Mr. and Mrs. Woodard gave them a kind neighbor's assistance, and in
return the Scholl boys assisted Mr. Woodard with his corn husking a few days,
for which they would accept no pay. Mr. and Mrs. Woodard give this supper to
the boys to show their appreciation of their services. No doubt a fine time will be

- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hagar spent Thursday and Friday of this week in
Bloomington with the latter's sister, Mrs. Earl Cheney.

- Mrs. Richard Williams went to St. Louis on Tuesday to visit her son Earl, who is
attending college there.

- Mrs. Frank Sawyer and Miss Carmen Wright returned Tuesday from their
Fairbury visit.

- Mrs. Willis Dorsett returned on Monday from a visit with relatives at LaSalle, Ill.

- Miss Fannie Fielding was the guest over Sunday of friend in Bloomington.

- B.F. Woodard visited over Sunday with a brother and a sister at Chatsworth.

DECEMBER 27, 1906

- Mr. Davis Gillan and children of Burlington, KS, who have been her visiting her
mother, Mrs. Sara Henline and other relatives for several weeks, returned home
last Friday.

- Miss Bertha Scholl went to Bloomington Monday to visit her sister, Mrs. John

           Verdict For J.D. Henline

   After about eight days of examining witnesses, lawyers parleying, and the final
arguments, the case of petitioning for a conservator for John D. Henline of
Colfax was handed to the jury at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. the evidence was all in at
11 a.m. Tuesday and the County Judge allowed each side two and one half
hours to present its case to the "gentlemen of the jury". The arguments for the
defense were made by Messrs, Loar and Sterling and for the petitioners by
Messrs. Gillespie, Bach and Lindley. After the charge to jury the case was at an
end, at least for the present. The jury debated and voted until nearly midnight
before an agreement was reached, which was that John D. Henline, in their
minds, did not need a conservator, but in spite of his alleged drinking, they
considered him capable of managing his own affairs.
   This has been the most important case tried in the County Court for many
years, and one in which money was no object to either side. The petitioners,
William Henline and Mrs. China Grending, put sixty seven witnesses on the
stand to testify in their behalf, while the defense put on eighty-seven witnesses.
The witness fees alone amount to $725.75 while the sheriff costs, etc., amount
to that much more, and then there are the lawyers to pay, and all told the
expense of the whole trial will amount to enough to buy a small farm.

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